How to clean your electric toothbrush?

The fact about “brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes” is prevalent all across the globe. And, people who aim to experience ultimate mouth cleaning experience usually prefer using electric toothbrushes. However, do you know that apart from the brushing technique there is one more thing everyone needs to follow?  Yes, cleaning your electric toothbrush is as important as cleaning your teeth.

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However, most of the time because of the unawareness about cleaning these toothbrushes, people either suffer from oral problems or they stuck in brick and mortar stores and invest unnecessarily in new electric toothbrushes. Let’s explicate a correct process on how to clean your electric toothbrush here:

Cleaning Head

Basically, there are two parts of an electric toothbrush i.e. head and handle. You need to clean both of them in apt manner. First of all, you should start with cleaning head. Below are some of the steps to follow:

  1. Rinse Head: After your daily brushing routine, always remember to rinse the toothbrush head properly with water. You should assure that all the remaining toothpaste and food debris are removed from the head and it is absolutely clean for using next day.
  2. Monthly Bleach: Once in a month, you should clean your toothbrush head with bleach solution. Take 1 part of bleach and other 10 parts of water. Before dipping head, take a clean tissue or paper, dipped in this solution and wipe it on the smooth surface of head. After that, dip the head in the solution for an hour.
  3. Replace: In case, you observe that your toothbrush bristles have started to splay open then you must replace it with the new one. There are mainly two types of electric toothbrushes available i.e. Toothbrush with detachable head and Toothbrush without detachable head (single piece).

Natural Products for Disinfecting Head

Brushes are easy target of bacteria and therefore, even daily cleaning is insufficient for maintaining hygiene. Disinfecting your toothbrush is the best way to prevent your teeth from bacteria invasion. You can easily get many natural disinfectants in your kitchen. Some of them include:

Water + White Vinegar+ Baking Soda: Take half cup of water; add two tablespoon of white vinegar and two teaspoon of baking soda. Now, dip your toothbrush or its head in this solution for approx 30 minutes. Using this, you will be able to avoid chemical disinfectants and keep your toothbrush safe from all the potential risks of bacteria.

Other Sanitizers for Disinfecting Head

In case, you rely more on chemical based disinfectants then below mentioned are some of the credible solutions:

  • UV Toothbrush Sanitizers: You can keep your toothbrush on daily basis after brushing for approx six to eight minutes in these Sanitizers.
  • Tablet based Toothbrush Sanitizers: They are available in form of tablet. You need to soak these tablets in warm water. Once the solution is ready, soak your toothbrush in them for approx 10 minutes. For effective results with these solutions, you must try them multiple times in a week.

Cleaning handle

Not just head, but handle of electric toothbrushes are equally important and needs equal attention for cleaning. However, you should not submerge them in any liquid solution as they are electrical equipments. To clean the handle, you can use a clean cloth or tissues dipped in bleach and water solution and wipe it all around the handle. Also, make sure to wipe the area where toothbrush head is attached.


Electric toothbrushes are the reason behind keeping our mouth healthy. Their avowed intent is to give us 100% clean mouth and prevent us from all the serious oral ailments. But, in order to maintain these gadgets for longer period it is must go an extra mile and keep them clean from all the angles.

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