Fundraising for Legal Expenses

Not everybody facing legal troubles is guilty. There are certainly instances in which people are falsely accused or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Additionally, some legal woes are the result of ludicrous laws that need to be revisited. However, those facing these situations are sometimes not in the financial position to tackle the odds. This is why fundraising for legal expenses is necessary.

Hiring a lawyer via might be next to impossible if you are living paycheck to paycheck. When you are innocent of the crimes in which you are being accused it might be time to look to friends, family, and perhaps even strangers to assist you with the fees you will have to pay. This is why we have compiled a list of potential legal expense fundraising options.

Fundraising for Legal Expenses

Crowdsource Funding for Legal Expenses

Getting other people involved in your legal battle might seem a little shady. However, if you are innocent, no one will want to see you suffer under unjust hands. This may be the time to swallow your pride and ask for assistance from the world around you. These sites are excellent resources for your fundraising endeavors if you ever find yourself in need of help paying your legal expenses as an innocent person:

  1. FundRazr- Once you sign up for their services you can create your campaign for free. Then you will be able to share the campaign on various social media sites and venues. Money can be collected online via credit cards and PayPal, etc. The fees include: 5% to FundRazr, and then 2.9% plus $.30 per donation.
  2. YouCaring- It is peer to peer fundraising via the usage of social media. This is truly free fundraising. They don’t charge you anything to use their services. However, the typical 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction is still charged by the payment provider. Learn more.
  3. HelpaFund- This site charges the same as FundRazr. They are associated with WePay instead of some of the other payment providers. They are connected to social media as well. So, it is really a decision as to which provider best suits your desires.

Other Fundraising Options

While crowdsource funding would appear to be the most lucrative method of fundraising, the fact that you are asking people to pay for your legal expenses might cause some hesitation. Therefore, you should probably consider some other means in which to raise money to pay your legal expenses. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Yard Sale– Obliviously you should include your own items in this sale to ensure that you make some money on your own. However, you could always ask your friends and family to donate their unwanted items to add to your yard sale endeavors. Here are some great yard sale ideas.
  2. Car Wash– People are always looking to get their car washed. You might consider setting up a tent somewhere, or else go door to door. Be prepared with all the cleaning materials. Some people will be ok with letting you use their water to wash the car in their front yard. Other people will not, so be prepared to hear, “No,” without getting riled up.
  3. Other Services– There are a number of things that people don’t want to do themselves and they will gladly pay you to do those things for them. Mow lawns, organize garages, wash dogs, etc. to earn the extra money to pay for your legal expenses.

You can find other fundraising ideas here.