Secure your Kid’s Future: Teach Them How to Take Over Your Family Business

Whether you want it or not, there will come a point in the life of your business that you should begin the process of turning it over to someone else. Sure, no one wants to think about leaving the company that they have created, but failure to doing this will not only be costly to you, but to your family and employees as well because this can lead to damaging outcomes.

The good news is there are a lot of exit strategies you can do to avoid this from happening and one thing is to transfer it to your children or other family members. No matter the age of your children is, now is the best time to start thinking a business strategy to implement a successful transition plan. When it comes to business, it’s never too early or too late to begin. But be warned: According to experts, only 10 percent of family businesses survive to the second generation and even fewer to the next. The main reason why this happens is because of lack of planning. Though it may be tough, it is still possible to survive in the business industry and be part of those 10 percent, as long as you properly train your successors.

hiring your kidsIf you are a current business owner, this guide will help you create a successful succession planning:

Expose them to the family business at an early age.

Exposing your child to your company at an early age is healthy. That way your child will be able to make an informed decision early on in life whether he or she wants to work in there. Teach them about the business and share the history of the family business. Take your kids to several meetings or dinners with executive team to give them ideas on what’s going on. However, don’t force them to join if they don’t feel working for the family. Remember, children have their own plans and desires. It’s still important to let your children do what they want, even if it’s taking a different path.

Encourage them to work in another business.

Letting your kids to go on their own way is crucial. If they work outside your business, they will be able to learn more quickly, grow more effectively, and gain more self-confidence. And it will even give them more knowledge to develop a plan that will benefit your business later on. One good rule of a thumb is to not let your kids think that they have a family business to go into, because it will give them an excuse to not pursue anything else. You have to let them prove themselves first before taking over the business.

Teach them the fundamental aspects of business.

A lot of young successors want to start at the top position without any knowledge of the business, which leads to failure. Before you let your kids take over your company, you must train them first and expose them to multiple facets of your business, including managing, purchasing, sales and marketing, operations, customer service, and financial planning. Whatever the size of the business, the president, the leader, or the owner may be required to personally perform a certain task, even if it’s a small task, such as sending packages or outsourcing payroll services to maintain the business. Even small tasks are essential to successfully running a business.

Don’t push them to be your successor.

Not every kid is going to be enthusiastic about taking over a family business, no matter how successful the business is. It’s natural. And as a business owner, you should know and be prepared about it. In this situation, the best thing to do is to appoint someone to take over your place for a while. Then, gradually train your kids until they become comfortable with the responsibilities.

When they’re ready, move on.

Perhaps, the hardest part in the succession process is the final step wherein you need to finally pass the baton. Sometimes, business owners are having a hard time to let go after so many years of leading the company. But you need to be ready to step back and allow your successor to run the company on his or her own.

Your Guide to Payroll Outsourcing

It is said that happy employees are the most productive employees. And why wouldn’t they be? Trusted and dedicated employees work their heart out, all day and night, just to help your firm flourish. So there is no alternate to an experienced and virtuoso employee, as they are one of the biggest and prime assets of a company. So if you happen to be an entrepreneur, you must be thinking of different ways to keep your workers all smiles. Want to know the easiest way to do so? Well, nothing pleases an employee more than a proper paycheck at the end of the month. But paying the employees on time is a lot easier said than done, especially, if you are a small business owner who is not well versed in accounting. Payroll processing can be downright overwhelming and can also give nightmares even to long time experienced business owners. So this is where an outside payroll service can come to your rescue.

outsourcing payroll

Perks of Payroll Outsourcing

When a business hires an outside firm to manage all their payroll functions to save time and money, it is called Payroll Outsourcing. In recent times, payroll services are doing a lot more than just churning out your employee’s paychecks. So check out the reasons why hiring a payroll service is beneficial to your firm:

  • eliminates the need for in-house payroll staff
  • frees your employee’s time to pursue more revenue-generating activities for the firm
  • they work with accuracy and are always up-to-date
  • manages a company’s tax related hurdles
  • helps to keep track of employees’ hours, sick days and paid time off
  • saves you money on legal fees
  • handles reports filed with federal, state and local government
  • manages employee retirement plans

