Keep the funds you raised safe

It takes a lot of time and effort to raise funds for your charity organization, new home or future business. The time and efforts that you put into fundraising is priceless and the funds are your future. It is important to keep the funds that you raised safe by investing it in a banking account. Not all funds are cash though. There are a lot of times where people will donate valuable equipment to your company or provide you with goods to sell to raise funds. You should keep these valuables safe by improving your fund raising location’s security systems.

Keep the funds you raised safe

Get better locks

Replace all the old locks of your fund raising business with new and modern locking systems. There are a lot of locking systems to improve your organizations safety like;

Pick proof cylinder deadbolts – These are the best basic locks on the market and is sure to keep your valuables and equipment safe when you aren’t there to protect them. The deadbolt is pick proof and made of durable material to ensure your door stays shut.

Master keys – If there are a lot of people who are helping you with fund raising then you can provide them each with a key so they can work at times convenient to them.

Electronic locks or key pads – If you are not good at keeping track of keys then you could invest in an electronic locking system and provide only those who are allowed to enter the facility with the code. You can also create unique codes for each of your assistants so you will know who and when they are accessing the premises.

Invest in security cameras

Sometimes not even your oldest friends can be trusted with the raised funds and equipment and in order for a fund raising business to function well; you often need to trust complete strangers. The only way to know for sure that everyone is trustworthy is by investing in security cameras. You will be able to determine exactly who is coming and going and you will be able to spot any ill behaviors with sufficient proof that you can provide in case of law suits. Kole Locksmiths can provide you with the best security cameras for your organization.

Know your emergency services

You should not just add a bunch of emergency numbers that you can dial when things go wrong to your list. You should also phone these agencies and ensure that they will be at your side during emergency hours.

Kole locksmith is a locksmithing agency that provides 24 hour emergency locksmithing services in case you locked yourself out of the organization, lost your keys or are dealing with a malfunctioning locking system. They are willing to come to your aid at any hour and replace or repair damaged locks or unlock any safe or lock at any hour of your emergency.

If you want to be successful at fundraising you should improve the safety of your organization or all your hard efforts and time could be for nothing if you are suddenly robbed.