Great raffle prize ideas for fundraising events

It is no secret that raffles are great for fundraising and an effective way to get people involved in a cause that you believe in. With the right activities and prized you will raise and incredible amount of money for the right cause. Many churches, schools and charities have used this method for years and years and for good reason. There is something exciting for your guests to be able to gain something extra and while doing something for the less fortunate it is just so much more satisfying.

It is however important to give away a great array of gifts in order to really make it worthwhile for those that takes part in your raffle. Click here to get tips on hosting the perfect raffle. Foundations have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars by giving away the right prize. Here are a few great prize ideas for your next charity- driven raffle. You will surely make a substantial amount by investing a bit.

Cash is king

In the good old days it was a famous option to give away cash prizes in raffles. This is always a famous option and one that really makes it attractive for people to enter. Everyone likes the chance to be able to win cash while having fun at a charity function. Depending on the amounts that you decide to donate you will be able to get quite a bit of interest by featuring cash prizes. Everyone enjoys getting money for free and you will never have disappointed guests when you deliver on what was promised.

Great raffle prize ideas for fundraising events

Luxury items

Luxury items like home appliances and other items are a great addition to any raffle. You can never go wrong by giving away something useful but also extravagant. Seeing the items on display at a raffle makes people more generous and willing to take part in the game with the prize in mind. Take a look at these comparisons of espresso machines to select some of the best machines to give away at your next raffle.  Coffee machines are considered a luxury to most but are also a desired item to have in any household. Make sure you read these reviews carefully and choose a machine that is suitable for your budget.

Holiday packages

You cannot go wrong to feature a free holiday or breakaway at your raffle as a prize. Most people love the idea of winning a free weekend at a famous resort or an all expenses paid breakaway. The idea of being able to get away from it all for the price of a contribution is a lot of fun and worthwhile.  This can definitely be considered as a dream prize and with the right budget you can plan a very attractive holiday for your winning guests. Make it interesting by revealing small details about the destination and then revealing the location at the end of the night. Take a look here at some of the best locations for a holiday in the US.

Types of Investor Funding

There are many ways of funding a business, and investor-based fundraising is just one of the many options. Others include rewards-based fundraising, personal investments, friends and family, and good old-fashioned bootstrapping. Before deciding on going for funding from investors, it’s important for one to be sure that is the best route for them.

There are three basic types of investor funding, namely equity, loans and convertible debt, with each coming with its advantages and disadvantages, and each better fit for some situations than others. Determining the kind of investor-based fundraise that is right for you depends on a number of factors: the stage, size and industry of your business; your ideal time frame; the amount you are looking to raise and how you are planning to use it; and your goals for your company, both short-term and long.

Types of Investor Funding


Going for an equity would mean that you’d let people invest in your company in exchange for money. This way, in the future, you get to share the spoils of the company with the investors. This is one of the most popular methods of raising capital for entrepreneurs because it is attractive and does not come with a repayment schedule.


Loan are debt-based fundraising, and it also happens to be the easiest one of the three options when it comes to understanding. This is where one can borrow money now and pay it back later along with an established rate of interest. Debt is also the most common form of outside capital for new businesses. While angel investors and venture capitalists get all the big headlines for funding exciting companies, it’s the debt providers that are behind most of the investment dollars that go into the 99% of companies that aren’t splashed across magazine covers and business websites.

Convertible Debt

Convertible debt is basically the blending of debt and equity. Here, one can borrow money from investors with the understanding that the loan will either be repaid or turned into a share in the company at some point in time, after an additional round of fundraising, for instance, or once the business reaches a certain valuation.

GSI Exchange

Since we are talking about funding for businesses, we might as well talk about GSI Exchange, a company that has the perfect solution for investment needs, investing in precious metals. The demand for precious metals is always beats the supply and the state of the economy is never a problem.

What they offer:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • IRA and Retirement

Three Reasons to Invest in Silver

When one thinks of precious metals, the first thing to hit their mind is gold. That is indeed one of the best investments that one can make, but there are silver and other precious metals that are just as good. The good thing about silver, is that it happens to be one of the most affordable metals on the market. This makes it easier for investors to access and buy more of it. Below are the reasons why people should invest in silver:

  1. A wide Array of Uses

It is one of the most used metals across the world, making it have a very high demand. It comes with different properties that can be used in many different ways, from jewelry and silverware, to electronics and telecommunications. Silver is used to make things that we use every day and as the demand from the solar, electronics and medical industries, there will always be a high demand for it.

