Great Fundraising Ideas for Game Farms

All businesses find it hard to keep head above water from time to time.  A fundraising can help keep your business afloat and open during these tough times.  Game farms are some of the business types that frequently endure hardships because there are a lot of external factors that can make it hard to remain profitable.  Drought is often one of the biggest challenges that all farmers frequently have to endure.  Game farms endure even more hardships because of all the negative commentary by social groups regarding hunting.

Hunting may seem extreme but this industry is incredibly important for our animals.  Without hunting, there would be no real way to earn an income from wildlife because the only alternative way to earn from wildlife other than hunting is through game driving and this alone is not enough to result in a profitable business.  Game farms are important to keep our wildlife from going extinct because it is the only way for farmers to profit enough from animals so they will actually continue breeding with them.

Great fundraising ideas to keep your game farm going

It can be easy for game farmers to find themselves in a financial pickle because not one single day goes by where the animals on these farms don’t eat and drink.  It is a costly business to maintain during drought.  Here are some superb ideas to raise funds for your hunting farm;

Hunting knife rivalry

Who doesn’t love a good hunting knife? Hunting knives are useful for both hunters and non-hunters because these sturdy tools can be used for so many different tasks.  A hunting knife rivalry can be a great way to earn a few extra bucks, especially if rivalry competitors know that their money is serving a good cause.  Check out so you can find the best hunting knife of 2018 for your rivalry.

Hunting expedition rivalry

Of course one of the best ways to earn money is through a hunting expedition rivalry.  Sacrificing a few animals is a small price to pay compared to seeing all animals on the farm suffer when there isn’t enough feed to go around.  A hunting expedition rivalry can be a great way to earn a lot of money and to create awareness for your hunting business.

Rent out camping space

A lot of hikers absolutely love to enjoy camping trips in the wild.  Create a camping area and allow hikers and travelers to rent the camping spot so they can get a break from the normal.

Ask for donations

Another great way to raise funds for your game farm is, of course, to just ask the public.  A lot of locals will symphysis with your situation and neighbors might just lend you the help you need.

Start an exciting program

Another way to raise funds is by creating a program that people can join in exchange for a joining fee.  Programs like a birdwatching session, nature educational programs, and children’s camping and learning programs could be great for getting your game farm out of trouble.

Hopefully, these few ideas will help you raise enough money for a game farm so you can expand feed hungry animals and continue doing a great job while reserving our natural animal life.

Decorating Your Home on a Budget – It is Possible

You would like to have a great-looking and well-decorated home but because of your current budget, you cannot expect that it will be similar to the ones that you see on television. Those who have a lot of money may purchase all the things that they want but the fact that you have a budget make searching for the proper decorations to beautify your home can make things more exciting.

Decorating Your Home on a Budget – It is Possible

Whether you choose to do small decorating projects or big decorating projects will be up to you as long as you have a budget that you can follow. You can freshen up your home easily and still be within your required budget. Decorating your home entails creativity and of course, you will be given tips on how to do that effectively.

  1. Take a look at the items that you have. Are there some that you would like to throw out? Some of them need to be thrown out at the soonest possible time but for those that you can refurbish, you can become creative and make some changes to it that will allow you to save some money.
  2. Instead of hiring a professional to decorate your home, you can do it yourself. It will help you save money because you do not have to pay for professional fees. One tip to remember though, make sure that you know what design you want so you can stay on track the whole time that you are decorating your home.
  3. Search for sales. It is best that you look for items that are on sale. These are items that you need for the vision that you have in mind. Things that are on sale may go for up to 70% off just imagine how much you would be able to save instead of purchasing the items in full price.
  4. Consider purchasing 2nd hand decorations. Who says that all of your decorations have to be brand new? Some people can sell their decorations or may even give it away. You can just scout for the best ones that will best fit the design that you have in mind. Do not forget to look at yard sales, garage sales and even online to score the best deals. It will be fun to search for the items you want.
  5. Remember that it is always easier to search for the decorations that you want if you would choose to design your home in an eclectic manner. The key concept here is you need to learn how to mix the various pieces together instead of match everything. The more eclectic your style is, the easier it would be for you to choose.
  6. Make sure that you have enough storage. To make your decorations stand out, you need to make your home clutter-free. Make this easier by having enough storage placed in different parts of your home.

With all of these decorating tips that you can follow, having a well-decorated home on a budget is always possible.


When you are a student, money is hard to come by, especially when you work for a students organization or a student cause. You find it difficult that anyone would ever give you money. Asking for it, even if it’s for a good cause seems like begging, and would be awkward and self-depreciating. Instead, you have to generate funds through some smart and creative ideas.