What to watch out for

Even though payroll services can be extremely advantageous for a firm, it can be a recipe of disaster for a company if it gets to the wrong hands. So make sure you look out for any potential red flags when researching potential payroll providers. The following are some things you should keep in mind:

  • make sure the company you outsource is genuine and trustworthy
  • the outsourcing company should be bonded and insured
  • ensure that the company is paying the IRS properly on your behalf
  • choose a service that is upfront with its clients
  • your payroll service provider should be aware of your payroll tax requirements and deadlines

Bottom line

The best way to “keep the books” is not to screw them up and the easiest way to not screw them up is to hire a payroll outsourcing service. Payroll outsourcing can provide small firms, as well as large enterprises, an attractive alternate to managing payroll internally. Outsourcing eliminates the time that the employees spend on calculating payrolls and tax obligations, and aids them to work on some real value-added activities that can help the business to blossom. Watch out for the red flags, and you are good to go.

Useful Tips for Successful Metal Detecting

Metal detectors are electronic instruments used to detect the presence of metallic objects, especially in the ground. These devices have a long history and are used in varied settings. Interestingly, a similar device was once used on US President James Garfield in an attempt to locate a bullet trapped in his chest. You may click here to learn more about metal detectors. While this device can be used for other purposes such as locating buried bombs and mines, many people are only interested in the assistance it can render in finding precious or valuable metals. Here are some tips you can use for successful and rewarding metal detecting.

metal detecting

Get familiar with your detector

News of impressive finds such as the 5,251 coins worth over £1.3 million found near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK recently has the tendency to greatly boost interest in metal detecting. But before you get down to work, make sure you fully know the ins and outs of your metal detector. One way to do this is to fully read the user manual that comes with the device. Make sure you understand the meaning of different sounds that are produced when diverse metals are found. You should ensure you are fully conversant with the sensitivity and frequency settings.


Before getting down to the real thing, it is important that you put to practice what you have read in the manual. Get some coins, jewelry and other metallic objects and bury them at different depths in an area. Run your metal detector over this area and take note of the sound produced when each of these items are found. This will save you from the stress of digging only to find worthless metals. You should also be familiar with discrimination and ground balance controls.

Get your location right

You may have the best of metal detectors, but you will likely not make a significant find until you get the location you search right. Knowledge of history can help you know the right places to work on. Some of the best places for metal detecting include beaches, old homes and grounds as well as high activity locations such as parks and fairgrounds where items are usually lost. A best metal detector round up post can also be useful in getting your metal detecting right.

Understand relevant laws

There are laws in many places guiding metal detecting. You should endeavor to be familiar with these in your locality to avoid running into legal issues. For instance, it is prohibited to hunt on a private property without permission. You could also be penalized if you are found metal detecting in a state or national park. It is obviously important to be conversant with relevant local laws.

Think Safety

You should never allow hunting to take precedence over your safety. Great awareness of your surroundings needs to be exhibited. This will help you avoid falling victim to hazards such as snakes, poison oak and unpleasant, savage characters as well as open, abandoned wells. You should especially by careful when hunting in the night or in the woods. It is better if you can get a friend to come along. Snacks and sufficient water should also be brought with you.

These tips can help you have a rewarding metal detecting experience over and again. It also helps to maintain a positive outlook when out hunting.

Obesity: A Slow Poison that Can Be Eradicated

There are innumerable people who can just dream of having the liberty to munch on a plate of succulent ribs or gulp down an Oreo milkshake. You wish to know why it is so? The answer is as simple as it is scary: obesity. Often, this condition is not the sufferer’s fault; bad diets introduced by parents at a young age can cause horrors. Also, in some cases, people have genes that do not allow them to lose weight too easily. Sadly enough, there are tens and thousands of people in the current era, who do not know how to drop the excess weight. So what do you do in such cases? Try to live healthy, of course, which could be achieved in several ways. Needless to say, rules and regulations need to be followed, to lose and maintain a specific weight.


Eat Super Healthy

Now, although that is something that we have been hearing since the year zero, everyone must understand that it is no joke. The most obvious guideline of handling your weight is to eat right. It is understandable that some people do not know the rules for healthy eating. Therefore, the following should be of help:
Avoid greasy food: This includes all the tempting food items like burgers, pizzas, fried chicken, etc.

