Make This World a Better Place By Helping Poors

The world, we are living in comprises of two kinds of people. One who are awfully rich, splurging on unnecessary things, and on the contrary, several unfortunate people who are miserable and have nothing to eat. They are uneducated, unprivileged and poor! They do not have any means to get their hands on enough money and live a tranquil life.

In this scenario, it is obligatory for the rich people and privileged people to help these unfortunates in living a decent life. There are several ways to do that. You can provide them education, enough money for buying food, offer them jobs and give charity. Numerous celebrities believe in helping the poor by giving charity. Stephen Collins is one of the examples who gives charity greatly to the Poole Hospital. He did cycling from London to Paris for raising money for Poole Hospital Charity because of the marvelous work they are doing by treating patients.

Make This World a Better Place By Helping Poors

Stephen Collins is an American actor, director, musician as well as a nifty writer. He played the role in Star Trek: The Motion Picture as Captain Will Decker. He loves to help needy people as much as he can. For that reason, he attends several events for raising funds for the institutions helping others.

Giving charity helps increasing the standards of living of the poor as well as gives you satisfaction and you feel gratified. There are plenty of ways through which you can give charity and earn blessings! Read some of these:

  • Church:

Religious places such as a church, a mosque or a temple are special places where you can give charity. You just need to hand over your money to the priest available in these holy places and their management will distribute your money among poor people at the end of the day. The people in charge in such religious places provide your money to those who actually deserve it. Moreover, usually needy people contact a religious place for help before going for other options.

  • Contribute To Various Foundations:

Several people in the world have organized various foundations for the sole reason of helping poor. If you are looking forward to giving charity, you need to find these foundations. You should choose the well-recognized organizations such as “Save the children or Help women” or any other reputable institute for donating your money. One of the main reasons why you should pick a charity foundation to for donations is the fact that they know the actual deserving people and distribute your money honestly and diligently.

  • Encourage Others As Well To Give Charity:

No matter how much you try to help others, you won’t be able to do that in abundance because of your own limited resources. If you are really looking forward to helping the poor and changing their living conditions, you need to persuade others to do charity as well! This should be started from your own home. Persuade and encourage your parents as well as your siblings to give some amount of money to the poor every month. Moving ahead, you can also influence your friends to help others. The more people you persuade, the easier it would become for you to change the world into a better place!

  • Start Writing About It:

To enhance your reach, you need to start writing! Write small columns, articles or stories that depict the tough lifestyle of the poor and underprivileged. By writing about it, you can make aware plenty of people and hopefully, they would also start helping the poor by donating their money to charity!