Read more to get to know a few ways to raise funds:

A Food Sale:

A bake sale or food sale is one of the surest ways of generating money. Everyone gets hungry and everyone likes food. Your food sale could feature a variety of items, from cakes to cupcakes, tacos, and even lemonade. It’s up to you how you approach it. You could have specific days dedicated to certain cuisines. Mondays could be Mexican Mondays. It would give your sales a definite boost. So, gather some volunteers, you can even try something simple like fries. Not everyone likes what the cafeteria dishes out, so give their taste buds something new.

Do a Fundraiser Sports Event:

This is a great idea for college or high school students. You could organize an intervarsity or inter-departmental sports event. It depends on which sport is popular in your college. If the students are crazy for football, then arrange a friendly match and sell tickets for it. Ofcourse, you must mention that it’s a fundraiser, this will attract a various people. You could ask the teams participating to tell their friends and buy the tickets. You could even set up a food and drinks stall for the students.

Provide a Bike Rental Service:

If your college campus is vast and students have trouble getting from one class to another or to the cafeteria, then you could generate a lot of funds by renting out bikes. You could set up a system, where students can rent a bike for a specific amount of money for a period of time. You could even set up different stations, like at the main entrance, at the cafeteria or any popular points. This would provide ease to the students to rent out or return the bikes. You could even turn this into an on-campus business, with permission from the required authority. To provide the best service to the students, you could search up which bikes to buy/rent on online buyers guide such as ‘Bikes Reviewed.’

Buying or renting some bikes would cost a lot of money, so you have to ensure that you buy the best one. They also provide in-depth reviews of the best cruiser bike for every day. Cruiser bikes are simple enough and do not require a lot of gear. They would be preferred for such a business. The site provides the top picks for every price range, making it easier for you to choose. The buyer’s guide features what accessories to buy, what size and frame would suit you best, and which bike would be best for you.

 Do a Car Wash:

Call out for some volunteers and organize a car wash. It could be anywhere from your own school to parking places of malls, marts etcetera. Just be sure to take permission from the necessary authority. Next step would be buying the necessary materials, which include, foams, brushes, rags, soap and a reliable water source. Set up a date and time and start promoting your event. You can promote it in your college/school or around your local community. Don’t forget to promote it on social media, this would guarantee customers.

You can use any of these ideas or think one of your own. Just make sure its effective and creative. Happy Fundraising!

How to Develop a Strong Board of Directors

Have you been asked to fill the position of Executive Director or Chair of the Board for a non-profit organization? Congratulations to you on taking the step to strengthen organizations that grow the community and its residents. As Board Chair, you most likely have served on the board for several years and understand the mission, mechanics and financials of the organization. As Board Chair, your mission is not operation of the organization, but you are charged with provided the strategic direction and resources that the organization may meet these goals.

How to Develop a Strong Board of Directors

How do you select or replace board members as existing member’s terms expire. What are the best practices in establishing an effective board of directors? Follow these recommendations from the professional board consultants, and you’ll soon be on your way to growing a solid board.

The first step is understand the three basic roles each board member can serve. Some members will be more comfortable with development, others with community outreach and others will be engaged, on the court, with events. As you begin to identify different community members that can fill these roles, set appointments to meet. The most important thing to wear to these meetings is a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select a pair of professional shoes from the huge selection offered by Nine West to compliment your suit or dress. You are representing the organization as you recruit board members.

As you meet with prospects, have in mind which role you feel they would best be suited for. Give them a tour of the facilities and carefully explain the mission and objectives of the organization as well as the impact it has made on the community. Get their feedback and understand the strengths they would bring to the board. Best of luck to you in building a strong and effective board of directors!



Can Professional Fundraising Be Your Next Job?

A lot of unusual jobs are starting to become unusually successful and surprisingly lucrative.  Take image consultants, for example… They get paid to change your personal image.  This involves a lot of outfit shopping, mixing and matching, makeup and haircut advice and personal advice. Seems like quite a fun job right?  If image consultants can be successful, then becoming a permanent fundraiser could also be a successful freelance job, right?  Well, let’s discuss this job idea a bit further and see just how this job can be lucrative.

Can Professional Fundraising Be Your Next Job?

Will you get hired?

The first and biggest question is; will you get jobs or fundraising gigs?  Most fundraising is done by companies or a group of people to support some cause.  In most cases it is a not for profit cause which means it can be tough to convince your clients to invest in you instead of attempting the fundraising yourself.  So how do you get clients to choose your services?  How do you and the organization win?

