Do you need fundraising to make your own phone application?

FUNDRAISINGHow many times have we been thinking of a tedious task in our day or something we always forget and wonder…why isn’t there an app for that? Well you may not have to worry too much anymore because you could be the one to make the app you’ve been waiting for. Be your own start-up company and build your own phone app. These days the market has opened up vastly for those who are looking to build a phone application. You can do it on a budget most likely and you don’t need to get funding for most app projects anymore.

Hone Your Idea

If you’re thinking about an idea, make sure you narrow it down to something specific. For example, you’re thinking that your alarm clock is annoying but your phone alarm has equally lack luster options. If there is a special way you’d like to wake up and a certain something you’d like to create, then narrow it down to that. It would help to scan the application market to see what else is out there that may be similar to what you’re thinking of. You may find there are many or none at all. If you find that you’re the first on the market with this idea, then strike while the iron is hot, so to speak. The longer you wait the more likely it is that someone will be developing something similar right behind you.

Find An App Template

You don’t have to be a web developer anymore. There are thousands of app templates you can download online to get you started. There a templates based on iPhone models, Android models and Windows too. There are also application templates made for computer apps, not necessarily phone apps, so choose which one is right for you.

Consider Your Marketing

Now that you’ve got some design ideas and you’ve mastered your design style, it’s time to think outside of your own backyard. If you’re doing this just for fun or to use with friends, then you may not need an app maker that has some marketing reach. On the other hand, you’ve come this far and developed your idea into something that could make you some money. Why not choose an app maker that has some know-how in the arena of creating some new app awareness?

There is a company called Como that is currently doing a three-pronged approach to app making.

This company will let you create your own design, whether the app is for you or for your company. Once your design or template is decided on, they will set you up with some marketing options to help get the word out about your new product. They have many ways to get the word out for you, including online and offline promotion. They don’t just do digital advertising either. Believe it or not, they have print ads as well so think about how far you’d like your app to go when choosing a way to promote your product. Como also has a management component on their site, which allows the client to track the progress the app is making and to monitor its success. If you’re looking to make something simple, the cost is free but if you want to make an app with more intricate templates and use the marketing, there are monthly plans for that. You can find more information at this site by going to

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