How To Buy A Condo In Singapore

Singapore is one of the richest countries in South East Asia even though it does not have any natural resources. The secret to the success of Singapore is the pro-business environment it has and its close proximity to Indonesia, Malaysia and the rest of Asia. Serving as the hub for business since the British East India Company settled on the island a few centuries ago this tiny island nation has always been a center for trade and commerce.

Singapore condo

Locating The Right Condo For Your Needs

If you are a Singaporean then buying a condo is just a formality provided you have the cash available but for foreigners you will need to secure an employment pass or permanent residency to purchase a condominium. A simple way to do this is by creating a business, since Singapore encourages entrepreneurship you could start a business and gain residency status provided the business is an approved one.

Once you have the legal ability to own real estate in the tiny island nation you will need to start looking  at condos by searching on the Internet for “Singapore new condo launch” you should have a list of all the new and existing condos in Singapore that are currently for sale. You should not try to buy these properties until first getting a mortgage approved and hiring a real estate agent to represent you. A simple way to locate these real estate agents is to go on the Internet and list them. After you have the names of all the Singapore real estate agents you should try to interview a few of them before making any decisions. The first thing you will need to find out is whether the real estate agent is actively licensed to provide these services, If they are not licensed you cannot use their services.

When you have the names of all the licensed real estate agents look for the one who you feel is the most suitable. This is not always a simple process but since you are dealing with a large sum of money you really need to do your research and due diligence or you could make the wrong choice. Now that you now which of these real estate agents are going to best serve your needs it is time to start viewing the condos in Singapore until you find the one you like the most and suits your budget. Singapore has a lot to offer but you will need to be proactive if you want to make the most of your real estate budget.

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