Well, the solution is simple; just charge on commission basis.  If you can get a certain percentage of your fundraising profit it is bound to be worth your effort, organizations are bound to invest in you because it means less work and a lot more money since you have talent in this division and it is the ultimate win, win situation.  Yes, it is still a bit risky because you can never be 100% sure that you might get enough compensation to make the work worth your effort but landing a large fundraising event can be incredibly profitable.

So, what do you need?

Every single job, business or organization you want to start does require some form of investment.  If there is no investment from your side then you cannot complain about the result. Here are the basics you need for this type of freelancing job: 

The right vehicle – Fundraising involves much more than just phone calls and fancy spreadsheets.  You will be responsible for setting up the event, décor and more because that is the only way to really make a good profit out of this type of business.  For this you will need a good vehicle that you can use for multiple purposes such as traveling, loading fundraising goods and transporting people.  CarVision is a terrific car dealership that you can definitely check out for the best deals on some pretty fantastic vehicles.  They provide you with plenty of information on their available vehicles and they are incredibly accommodating when it comes to connecting you to the right vehicle.

Experience – Organizations and businesses aren’t going to invest in just anyone.  They want to know that you have good experience in fundraising and the chances are pretty good that they will want to see a profile.  Try to get as much experience as possible by volunteering at schools, churches and more.

Profile – Businesses and organizations are serious about their image and they want their fundraising to be handled by an organized and skilled individual.  Create a profile that documents all of your previous fundraising events as well as their success – yes, we are talking profit.

Connections – Being a successful fundraiser is all about the connections you have.  You need to be superb at marketing, you need a large contact base for fundraising gear and supplies and you need to be in with all major festivals, events and celebrities.

Why Charitable Giving is Important to Businesses

Giving back to the community is something that is important, and especially by corporates and other businesses. We could volunteer at children homes or homes for the homeless, or we could contribute to certain charitable organizations of our choice. It is a sign of goodwill to the community, helping out those that are less fortunate. Much as we might think that it might not have any sort of effect on our businesses, they are in fact impacted heavily. In this article, we are going to try and figure out why charitable giving is important to businesses in a bid to encourage you to also become charitable.

Why Charitable Giving is Important to Businesses

External Benefits

  • Public Relations: The media will not fail to notice what the company is doing to the community, and they are most likely bound to share what they’re seeing. Positive media coverage is a good thing for any organization.
  • Social Media: Strategic corporate giving is bound to reap benefits from social media publicity. Don’t forget that social media is one of the most powerful tools nowadays, and it could either break you, or make you.
  • Reputation: Consumers would most likely prefer to go for a company with a good CSR.
  • Profit: All of the above mentioned would mean that there would be more customers or consumers coming to your company, and in the long run, that means higher margins of profits.

Internal Benefits

  • Employee Engagement: When you have top-performing employees, keeping them happy would be one of your company’s priorities. Being charitable will boost productivity, ethical behavior, gratitude to the organization, and pride in their work, making them more engaged.
  • Morale: When your employees are pleased with the sort of corporate culture that a company offers, their morale is naturally boosted, and that means more productivity.
  • Teamwork: Corporate giving brings together employees from all the departments of the company, and this brings about teamwork. They feel as if they are all working towards a common goal, and this is good for the company.

Car Vision Reviews

We would now like to look at reviews of Car Vision by employees, and it looks like one of those companies that almost everyone would enjoy working for. It looks like a fun place to work with no pressure as long as you do your work well. The management seems to tackle the problems that the company faces well despite the challenges it faces. This is one of those companies that makes its employees feel as if they are one big family, and it looks like the teamwork there is like gears fitted correctly and working perfectly. When there, you can learn from the smart people that work there, although some employees feel like the company should train them more.


Corporate giving is something that is good for every company. Not everyone is as lucky as you to be successful, and therefore, as a thank you to your maker for making you successful, the least that you can do is to give back to society. The ones on the receiving end will greatly appreciate it, and your company will benefit in the long run. This way, you could have a company that is as successful as Car Vision.

The “Do’s” of Fundraising for Your Campaign

When it comes to raising funds, there are steps that you should take to ensure that you have a successful campaign. That is why political figures have a team that helps them run their fundraising campaign. We have some tips you should consider when you decide to run for a political office.