Increase your daily fruits and vegetable servings: Feel free to cram your plate with lots of those, rather than unhealthy, fat-enriched food.

Cut out on sugar: Sugar actually enhances the growth of fat, especially around your belly. Click here to read about other hazards that result from the intake of excess sugar.

Add large amounts of dietary fiber rich rations: Along with keeping your bowels clean and empty, fibers work towards keeping your blood sugar in check.

Drink lots of water: Not only is this super helpful for your skin, water also aids in keeping you fit. Several diet gurus have said that drinking a glass of water before a meal could actually prevent you from overeating.

Get Down to Working Out or Making Use of Other Methods

There are countless forms of exercises that would help you shed pounds and shape up well, in no time. A few of these include:

  • Plank exercises
    Kettlebell exercises
    Insanity workout

Although, there are a number of people who do not wish to go to the gym for workouts, preferring working alone in their own personalized area. Furthermore, there are other people who would rather start a gym at home. For situations like these, setting up a cool and well-equipped gym is no big deal. The individual needs to figure out what they need and how to manage them in their own budget. While any fitness trainer could work on the equipment list, fundraising groups could help you with handling the money matters.

Besides exercising, you could also opt for surgery, assuming nothing seems to be working the way you would like it to or if the process is too slow for you. For example, the New York Bariatric Group does wonders when it comes to Bariatric surgery. As a matter of fact, there are many satisfied clients who have vouched for them. However, one must think over this very carefully and come to a final decision.

Comprehending and making use of the guidelines above, we hope that you will find it easier to become fit and strong in a short time.

What school groups should consider a fundraiser?

Fundraisers are standard fare throughout schools and churches. Who hasn’t been to a bake sale, a plant sale or a church bizarre? They are so much fun and usually offer great cookies and pastries, or plants you have always wanted. A bizarre is more like a yard sale or flea market where people donate items they no longer want, which other people will buy as priceless treasures. Whatever the form your fundraiser takes, it is designed to bring in money for the group that is holding it. What sort of school groups might benefit from holding a fundraiser? In actuality, there are many.

fundraising school group

The school group that comes to mind first is the Parent Teachers Association, or PTA. Every school has a PTA, and most often this group of parents and teachers assesses the needs of the school and holds fundraisers to raise funds to meet these needs. They might raise funds for classroom supplies such as paper, crayons and pencils, or they might address a loftier goal, such as purchasing computers for each desk in a classroom. Often they will sell candy bars or magazines and will send the children through their neighborhoods to sell these items to neighbors and friends.

The school marching band is another worthy candidate for fund raising. Bands always need money for new uniforms, new instruments, and trips to far away events and parades to which the band has been invited. Sports teams also need new uniforms and sports equipment. Homeroom mothers may decide to hold a fundraiser to help defray the costs of an out of town class trip. School clubs may also need to raise funds for their activities. Of course funds are always needed to purchase decorations for the school prom.

So what are some of the best ways to hold a fundraiser? The easiest way is to ask each student to ask their mothers to donate one food item for a bake sale. This could be cupcakes, cookies or a pan of brownies. But many parents are working parents and don’t have time for such domestic activities.

The club or group might want to have a professional fundraising group such as Cherrydale Farms, FreedomFundraising or the Old Fashioned Candy Company organize their fundraiser for them. These and other fundraising companies offer brochures with ideas for fundraisers which include gift wrap, jewelry, candles, Holiday decorations, candied pretzel rods, and so much more. Other ideas include theme-based sales of cookbooks and kitchen utensils, nuts and snacks, chocolates and confections, or bags and totes or magazine sales. After selecting a company and a brochure, the children and parents of each class can pass out these brochures to their friends, family and neighbors to peruse before deciding to order.

The Association of Fund Raising Distributors and Suppliers offers guidelines to help you select your fundraising company wisely. If your child’s school or classroom, or your church has a need that needs to be met, why don’t you try a professional fundraising company to organize your fund drive? It is so much easier and will bring in so much more funds than you and a classroom of other mothers can do with a homemade bake sale.

Selling Gym Equipment: Is it a Profitable Business?

