When you are a student, money is hard to come by, especially when you work for a students organization or a student cause. You find it difficult that anyone would ever give you money. Asking for it, even if it’s for a good cause seems like begging, and would be awkward and self-depreciating. Instead, you have to generate funds through some smart and creative ideas.

Read more to get to know a few ways to raise funds:

A Food Sale:

A bake sale or food sale is one of the surest ways of generating money. Everyone gets hungry and everyone likes food. Your food sale could feature a variety of items, from cakes to cupcakes, tacos, and even lemonade. It’s up to you how you approach it. You could have specific days dedicated to certain cuisines. Mondays could be Mexican Mondays. It would give your sales a definite boost. So, gather some volunteers, you can even try something simple like fries. Not everyone likes what the cafeteria dishes out, so give their taste buds something new.

Do a Fundraiser Sports Event:

This is a great idea for college or high school students. You could organize an intervarsity or inter-departmental sports event. It depends on which sport is popular in your college. If the students are crazy for football, then arrange a friendly match and sell tickets for it. Ofcourse, you must mention that it’s a fundraiser, this will attract a various people. You could ask the teams participating to tell their friends and buy the tickets. You could even set up a food and drinks stall for the students.

Provide a Bike Rental Service:

If your college campus is vast and students have trouble getting from one class to another or to the cafeteria, then you could generate a lot of funds by renting out bikes. You could set up a system, where students can rent a bike for a specific amount of money for a period of time. You could even set up different stations, like at the main entrance, at the cafeteria or any popular points. This would provide ease to the students to rent out or return the bikes. You could even turn this into an on-campus business, with permission from the required authority. To provide the best service to the students, you could search up which bikes to buy/rent on online buyers guide such as ‘Bikes Reviewed.’

Buying or renting some bikes would cost a lot of money, so you have to ensure that you buy the best one. They also provide in-depth reviews of the best cruiser bike for every day. Cruiser bikes are simple enough and do not require a lot of gear. They would be preferred for such a business. The site provides the top picks for every price range, making it easier for you to choose. The buyer’s guide features what accessories to buy, what size and frame would suit you best, and which bike would be best for you.

 Do a Car Wash:

Call out for some volunteers and organize a car wash. It could be anywhere from your own school to parking places of malls, marts etcetera. Just be sure to take permission from the necessary authority. Next step would be buying the necessary materials, which include, foams, brushes, rags, soap and a reliable water source. Set up a date and time and start promoting your event. You can promote it in your college/school or around your local community. Don’t forget to promote it on social media, this would guarantee customers.

You can use any of these ideas or think one of your own. Just make sure its effective and creative. Happy Fundraising!

Reasons to Consider a Spinner Bike

With all the fitness equipment that you can choose from, you may be a feeling a bit confused with the right equipment that you are going to purchase. You may be thinking about a lot of things and you do not have a lot of important facts and details so you cannot be entirely sure about the type of bike that you know you need.

One of the things that people are checking out right now is the spinner bike and they usually have various reasons why they would like to get this type of bike at the soonest possible time. There are some people who have tried this type of bike and the exercise that they can get from it and some give up on it at their very first try. It seems that they just do not want to make the best effort that they can to make things possible.

Reasons to Consider a Spinner Bike

There are so many benefits that people can achieve with the use of the spinner bike and these reasons should not be taken for granted. Are you curious to know about what these reasons are? Here are some of the things to think about:

  • A Spinner Bike can Help Burn Calories

If your main reason for purchasing best spin bike is because you would like to burn a lot of calories then you know that you will not get disappointed with the results that you will get. Most people will burn a lot of calories every time they exercise especially when they are not used to the type of exercise that a spinner bike can get but once people get used to this, they may regulate their exercise and become more attuned with what they have to do.

  • Control Your Pace

The problem with other exercises is the fact that the pace cannot be changed. People would have to move as fast as they can especially with all the other machines that may be used. The spinner bike can be controlled and used at your own pace so you can be pretty sure that you will stay comfortable while you are spinning.

  • Good Use for Time

Unlike other machines when you would find yourself stopping after using for a short period of time, following a whole new spinning program can be complicated and can make you exercise for a longer period of time. This means that you will get to burn more calories in the process and you will also get to tone your body more. This is the perfect type of machine to use if you would like to pass time productively. Why eat to pass time when you can exercise and lose those extra pounds?

  • Low Impact Workout

Unlike other machines that will strain your joints and your bones, the spinner bike will make sure that you will have a low impact workout the whole time that you are working out. This means that you will not feel your joints and your bones aching especially after a tedious spinning exercise.

Hopefully, these reasons are enough for you to decide on the right spinner bike for you. You can probably get to check more details about spinner bikes from here. You will surely find it easier to make a choice.

