How to Raise Money for Smartphone Repair

There is a chance that you are a student or you do not have a steady job and although you would like to keep the few valuables that you have working perfectly; there are things that are meant to go wrong. You might have discovered that your iPhone 6’s screen is smashed or it may not be working as well as you know it should.

Smartphone repairs can cost a lot of money and unless you have a steady income, you may want to focus on your necessities and needs first like your food, your shelter and your water. Thinking about iPhone 6 screen repair seems to be pretentious. But is it really pretentious? What if it is the only way by which you can communicate with people that you love? When you think about it this way, raising funds for your phone does not seem to be so bad.

Raise Money for Smartphone Repair

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You do know that since you will be the one to benefit from it, you would have to raise the funds on your own and of course, you have to raise it legally and correctly so that you will not affect other people. Here are the ways by which you can raise money for smartphone repair:

Find things at home that you do not need anymore and sell them.

Holding a garage sale can be a good thing. If you are a student, you may ask the help of an adult to help you with organizing the proper details so that people in the neighborhood can purchase from your garage sale.

Set up a mini food station.

Do remember that this depends on how much budget you may have. If you know that you will be able to raise a lot of money by serving certain food products then go for it. You can set up a street food stand in your neighborhood. Make sure that you will get a legal permit so you will not have any problems.

Use your skills wisely.

If you are good at doing things around the home like plumbing or doing carpentry work, a lot of neighbors may pay you for your services. Do remember that since you are not an official worker from a certain company, your charge may be lower than the usual fee. There may also be some skills that you can use when you go online. The possibilities are endless when you know where to look.


Whether you are a teenager or an adult, you do know that there are people who are always looking for a baby sitter. Do remember that you should come highly recommended first before people can trust you to look after their kids.


If you know that you are highly skilled in doing academic work, why not use those skills in order to raise money? You might be surprised with the number of people who are in dire need of your help. You may have to read up on previous lessons a bit to refresh your memory.

No matter what type of fundraising you are planning, if it is for the repair of your phone or for something else, you have to remember that there are different ways that you can do to earn the money that you need.

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