4 Easy Ways to Raise Funds for a Startup Business

Building a new business can a hard challenge, especially if you do not have enough money to finance it. There are countless of disputes and tasks that you have to face on a daily basis and the challenges can go on and on. The hardest part is usually the startup, when you are still feeling the waters and trying to get your business known by the public. While you might feel doubtful about where to get the proper funding for your new business, there are actually several options for you to do.

Raise Funds

  1. Crowd funding

Crowd funding is pretty new but has become a very popular option for new businesses. Crowd funding is when the public or investors will be using their personal funds to finance your business project. There are several online sites that offer this service to entrepreneurs. Typically, the investors also get first dibs on the products or service that you are selling. This would, of course, depend on your specific agreements.

  1. Loans

There are several ways a business can get a loan. One of the first options is through a local bank. Typically banks will have higher requirements but they can also let you borrow higher amounts of money. If you do not want to apply for bank loans or you are not really in need of a lot of money, consider microloans and options like payday loans. With instant approval payday loans, your request will be approved easily and repayments will also be no fuss. However, do not expect to get a lot of funds from this type of loans as they will only be able to provide small loans typically below $25,000.

  1. Home equity

If you need a bigger amount of fund, consider getting a second mortgage or a home equity. These types of loans use the value or equity you have in your home. Usually, lenders will only lend up to 80% of the home value. The interest rates for second mortgages are typically lower because the bank knows that they can foreclose the property in case payments are not made. While this might be one of the fastest and easiest sources of funding for you business, this is also a very risky option because you will be jeopardizing your family home.

  1. Family and friends

This alternative route is another easy way to get funds but is also pretty risky because of personal relationships. If you have a good circle of friends and family who are supportive in your business endeavours, do not be shy in asking them for help. Make sure that you get everything in writing, if they do agree to fund your business. Your loved ones will be happy to help out, especially if you have a great business idea. However, keep in mind to be respectful and not to take advantage of your relationships. Just because you are friends doesn’t mean you can miss out on the payments. Take note that this type of personal loan can put a strain on your relationships so be extra careful.

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