Facts about Getting Rid of Acne

There are many natural and medication based products that can be bought in the market for acne treatment. Knowing that several products can be used, more and more people are looking for the one that would best suit for their specific skin type. Below are some of the products to try:

acne treatment

Natural oils. Different types of oils are now making a name as an effective and safe treatment for acne. Some of those are tea tree oils, emu oil, sunflower oil and argan oil. All of such has got great properties that can certainly be helpful to cure acne. Of course, none of which works overnight or in a snap. It should be used for quite some time continuously so as to help keep the skin acne free. Although many would not entrust their skin with these oil because many believed that acne is caused by oily skin. However, these oils can truly work well. Learn more at—Best-Natural-Acne-Treatment&id=512713

Tea. Tea is also another natural choice of treatment for acne. The most common ones are green tea and chamomile tea. Green tea works by calming the redness of the pimple while chamomile tea has a property to cure it.

Homemade mask. Another all natural acne remedy is to make your own mask at home. The most common would be the use of honey. Honey alone can be used as mask. It can also be mixed with oatmeal and lemon. The ingredients will simply be mixed then once it is formed; all you need is to apply it on the face, leave it for a while then rinsed well. Turmeric is also an all natural herb that can be used as mask. It should be combined with other ingredients to form a mask. The use of mask can be done twice each week.

Salicylic acid. Most acne treatment in the market is with this substance as it is proven to help reduce acne. However, not all skin type can rely on this as some are allergic to it.

Other ways:

Aside from the acne regimen and products, it is also ideal to watch what you eat. In order to have healthy looking skin, it is best to be mindful of the diet, sleep well and drink plenty of water.

Revolutionary products are also introduced such as the device known as Face-Up! This is relatively new for many. Yet, this is a powerful device that can help with acne treatment. With its use, there will be no more need to use any treatment products. This alone can help keep your skin looking healthy and acne free. This is electric powered device that should be used at least 10 minutes every day. For best result, you are also able to use it day and night at 10 minutes each time. The device is very handy and can be carried around anywhere. It comes with different colors. With its ease of use, more and more people can now say goodbye to having oily and acne prone skin.

How to clean your electric toothbrush?

The fact about “brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes” is prevalent all across the globe. And, people who aim to experience ultimate mouth cleaning experience usually prefer using electric toothbrushes. However, do you know that apart from the brushing technique there is one more thing everyone needs to follow?  Yes, cleaning your electric toothbrush is as important as cleaning your teeth.

electric toothbrush

However, most of the time because of the unawareness about cleaning these toothbrushes, people either suffer from oral problems or they stuck in brick and mortar stores and invest unnecessarily in new electric toothbrushes. Let’s explicate a correct process on how to clean your electric toothbrush here:

Cleaning Head

Basically, there are two parts of an electric toothbrush i.e. head and handle. You need to clean both of them in apt manner. First of all, you should start with cleaning head. Below are some of the steps to follow:

  1. Rinse Head: After your daily brushing routine, always remember to rinse the toothbrush head properly with water. You should assure that all the remaining toothpaste and food debris are removed from the head and it is absolutely clean for using next day.
  2. Monthly Bleach: Once in a month, you should clean your toothbrush head with bleach solution. Take 1 part of bleach and other 10 parts of water. Before dipping head, take a clean tissue or paper, dipped in this solution and wipe it on the smooth surface of head. After that, dip the head in the solution for an hour.
  3. Replace: In case, you observe that your toothbrush bristles have started to splay open then you must replace it with the new one. There are mainly two types of electric toothbrushes available i.e. Toothbrush with detachable head and Toothbrush without detachable head (single piece).

Natural Products for Disinfecting Head

Brushes are easy target of bacteria and therefore, even daily cleaning is insufficient for maintaining hygiene. Disinfecting your toothbrush is the best way to prevent your teeth from bacteria invasion. You can easily get many natural disinfectants in your kitchen. Some of them include:

Water + White Vinegar+ Baking Soda: Take half cup of water; add two tablespoon of white vinegar and two teaspoon of baking soda. Now, dip your toothbrush or its head in this solution for approx 30 minutes. Using this, you will be able to avoid chemical disinfectants and keep your toothbrush safe from all the potential risks of bacteria.

Other Sanitizers for Disinfecting Head

In case, you rely more on chemical based disinfectants then below mentioned are some of the credible solutions:

  • UV Toothbrush Sanitizers: You can keep your toothbrush on daily basis after brushing for approx six to eight minutes in these Sanitizers.
  • Tablet based Toothbrush Sanitizers: They are available in form of tablet. You need to soak these tablets in warm water. Once the solution is ready, soak your toothbrush in them for approx 10 minutes. For effective results with these solutions, you must try them multiple times in a week.

Cleaning handle

Not just head, but handle of electric toothbrushes are equally important and needs equal attention for cleaning. However, you should not submerge them in any liquid solution as they are electrical equipments. To clean the handle, you can use a clean cloth or tissues dipped in bleach and water solution and wipe it all around the handle. Also, make sure to wipe the area where toothbrush head is attached.


Electric toothbrushes are the reason behind keeping our mouth healthy. Their avowed intent is to give us 100% clean mouth and prevent us from all the serious oral ailments. But, in order to maintain these gadgets for longer period it is must go an extra mile and keep them clean from all the angles.

Highly Recommended To Clean Your Electric Toothbrushes!