Great raffle prize ideas for fundraising events

It is no secret that raffles are great for fundraising and an effective way to get people involved in a cause that you believe in. With the right activities and prized you will raise and incredible amount of money for the right cause. Many churches, schools and charities have used this method for years and years and for good reason. There is something exciting for your guests to be able to gain something extra and while doing something for the less fortunate it is just so much more satisfying.

It is however important to give away a great array of gifts in order to really make it worthwhile for those that takes part in your raffle. Click here to get tips on hosting the perfect raffle. Foundations have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars by giving away the right prize. Here are a few great prize ideas for your next charity- driven raffle. You will surely make a substantial amount by investing a bit.

Cash is king

In the good old days it was a famous option to give away cash prizes in raffles. This is always a famous option and one that really makes it attractive for people to enter. Everyone likes the chance to be able to win cash while having fun at a charity function. Depending on the amounts that you decide to donate you will be able to get quite a bit of interest by featuring cash prizes. Everyone enjoys getting money for free and you will never have disappointed guests when you deliver on what was promised.

Great raffle prize ideas for fundraising events

Luxury items

Luxury items like home appliances and other items are a great addition to any raffle. You can never go wrong by giving away something useful but also extravagant. Seeing the items on display at a raffle makes people more generous and willing to take part in the game with the prize in mind. Take a look at these comparisons of espresso machines to select some of the best machines to give away at your next raffle.  Coffee machines are considered a luxury to most but are also a desired item to have in any household. Make sure you read these reviews carefully and choose a machine that is suitable for your budget.

Holiday packages

You cannot go wrong to feature a free holiday or breakaway at your raffle as a prize. Most people love the idea of winning a free weekend at a famous resort or an all expenses paid breakaway. The idea of being able to get away from it all for the price of a contribution is a lot of fun and worthwhile.  This can definitely be considered as a dream prize and with the right budget you can plan a very attractive holiday for your winning guests. Make it interesting by revealing small details about the destination and then revealing the location at the end of the night. Take a look here at some of the best locations for a holiday in the US.