  1. A Great Financial Hedge

Whenever there is inflation or even the mere mention of it, silver products tend to go up in price. Looking back to 1980 when inflation hit 14%, silver reached it’s all time high. And then there are the stock markets. Whenever they pass through a rough patch, investors prefer to put their funds in safer places that include silver and gold amongst other precious metals.

  1. Silver Retains its Intrinsic Value

Silver comes armed with properties that include malleability, corrosion resistance and electric conductivity. These rare characteristics make it a commodity that will maintain its value over time. In addition, silver has served as a currency for thousands of years, for an even longer period than gold has been used as a means of exchange.

Physical Possession IRA

The economy today is very unstable and unpredictable, and as a result, investors are looking for safe places to invest their funds. With Physical Possession IRA, a person has a legal way to help one control their retirement with a gold IRA or a silver IRA. With this program, one can purchase and store precious metals using their Gold IRA or Silver IRA.

Self-Directed IRA’s became legal in 1996, and the Physical Possession IRA falls under this. It is much easier to invest through this than through the traditional custodial accounts. Physical Possession IRA’s are not custodians.

The Physical Possession IRA Plan Includes:

  • Quick and Easy LLC set-up
  • Articles of Incorporation filed
  • EIN filing with the IRS
  • Transfer money to your Physical Possession IRA
  • Operating Guide and Binder Overnighted
  • Assistance setting up your LLC checking account
  • Free shipping of Precious Metals to your desired location

Well, there you have it. You now know how you can raise money for your business, and how you can invest it as the business succeeds. There is no limit to the amount of precious metals that you would like to invest in, and it all depends on what you’re willing to invest. Investing in precious metals has the advantage over other forms of investment due to the fact that your investment will never lose value, no matter what financial turmoil the money market is going through.

Raising funds through golf tournaments and enjoying what you love doing

Golf is not just for the rich people, it offers one of the best opportunity to raise funds for charitable events. You don’t need golfers to raise fund through golfing, all you need is an ideal event organization skills. Golfing may also be combined with other hobbies such as luxury fishing trips.

The mere sound of luxury, to many people may mean “expensive” but that is not the case. A luxury fishing trip is just something different and classier than the ordinary fishing trips. Having a luxury fishing trip may mean, going to a remote location where fishing is not common, or having an all-inclusive services that include accommodation, feeding, and sight-seeing, hence a luxury fishing ship is more than just fishing on the sea the whole day or half of the day. Here are some of the reasons you should consider a luxury fishing trip.

Raising funds through golf tournaments and enjoying what you love doing

#1: It is an experience of a lifetime

Those who indulge in luxury fishing trips with the ideal charters do reported that such trips are experience of a lifetime, because they go to remote places, far from distractions and the activities of other fishing trippers. Imagine only you and few others on an Island, with scrumptious meals, great accommodation and excellent view of the sea- this will definitely make you want to come back. To learn more about luxury charters, click here.

#2: Varieties of all-inclusive packages to choose from

There are places where luxury fishing trips will take you where few people know. Such packages may include fishing trips to different locations spreading across several states and region and for several days, hence there will be no limit to where you can fish, depending on your package. From condos, to shared apartments and luxury suites, there are several packages to choose from. Some fishing charters may also provide special packages for romantic getaways for couples who prefer to use the fishing trips to cement their relationships.

#3: Luxury fishing trips offer rebates and discounts

There are lots of rewards you can get from going on luxury fishing trips, and in most cases, these rewards are offered when you join the club or associations organized by the charters. These rebates are offered especially after your first trip in the deep sea and you may qualify for even more when you sign up for your subsequent fishing trips. Just like when you shop for discount codes, Luxury fishing charters provide discount in so many ways, such discounts may be on the accommodation you choose for the next fishing trip or other packages included.

#4: Luxury fishing provides you with fully accessorized boats

When you think about luxury fishing, you talk about the most accessorized boats, with all the best rods, reeds, baits and other things that will ensure that you get the most out of your fishing expenditure. With modern fishing items available on your luxury boat, you can find it easier to locate your catch. The GPS and Fish tracker for instance, are two modern gadgets used today in fishing, and they help track down fishes, even from the deepest part of the ocean.

#5: Luxury fishing gives you the opportunity to explore the world

Unlike the ordinary fishing trips where your fishing expeditions are restricted, luxury fishing trips will take you to different cities at different times, hence you can explore the world aside from fishing. Business contacts as well as personal relationships can be developed during luxury fishing expeditions, hence they are worth exploring, if you want to expand your business network.