Have a plan for fundraising

You need to start with the basics and that is having a plan for your fundraising campaign. The plan will take into consideration how much money needs to be raised and then allows your team to work around that. Depending on the amount, they can judge how much time would be needed and how to go about raising the funds. You should have the plan ready even before you announce yourself as a candidate.

The “Do’s” of Fundraising for Your Campaign

Keep a fundraising event immediately

Once you have decided to run and have announced your candidacy, you should have a fundraiser to kick-start your campaign. This should be within a week of your announcement. This allows you to test the water and immediately gets you in the game which is good for you and the campaign.

Ask for more than what you assume a person can give

Part of the fundraising planning should know who you can target and how much you can ask. You need to map out political action committees (PAC) and know from before how much you can ask them. If you approach a PAC or individual and they immediately agree to give you your desired amount, this means you didn’t do your homework well enough and you could have probably asked for a little more. Every penny counts in a political campaign and you should be prepared to know exactly how much each individual or PAC is tapped to its fullest potential.

Ask for references

When you approach individuals for money, and then be sure to ask them for contacts that can also contribute. Even if the individual decides not to contribute, it doesn’t hurt to ask them if they know anyone that would. This will allow you to grow your network of contributors.

Contact donors on a regular basis

Most successful campaigns contact donors more than once. Even if they have donated, you can contact them again knowing the progress and asking for more. Most donors like to see their candidate win and their success and support relies on you winning. So if you let them know of what you need to win then they will be more than likely to support you.

Get local support

When it comes to raising funds, you want local businesses and any big business that operates locally to support you. No matter which position you are running for, support from businessman locally can help quite a lot. Rick Baker in St. Petersburg, FL approached Terry McCarthy St. Pete of TJM Properties to be a part of his mayoral campaign. This helped boost his campaign and gain more support.

Your fundraising campaign is only as strong as your plan. So build a plan around our “Do’s” of fundraising and watch your campaign flourish.

How to Create a Convincing Video for Your Fundraiser Page

While urging peer-to-peer fundraising for your organization, the objective is to make it simple and instinctive for your supporters to make a fundraiser page. All things considered, you need them to start right away, have a fabulous time and remunerating knowledge and be effective in achieving their objective! At the point when a fundraiser makes another page, they’ll unquestionably include their name, profile picture and an individual message, however we likewise urge them to make and upload a video.

It’s easier now than at any other time for people to record and upload their own video message to their fundraiser page. This post will recognize what ought to be incorporated into an individual fundraiser video, highlight a few cases to gain from, and guide you to a few assets to take care of business.

How to Create a Convincing Video for Your Fundraiser Page

The Basic Elements of a Fundraising Video

In this article, we will allude to the components of a YouTube video, despite the fact that there are other comparable stages. YouTube videos (and most other online recordings) are made out of three sections:

The Title – This is the feature of your story. It should give the audience some thought of what truly matters to the video and develop their interest

The Video Content – This is the photo and sound you have transferred from a recording gadget. Ensure that you use the best camcorder you can get your hands on which would ensure high quality video as well as audio. The canon xh-a1s is a perfect example, which is a professional camcorder and comes with instant AF. It even has a flip out LCD and hard disk monitoring.

The Description – Here you can put a short clarification of the video. You have more space than in the title, so you can likewise incorporate links and a personal message.

As a rule, individual fundraising videos are extremely straightforward: just the fundraiser addressing their webcam. This alternative requires next to zero setup and altering. Concerning what ought to be in the video recording, here are some imperative purposes of data to include:

  • The fundraiser’s name
  • The name of the association
  • What is the fundraiser’s connection with the organization?
  • Their raising support objective and due date
  • The most effective method to give – i.e. link to the website of the fundraiser

Sometimes, the fundraiser’s personal connection with the cause can be the most convincing piece of the video. It makes the cause more authentic by demonstrating how it has influenced a person. Somebody may not be particularly worried about your main goal until the point when they understand it has affected one of their friends and family.

Wonderful Additions

The components above are the no frills of a raising support video and can be exceptionally powerful all alone. There are, in any case, loads of impacts and elements you can add to make a video all the more captivating. On the off chance that you have a couple of minutes to edit, you can add videos and pictures of the organization.

Before transferring your video, pause for a minute to consider if any music or impact is fitting for the cause and association. Fundraisers ought to recall that they are speaking to the association and its central goal. Fundraisers can likewise fuse their interests and leisure activities into the video.

Fundraising Ideas for Students

Education is the basic need of every person these days. The person who is not educated is not considered a respectable one in society. As much as it is important, the expenses are unaffordable for the parents or students. Kids cannot always rely on the parents for their every need.