It seems that everywhere you look these days, you can see people running or doing some sort of physical activity. With the increasing number of health issues related to being overweight, people are now becoming more concerned about their lifestyle. If you will notice, exercise equipment are in huge demand these days. Since more and more people are now going to gyms to work out, gym owners are constantly purchasing fitness equipment to cater the needs of their growing customers. Even hotels, corporate buildings, and companies are utilizing various exercise equipment to offer fitness benefits to their staff and clients. But not only that – people who are struggling to find the time to go to gym are setting up their own gym at home and purchasing the best home exercise equipment to stay healthy.

gym equipment

The constantly increasing demand has made the manufacturing and selling of exercise equipment a lucrative business option. Today, exercise equipment business is a $4.49 billion industry, and it is growing stronger each year. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion in health and have lots of workout experience, then selling exercise equipment is an ideal business option for you. But keep in mind that just like any other business, selling exercise equipment, such as treadmill, elliptical machine, leg press, and weights, require hard work and patience to succeed.

Here are a few tips to help you get started in selling fitness equipment:

  1. Have a detailed business plan. In any business, having a business plan is a must as it acts as a guideline for how your business will start and operate. Without it, hiring people, making decisions, making transactions, creating new business, and doing other important business matters is extremely difficult or even impossible to do.
  1. Find a good location for your fitness equipment store. Unless you’re planning to sell online, your business location can potentially break or make your business. Find a location for your store where there is a lot of foot traffic, such as shopping streets, campuses, and malls. Best if you situate it in an area that is near the ideal type of customers you want to attract.
  1. Find a reliable wholesale distributor of exercise equipment. Since most exercise equipment take up a lot of space, you may want to find a distributor who does drop shipping, which means that you won’t have to buy or keep the equipment until someone orders it. Make sure that you conduct a thorough research and company background before signing a contract.
  1. Increase your business visibility by running advertisement. Of course, since you’re just starting, you may not have enough funds yet to use radio and television advertisement, so the best strategy here is to use more cost-effective approach, such as flyers, newspaper ads, social media and other digital channels. Another way is to volunteer to be a sponsor of local sports teams.
  1. Build rapport with customers. Continuously reach out to your customers so you can build a stronger relationship with them. Be polite all the time, and make sure that their concerns are always heard and addressed.

Fitness equipment are definitely one of the best things to buy and sell. And if you’re looking for an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor, then it’s sure one of the industries you want to work in. Selling exercise equipment can be profitable because there’s always a steady demand for these types of machines; however, in order to succeed and last in the industry, you must do your part, be smart, and learn more about it.

Choosing the Right Table Saw for Your Shop

Of all the modern tools in a woodworking shop, the table saw is perhaps considered the most important as it is the most productive and versatile tool available. This tool can quickly make straight cuts, cross cuts, miter cuts, rip cuts, and even apply shapes to wood edges. A quality table saw can make any woodworking task easier and faster.

If you are working in a wood business, or just planning to start your own woodworking shop, or simply wanting to remodel your own home, you should consider making a table saw your first and most important tool purchase. Here, we will help you find the best table saw selection for you.

Type of Table Saw

Keep in mind that there are different types of table saw. Before you get into more detailed features, you have to identify first what type of table saw is right for your needs – is it a stationary, portable or contractor table saw? Each type offers varying degrees of power, capabilities, and mobility. Each type also comes with a varying price range.

Stationary or cabinet table saws are the largest, heaviest, and the most expensive type of all the available saws in the market. They are typically built with heavy cast iron and designed with powerful motors for solid performance, making them a great choice for busy workshops with heavy-duty requirements.  Contractor and portable table saws, on the other hand, are typically lightweight so they can be transported from jobsite to jobsite. They are designed with enough power, accuracy, and stability, and usually offered at affordable price. However, the contractor table saws are much heavier than the portable ones. Although they are movable and portable, contractor table saws still require two people to lift them for transport. If you operate a small business and spend most of your time on a job site, then a contractor table saw is an ideal option for you.

The type of table saw to consider should depend on the kind of woodworking you do, the amount of available space your shop has, and the cost of tool your shop can afford. If you only have a small budget at hand, then opt for models that meet your budget. Some of the most popular models for under $500 bucks are the Dewalt DW745, Bosch-GTS1031, and Rockwell RK7241S. Of course, since table saw is considered a significant investment, it’s also important to take into consideration your future needs when buying one.