#6: Luxury fishing charters are licensed and experienced

Most luxury cozumel fishing charters do provide the most experience boat operators in the industry, hence they are reliable and can be trusted. The deep sea fishing Cozumel offers some of the best and most pleasurable luxury fishing trips in the world today. With 100% customer satisfaction, you will definitely want to plan several subsequent fishing trips after your first luxury trip with the organization.

Raise Funds with Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most monetized products that you can make and sell which also makes it a great sales item for fundraising.  Sure, your own handmade jewelry is no Moti Ferder but that won’t mean that you won’t be able to make a huge success of sales.  People have a soft spot for charitable organizations and are willing to invest in handmade items if the items are beautiful, useful to them in some way and if the funds are going to be used for a good cause.  Even an unpopular and no name brand jewelry should be able to generate good income if you only market successfully and if everyone learns that your jewelry pieces are sold for a good purpose.

Raise Funds with Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry you can make yourself

There are plenty of different types of jewelry that you can make yourself.  It is however better to avoid expensive jewelry types such as gold and diamonds if you are going to sell to the public since security will be an issue when you set up a mobile stall in a busy mall.  These more expensive jewelry types are only profitable if you sell to rich markets which can also be a good idea accept that you will have to have a good and popular name to be successful.  Some of the top jewelry types you can make yourself include lace jewelry, beaded jewelry and resin jewelry.

Learn to make your own jewelry

You can learn to make your own jewelry online by going on a jewelry course or by checking out some tutorial videos on YouTube or popular craft websites.  These videos won’t cost you much and are great for learning how to make great jewelry.

Where to buy your jewelry supplies

When you are selling for charity you want to make as much profit as possible which means you need good supplies at the most affordable price.  China markets have surprisingly good jewelry supplies at incredibly affordable prices although it could take a few months for these goods to reach you when you buy from online stores like Ebay.

Make your own jewelry displays

Pinterest is a terrific source where you can learn to make your own jewelry displays from affordable items.  There are some pretty amazing display ideas that is incredibly easy and inexpensive to make yourself.

Look for places to sell jewelry

To make a success of your charity event you need to set up at busy locations.  You can request a stand fee at popular events, malls or busy shopping centers.

Remember that good visibility and a good setup is the key to success

It is important to notify the public that you are raising funds for charity or you could end up missing out on a lot of cash.  Create huge banners with plain text that states that you are raising funds for a certain cause and create an attractive booth so people will be more likely to stop at your mobile shop to view some of your pieces.

How to Organize a Successful Fundraising Event!

Charity is something that helps you as well as those people to whom you give away the funds. It helps you in gaining inner satisfaction and becoming a better person. On the other hand, the people whom you give the money get able to live a better life. If you are someone who has always been there for helping people, you must organize a fundraising event.

Fundraising events aid people in collecting more and more funds for those who require money. If you ponder that you require associating with some organizations for that, you are wrong. All you need to do is to take some steps that would help you in organizing a fund raising event.

How to Organize a Successful Fundraising Event!

  • Keep your purpose in mind:

When it comes to hosting a fundraising event, you need to make sure that you are well aware and are clear about the purpose of the event. The goals of your fundraising event should be clear for you as well as for the people who are attending the event.  If there are more than one goals for the event that you are organizing such as collecting funds for charity along with giving some publicity to the cause, make sure that you give the details to people attending the event.

  • Keep the budget in mind:

No matter what is the scale at which you are organizing your event, you would need some budget for it. Budgeting is an imperative step towards holding a successful fundraising event. Keep all the expenses in mind and make sure that you have enough finances to overcome any unexpected issues that might arise.

The budget that you have set must include all the expenditures that you need to make towards the decoration invitations, staff payments, transportation, and security along with all the other important stuff. If you are organizing an event on a bigger scale, you need to get your hands on some financiers or sponsors. On the contrary, a small scale event can be organized with your funds efficiently.

  • Get educated:

All over the world people belonging from different sectors organize fundraising events. Various institutes develop this criterion in their semesters for the students to hold a fundraising event to pass through the semester. One of such examples is the rustic pathways.

Rustic Pathways provide summer schools to the people who live in different parts of the world. It helps them in organizing events and let them get independent in this scenario. If you have been a part of the institution in one way or the other, you must have gotten trained in it. That is quite a unique thing that the Institute does, but it inevitably turns its students into people with high values.

  • Find a guest of honor:

The event that you have organized needs to have some famous people attending it. That will enhance the value of the event and fetch more funds. Your event should have a guest of honor, and he must be someone of a great value. For that reason, you can get in touch with some local celebrity or a business leader. Having as many influential personalities attending your event as possible will enhance its chances of success.

