Fundraising with a difference

There are various ways to raise funds and most of the time people use traditional and conventional methods that are tried and tested and expected. What if you can raise funds by using a less traditional method that is more interactive and educational for your guests? There are so many forms of art creation that you can launch a fundraiser where people actually learn how make something and then auction the completed pieces off for charity. The idea of learning a new skill will be exciting part for your guests and they will help the less fortunate at the same time. It is simple, start by involving experts in the art that you want to teach, invite guests and charge them a fee for learning something they have never done before. Here are a few ideas to help you decide which classes should be featured.

Fundraising with a difference


This creative way of using rope and string to make designs is a fun and interactive art form that will be a great skill to feature at your fundraiser. By involving someone that has experience with the different knots and designs to teach your guests they will be sure to make a gorgeous project that they can choose to sell or keep. Click here for some great Macramé designs.

Paper Mache

Another beautiful and easy art form to teach at your fund raiser is the art of turning scraps of paper into a beautiful piece of art. Your guests will thoroughly enjoy learning how to make their masterpieces with Paper Mache and once again can choose if they want to sell the items or keep it.


Beading seems like a simple thing to do but a specialist at beading can teach your guests to make more intricate designs for example a beaded key ring or bookmark. This is a simple and convenient way to learn something creative. Click here for some great beading designs.

Plasma Art

Probably one of the most sought after type of art skills that you can present at your event, plasma art will make quite an impression on your guests.  For this one you should definitely feature someone that knows what they are doing and that is aware of the safety precautions that need to be adhered to. To do this you might want to look at the review of the hypertherm powermax 45, a great handheld or CNC plasma cutter that can be used to teach this creative art.


This form of art is one of the oldest but there are countless people that don’t know how to do it. You can feature a specialist in the field to teach people how to successfully embroider and form part of ancient traditions. This one is usually a winner and very popular for people to learn as they can practice this art form at home without needing any expensive materials or tools. They can also decide if they want to sell their creations or add it to the auction.