Table Saw Features

Once you’ve identified the type of table saw that is right for you needs, the next important thing to consider is the features of the saw. A table saw with right features will make you more efficient and help you complete your projects faster. Typically, high-quality cabinet saws contain the best features, but this doesn’t mean that you will not find the same features in some lighter and affordable models. Depending on the kind of work you do, some contractor saws offer certain features that are enough for the job. Take your time to look at the quality of all the saw’s components when buying to make sure you’ll get the best tool that is up to the task. Some of the features you should consider when buying include the following:

  • the type of blades
  • the quality of fences
  • the size of the table
  • the efficiency of power and motor
  • the safety components

You would also want to consider choosing a table saw with additional accessories to maximize your tool’s performance, including a dust collection system, extension table, and tenoning jigs.


Whether you’re just remodeling your home or making wood projects, buying a table saw is really a must so it should be given a careful consideration. While you may not be able to test all the types of table saws you see in the market, particularly online, you can read reviews and compare features and prices to find the best one.



Weight and obesity are new lifestyle diseases that are plaguing most of the urbanites. T ill two decades back, weight issues were associated with middle aged and older population but now the times have changed; younger generation and even children are falling prey to weight woes! So what has really changed and why the risk of gaining unhealthy weight so high nowadays? This is what we will try to answer and introduce you to goodness and benefits of natural weight loss.

Big Risk Factors behind the Big Weight

Our modern and urban lifestyle is the first and foremost cause behind our unhealthy pounds. Alcohol, smoking, stress, sleeplessness and hectic schedules can play havoc with our Metabolism. Junk food, sugar, processed and packaged take outs is another reason why it has become so difficult for us to manage our weight. Basically, we pile on the wrong type of diet and have no time for exercise. So, no wonder the world is literally fighting the weight crisis!

Natural weight Loss supplement

Being active, taking out time for exercising every day, practicing sports etc are really the best way to regularize your weight. But most of us cannot take out time regularly for these activities. Therefore, use of weight loss supplements with rationalizing the diet can go a long way in achieving the balance. While choosing your weight loss supplement, always choose a natural supplement. A natural supplement poses lower risk, has fewer and milder side effects. The artificial additives in artificial supplements can be quite harmful leading to sudden weight loss unhealthy and exposing you to risk of gaining weight quickly ones the supplements are discontinued. Due to these factors, a lot of thrust is being put on the use of natural weight loss supplements, one of these being the Raspberry Ketonesmax.

Miraculous Raspberry Ketonesmax

Ketone is a compound found naturally in some plants and animals. Raspberry Ketone has been found to be effective in reducing the body weight naturally. It shrinks the fat cells and thus helps the body in losing unwanted weight. It works on your metabolism and does not require stringent diet fads. The change is gradual yet dramatic. Side effects of this compound are quite mild, insignificant and rare unless of course the dosage is not right. Thousands of Max Reviews from loyal users re-assert the potency of this product against weight loss. Users have described it as a “Miracle pill” and “the only product to have really helped with weight loss”. Best thing about Ketonesmax is that like other weight loss tools, it does not drain you out; after all weight loss really does not mean that you end up looking like a dehydrated mummy!

All in all Ketonesmax is a supplement which is the work of dreams. It is simple to use, does not require altering your lifestyle radically, shaves the extra bulge from your body and energizes you at the same time. All this and without any one around you getting even a slightest of whiff about your secret to looking fab!

When your experience in hospitality can really count.



Working in the hospitality industry is often quite a reliable career choice and there are endless possibilities available should you wish to progress. Hospitality is the business of making people feel welcome and relaxed and that can range from working in a cocktail bar to working as an entertainer at a hotel. If you have a business in the hospitality industry you may want to expand your company or introduce another form of revenue. This might seem like a daunting prospect but it may be the most important decision you make.

In today’s economy hospitality is one industry that is still managing to thrive despite the fact that the industry relies on people having money to spend on things that are considered more of a luxury rather than a necessity, such as a holiday for example. Of course the industry has been effected, especially tourism, but the effects have not been as bad globally as they have been in other industries. This is possibly due to the fact that we all still need to treat ourselves on occasion, whether it is through a meal out at a nice restaurant or spending the night in a B&B.