There comes a time in the life of a student when he or she has to take the responsibility himself of not only educational but of meeting personal expenses as well. How can a student afford to pay the tuition fee and other expenditures? It is nearly impossible, right? Nevertheless, everything is possible if you have great determination as Abraham Zaiderman says “Stick to your words, keep your promises even if you suffer a loss doing that.” He is the CEO of Abraham Zaiderman consultancy and helps you hire the right agent for restaurant insurance business.

Fundraising Ideas for Students

Here we have some fundraising ideas for students who are finding it difficult to manage the expenses.

  • Utilise your talents:

When you enter in college or universities, certain expenses wait at the gate to welcome you unlike in schools. However, instead of worrying, you must focus on the solution to tackle them. The best way is to never depend on anyone to make your money. Everyone has some hidden talent in him; all he or she has to do is bring it out.

You might have heard “if you are good at something then never do it for free,” same goes for you. Whatever talents or skills you have like tutoring some kids, baking, writing, etc., use them wisely. You can earn quickly through these skill for example by tutoring students, part time cooking, or by working online as a freelancer. Doing so will help you in fundraising for your education.

  • Get good grades:

Being a student, getting good grades must be your priority. If you are attending college just for the sake of fun, then you are not only wasting your time but money as well. If you score good marks, then it serves as great advantage for you as well. Mostly Institute is in search of bright students, to give them scholarships. Not only this but some government and private organisations also offer full scholarship and job opportunities. If one gets this, then he/she can save the right amount of money that was supposed to spend on tuition fees.

  • Eat Home Made Food:

It is common practice among the students that they feel shame in taking lunch to their college or university. As a result, they are forced to eat food from café and restaurants. It is not a good practice not from the health perspective as well as financially. Try to eat home-made foods and save as much money as you can.

  • Lessen your outings and shopping trips:

Enjoying and hanging out with friends is most memorable part of student life. Nevertheless, with this comes some new expenses. To prove yourself among other students, you often make decisions that are bad for you. For the sake of so-called reputation, students spend all their money in the blink of eye hence creating problems for themselves. When you enter university, you should act mature and focus on your career and studies. Lessen your trips and save money for your future needs.

  • Join different Societies and Club:

There are different societies and clubs in college and university that a student must participate. It will help in increasing the social circle. Furthermore, these communities organise numerous events and competitions that provide an opportunity to students to win awards and cash prizes. Later on, the group of students can even host their fundraising events for their education.

Fundraising for Real Estate

Raising capital is a critical part of each business. To be fruitful in a real estate business, you have to know your finances well enough. A real estate business needs investment and funds to get you the best arrangements in real estate. One needs a comprehension of real estate accounts to raise capital. As putting resources into real estate has a considerable measure of dangers included, one needs to deliberately plan out finances to get the business supported.

To finalize negotiations, you require imaginative money raising techniques. In the event that you wish to know how to raise capital for real estate you require to invest your own particular capital. The primary lead to raise capital for real estate is to invest capital yourself. Speculations for real estate’s originated from individual investment funds, value, shared finances and securities. Your liquid assets are the building pieces of your real estate business. You can take a loan just when you have enough to invest.

Fundraising for Real Estate

To raise capital for real estate, you have to increase your liquid assets. When you know how much liquid assets you have, you have to consider different choices to raise capital for real estate. Make a list of individuals from whom you can take a private loan. Family and friends are prepared to help on the off chance that you are on good terms with them. To raise capital for real estate you have to know the market well. Individuals will invest with you only that they realize that you will be able to pay them back or the market estimation of real estate is expanding. You have to look into the market well and after that plan to raise capital for real estate as per your needs.

A person who has made his mark in the real estate field, Terence J McCarthy would suggest the same. He has been in the real estate business for a long time and is president of TJM properties in Clearwater, Florida. When it comes to purchasing real estate, he is the real expert. He knows what land to purchase and what time it is ideal to make those investments. Get in touch with him for all your real estate related questions!

The most ideal approach to raise capital for real estate is to set up a proper fundraise. To raise capital for real estate, you ought to have the capacity to clarify the particular necessities and requirements of your fundraiser. Assess the measure of capital you have to put asset into real estate. List the project and the benefits you hope to achieve from your investments. Disclose your venture to family companions and private investors, with the goal that they might be interested in contributing to your fundraiser. On the off chance that your venture sanction is great, you will have the capacity to raise capital for real estate.

Fundraisers can be made successful by allocating resources, building a personal connection, being thorough, having backup and presenting everything in a proper manner.