Organizations That You Can Support With Fundraisings

Some people are incredibly good at fundraising and they love the challenges, activities and work involved in fundraising so much that they simply cannot wait for the next big opportunity.  There are so many organizations that can benefit from fundraising and support and each of these organizations are as important to your community as the air you breathe is.  Most of these not-for-profit organizations rely on the support of people who love to raise funds.  If you are one of those exceptional people with a flair for raising funds then there is no more reason for you to be bored or wait for the next big event.  You can raise funds at any given moment or lend your support to any of these organizations who would love your assistance;


Foundation for Defense of Democracies

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies or FDD as they are also known probably won’t benefit from financial support but they can definitely do with bit of support. If you are good at fundraising then you are probably also good at creating awareness for organizations in need of help.  The FDD is one of the best organizations for which you can create awareness because they are constantly protecting you from terrorism and inhuman actions. The FDD’s main role is to investigate relationships between America and other countries as well as to analyze circumstances of people in other countries so they can advise governments to make the right choices.  They are also constantly involved in negotiations and projects which helps promote peace.

The World Food Program USA

This not-for-profit organization does exactly as their name implies.  They fight hunger across the globe.  The organization offers food assistance, HIV/AIDS assistance, school meals and does what they can to strengthen communities as well as a lot of other wonderful things.  They know no boundaries when it comes to race or location and they are constantly creating awareness for people in need.  You can get involved by spreading the word or donating your fundraisings to them so more people can go to bed with filled bellies.

Defense of Wildlife

Every time a building is built, there is less space for natural wildlife.  More and more species are facing extinction each and every year.  The Defense of Wildlife is an organization that is in desperate need of fundraisings and donations because they are saving species and helping animals all over the world.  They help animals by creating awareness and by creating space and living places for animals that have nowhere else to go. The best part is that the donations are tax deductible.

Food and Water Watch

They say that the next world war will be fought over water.  By supporting the Food and Water Watch you could be preventing a world war because this organization is constantly trying to find solutions for food and water in areas where scarcities are surfacing.  They are also frequently launching campaigns to create awareness for food productive organizations that requires support and encouragement.