  • Marketing:

Marketing your event is significant so that people living in the locality get to know about it. The more you market it, the more people will get to know about its happening.  That would, in turn, lead to increasing the total amount collected by you through this event. You can market the event through various ways such as leaflets, brochures, banners, pamphlets or even on TV ads.

Raise Funds with a Golf Tournament

Golfing is one of the most monetized sports in the world.  With pro golfers earning up to $6,683,214 a year from tournaments you can bet that golfing is one of the best tournaments to host if you want to raise a lot of funds for charity, for a good cause or for a not-for-profit organization.  The best part about using a golf tournament to raise funds is that you don’t even need to be a golfer to plan such a tournament.  All you need is good event organizing skills and basic knowledge on how the game works and you should be able to plan the perfect tournament relatively easy.

Raise Funds with a Golf Tournament

Ensure that you won’t get lost on the course

It wouldn’t be much fun if the event planner got lost on the golf course. On Strategic Golfer you can shop best golf GPS watch for the money.  This GPS is perfect for golfers and even for those that never gloved in their lives because you can easily navigate your way through courses. Many of these GPS watches have preload golf courses on them and watch like the Garmin Vívoactive even includes apps for additional sports like running, cycling and swimming so you can use your GPS watch for lots of different sports.

How to plan a golf tournament

Planning a golf tournament to raise charity is going to involve a lot of persuasion, determination and you might have to pull quite a few strings.

Step 1 – The first thing you will have to do is have a chat with the golf club to establish what the cost of such a tournament will be to outsiders and whether they will be willing to allow you to host the charity tournament.

Step 2 – Establish a cost price for entry tickets and see if you can get someone to sponsor the winning price.

Step 3 – Try to draw in as many companies as possible because competing businesses are the best source of funding for your event since business teams can compete.  Businesses also contribute to a much more competitive vibe.  Businesses can also benefit from the tournament if they can set up promotional stands for their businesses.

Step 4 – Try to get as many sponsors for the tournament as possible.

Step 5 – Promotion is one of the most important factors that will contribute to a successful tournament.  Try to negotiate a good price at printing and design firms and promote your golf tournament as widely as possible.

Step 6 – Selling food and beverages at the tournament will also generate a lot more income for your charity event.  Get as many volunteers involved and try to provide great snacks and beverages to everyone that joins in on the fun.

Step 7 – Get as many volunteers as possible.  You will need volunteers for the selling of beverages and snacks, for guiding competitors along the course, caddies that can help carry the bags, referees to judge the games and to ensure that no one cheats and security that will prevent theft during the large event.

Reasons why you should get involved in fundraising

Not only is getting involved in fundraising an incredibly satisfying thing to do it is also necessary for fulfillment. If you find that you aren’t as actively involved in goal setting and that you have lost the desire to get up in the mornings getting involved in charity or fundraising will be a very successful experience for you. By taking a step back from your own issues and life you will get a whole new perspective by getting involved with something good and worthwhile. All it will take is a bit of time and dedication to start raising funds for the right cause. Click here for tips on successful fundraising

Reasons why you should get involved in fundraising

First of all it teaches you to take a step back from your own problems. You can actively get involved in any cause and allow yourself to get absorbed by the tasks ahead. Fundraising requires great dedication and needs to be done right in order to be successful so take time away from your own issues and invest your time and energy in something else. This is a valid reason as everyone needs the opportunity to see that their problems aren’t always as big as they think they are. With active listening you will find that your fundraising skills will get better with time and that you will interact on a more professional level every single time you start a new campaign.  A worthy cause would be to provide at home medical devices to the less fortunate. Take a look at this medical supply store nj for some of the best advice on which products are available for at home use. You will have more than enough information to launch this worthy campaign.

You will get actively involved in your community with fundraising and also build powerful social and business relationships that might help you on the path to fulfillment. By meeting other people in the fundraising sector you will broaden your horizons and gain valuable tips and information about what you need to do to launch your campaigns successfully. Click here to read more about the importance of networking. Volunteering is good for your resume too which means you can add that chip to your shoulder. By getting involved with issues in your community and helping the less fortunate you are doing your part and giving something back. If you are currently in a management position you will gain a lot of experience and knowledge from your fundraising campaigns as effective management plays a big part in any successful campaign.

You can mentor other individuals and teach them about fundraising. This is an important one as it also involves giving something back. By sharing your knowledge about fundraising with those that are entering the field you will give them the opportunity and provide them with the resources they need to help others and to launch a successful campaign. Lastly it is fun to help others and a really rewarding experience for anyone that is involved. You will find joy in helping others and meeting new people.

