How to Set Up a Fundraiser When You Need Over-Sized Goods

Sometimes a simple fundraiser just won’t do the trick; chances are, you’re going to want or need some heavy equipment or over-sized goods transported while setting up the ultimate fundraiser. It’s understandable to get tired of the little stuff. But, big dreams require big transportation.

How to Set Up a Fundraiser When You Need Over-Sized Goods

Find the Provider

If your current fundraiser idea is just that, an idea that’s still in your mind, then the first place to start is finding the right provider for what you want or need. This just takes a little research into local shops and equipment renting companies, especially if you want to get the best price. So, call around. After you find your provider you can start considering the other aspects of your project, like how long you will need to rent the equipment or goods for. The length of time you need them could affect how much it will cost. 

Assess the Cost

The next step to getting your fundraiser on the way is to assess the costs, which includes renting equipment, the transportation, and renting out a venue. This takes a little bit of research. You’ll want to already know what equipment or goods you need transported, where it will be picked up from (all in the first step), about how far it needs to go and what the going rate for transportation is so that you can plan for it. To make things a bit easier on you, the planner, try starting with gecko logistics tilt tray perth, because a cost-effective and professional transportation service for over-sized goods and heavy equipment transportation service is always the best place to start.

Figure Out the Venue

The next part requires you to know where the equipment or goods will be transported to. Make sure the venue will be able to handle the goods or equipment that needs to be transported there, as well as an influx of potential donators. This may require calling the venue and asking them if there are any restrictions or regulation against what you had in mind for your extra-sized fundraiser.  Then, the last thing to consider is how long the equipment will need to remain at the venue before being returned to where it came from. You might need it for the whole project, or you may just need it to set up the project, either way the amount of time it is there could make a difference to your venue provider.  If the venue is good to go, you’re almost ready to start officially setting up your fundraiser.

Schedule the Transport

Thankfully this part of the planning is relatively easy, all you need to do is schedule the transport and check in with the venue to make sure everything is all ready to be put into motion. Things can get a little dicey if the goods are ready to be transported but not ready to be received.


Once the goods are at their destination, then you can relax. All the hard, stress inducing work is over. There is no more reasons to fret over the monumental task that you just took on, instead you can look at all your work so far and be proud of your accomplishments. Moving the big stuff is always the most stressful, now that it’s done, take a break and a breather. If you need some more tips for setting up your ultimate fundraiser try out these 10 tips.