Raising the funds to improve upon your pub, nightclub, hotel or restaurant, or to branch out into another sector should you wish, is not as difficult as it sounds. You know your industry very well. You probably have enough experience to know what some extra cash could do for your business. Perhaps you own a few takeaways and think the town a few miles away might also be a good place to set up another one. Your knowledge and expertise in the industry will encourage financial lenders to give you a helping hand raising finances and there are quite a few non status options available to you.

Getting customers in through your door is of course the biggest challenge, especially if there is a lot of nearby competition. There are promotional things you can do for this, such as student discount nights or an O.A.P lunchtime special menu for example, but of course even advertising for these types of things can cost a lot of money. It can be a good idea to spend some time researching your competition and see what they are doing promotionally wise. Perhaps you can think of some unique ideas that your competitors are not doing. Of course many business owners in the hospitality industry may also have some financial problems. This is normal for most industries at some point but in hospitality sometimes other factors can cause a drop in income, such as bad weather for example as this does affect people leaving their homes and going out. The time of year can also play a part onyour business. Christmas can either be one of the busiest times for some businesses in the hospitality industry, such as bars, clubs and restaurants, while for other companies such as cafes it can be a quiet period. Even if your finances are not as healthy as they could be at the moment and you have cash flow problems you can read more here for borrowing options available to you.

Just remember that raising finances is often a lot easier if you have experience in your industry and you have some good ideas to put forward to financial lenders.

Raising Funds for New Wheels: to Lease or Not to Lease is the Question


When it comes to buying a car, many people feel overwhelmed. And quite understandably so, since the process involves great deal of price negotiations, decision making and so on. Most important is answering the question: should you lease or should you acquire a loan to fund the car? In this guide, we will see the pros and cons of both, buying and leasing. However, before we delve into the technicalities of these processes, let us take a quick look at the trends in car financing today.

Trends in Car financing

Up until the recent past, people would not dream of leasing, ever. The term ‘leasing’ was, simply put, highly confusing. Leasing a vehicle usually meant that an individual was unable to afford it, or that he was given the vehicle on loan by his employer with monthly expense deduction from his salary. However, all this has changed. Today leasing does not come with the associated social stigma it once did.

Now that the basics have been cleared, let us study the pros and cons of either process.

Leasing: Types, advantages and disadvantages

Leasing allows you to use a car for a limited time period, at the end of which, you do not own the vehicle. Leases for automobiles are of two types: financial lease (wherein a residual value is preset) and a novated lease. In the former, should you choose to buy the car at the end of the lease period, dealers consider the residual value to set the price. A novated lease is generally used by businesses where an employee may use a vehicle leased by the company on his behalf for a set period. The responsibility of paying the rent lies in the employees’ hands; should s/he quit the company, the vehicle may be retained by him with all legal responsibilities now being handed over to him/her by his employers.

Naturally, the benefits of leasing include tax benefits, ability to preserve one’s cash flow, increased flexibility in type of vehicles one drives as well as maintenance benefits.

On the down side, leasing does not grant you ownership so you cannot modify the vehicle and must return/buy it at the end of the agreed period. There are many Ford Lease deals NJ which can explain the car leasing process in a simplified manner.

Loans: Types, Advantages and disadvantages

A car loan helps you fund the purchase of a car and naturally, unlike leases, you need to pay the full amount of the vehicle to the seller. Car loan funds can also be of different types like variable rate or fixed rate of interest, secured or non secured loan and also variations based on the period of the loan along with other terms and conditions. Naturally, the biggest advantage of using this method to finance the vehicle is that you can claim ownership of it and do as you please with the vehicle. On the downside, you need to shell out more money than you would in lease (and the fact that the lender can demand full payment at any time.)

Conclusion: Which option should you choose?

Naturally, the decision of buying or choosing vastly depends on one’s personal circumstances. Cars are also hobbies for some drivers; many want to try bigger, better and faster models as and when they are released. Naturally, for such people, leasing is a better choice. On the other hand, some drivers tend to be a bit hard on their vehicles. For them, buying is the better choice, since leasing requires one to return the car in mint condition.

Thus, the decision to buy or lease depends on individual objectives and current financial situation. In either case, it helps to be educated and well informed about both these financing options for vehicles. This can help you get much needed confidence when you step into a dealer’s showroom. For more information on buying versus leasing a car, click here.