Asking for Donations – Can You Do It?

Whenever you are assigned to ask for donations, you cannot help but feel intimidated by what you are supposed to do. You may even feel that you would like to back out of the project because you do not know how you are going to do it.

The main reason why it can be hard to ask for donations is because it can be a bit daunting to ask for something that people worked hard on. People are not always willing to give their cash for no apparent reason. They would like to know the reason behind it first. If you do not have a valid reason, then why would they give you donations?

Asking for Donations - Can You Do It?

If you are trying to do a fundraiser and you would like it to become successful, you need to reach into the hearts of people first. When they also believe in what you are trying to raise money from, they will gladly give you the amount that they believe you deserve.

If in case you are still having trouble with figuring out what you are going to do to ask for donations, here are some tips that may help you out a lot:

  • Practice

You need to make sure that you will practice what you are going to say. Do not worry about sounding rehearsed. When you practice hard enough, you will sound like a natural. Of course, practicing is nothing if it does not come from the heart so make sure that the things that you are going to say are actual things that you believe in.

  • Make sure that you are clear about your cause.

When you catch people by surprise, the chances that they will give you donations for the cause that you believe in will become slimmer. You may need to contact some people more than once before they can actually donate to the fundraising project that you are trying to raise money for.

  • Do not be boring.

You need to catch the attention of people so that they would pay attention to you. If you would be boring and you will only talk about things that they have already heard from other people before, the chances that they will donate to give you the money that you need will become even slimmer. You have to keep people engaged and once again, you can only do this if you would touch their hearts.

You have the choice to ask people to donate a certain amount of money that you think will not hurt their pockets. If you would let them donate any amount, you might not get any money at all whereas when you set a specific amount they might donate the required amount or even give a higher amount than what you have expected.

If the people who are going to donate feel like they are doing too much just to donate, they might not contribute at all. Remember that the life hacks mentioned above will make things easier for you. For sure, you will ask for donations easier than before.