Get Camping Gear for Your Next Big Fundraising Event

If raising funds isn’t something in which you usually partake then perhaps it is time to get more involved with your community.  Fundraising events might be hard work but it is actually great fun as well because you are working together with friends for a good cause, you get to do something new and exciting, you meet a lot of new people and you learn a lot of new skills.  Camping gear is a great investment for those that do frequent fundraising events because you can set up a mobile shop at any location and raise good funds by selling items, food, gifts, crafts or just about anything.

Nap time on the fundraising site

Are you planning to raise some funds at a large event?  Then it might be a good idea to sleep over at the event because you can keep your stall open until late in the evening and raise a lot more cash. is a fantastic review site that you can check out for the best camping gear on the market.  You can shop a great tent in which you can sleep during the evenings or perhaps even use one of these tents for your fundraising stall.  Add a stretcher and a sleeping bag and you are set up for the night or even for a few nights which will enable you to raise as much funds as possible for your cause.

Get Camping Gear for Your Next Big Fundraising Event

Cozier seating at your fundraising

Camping chairs are great for fundraising events because you can transport your chairs easily and enjoy cozy seating at your stall while you chat with new people and try to generate as much income as possible.

Great gear for powerless food preparation

Camping gear like cookware or a grill is great for preparing food for you at a large event or even for raising funds by making delicious meals and snacks that you can sell to help raise funds for charity.

Lighting solutions for night sales

Lanterns, candles, torches and other lighting gear is terrific for keeping your stall light up until late at night and for adding security and safety to your stall so you won’t be robbed during the night.

Great shading solutions for your booth

Kitchen tents are fantastic if you are planning on selling food items.  These tents provide protection against the sun and also come with roll down gauze sides that will keep insects and even animals from spoiling the foods that you are preparing or selling in order to raise funds. Alternatively you can get a gazebo set up over your tables and enjoy a fresh cool breeze as you sell goods or foods and raise funds for charity.

Camping tables

The great thing about camping tables is that they are so light and so easy to use.  You can flip open an entire table in less than a minute and start setting up your fundraising tools and products no matter where you are located.

Make This World a Better Place By Helping Poors

The world, we are living in comprises of two kinds of people. One who are awfully rich, splurging on unnecessary things, and on the contrary, several unfortunate people who are miserable and have nothing to eat. They are uneducated, unprivileged and poor! They do not have any means to get their hands on enough money and live a tranquil life.

In this scenario, it is obligatory for the rich people and privileged people to help these unfortunates in living a decent life. There are several ways to do that. You can provide them education, enough money for buying food, offer them jobs and give charity. Numerous celebrities believe in helping the poor by giving charity. Stephen Collins is one of the examples who gives charity greatly to the Poole Hospital. He did cycling from London to Paris for raising money for Poole Hospital Charity because of the marvelous work they are doing by treating patients.

Make This World a Better Place By Helping Poors

Stephen Collins is an American actor, director, musician as well as a nifty writer. He played the role in Star Trek: The Motion Picture as Captain Will Decker. He loves to help needy people as much as he can. For that reason, he attends several events for raising funds for the institutions helping others.

Giving charity helps increasing the standards of living of the poor as well as gives you satisfaction and you feel gratified. There are plenty of ways through which you can give charity and earn blessings! Read some of these:

  • Church:

Religious places such as a church, a mosque or a temple are special places where you can give charity. You just need to hand over your money to the priest available in these holy places and their management will distribute your money among poor people at the end of the day. The people in charge in such religious places provide your money to those who actually deserve it. Moreover, usually needy people contact a religious place for help before going for other options.

  • Contribute To Various Foundations:

Several people in the world have organized various foundations for the sole reason of helping poor. If you are looking forward to giving charity, you need to find these foundations. You should choose the well-recognized organizations such as “Save the children or Help women” or any other reputable institute for donating your money. One of the main reasons why you should pick a charity foundation to for donations is the fact that they know the actual deserving people and distribute your money honestly and diligently.

  • Encourage Others As Well To Give Charity:

No matter how much you try to help others, you won’t be able to do that in abundance because of your own limited resources. If you are really looking forward to helping the poor and changing their living conditions, you need to persuade others to do charity as well! This should be started from your own home. Persuade and encourage your parents as well as your siblings to give some amount of money to the poor every month. Moving ahead, you can also influence your friends to help others. The more people you persuade, the easier it would become for you to change the world into a better place!

  • Start Writing About It:

To enhance your reach, you need to start writing! Write small columns, articles or stories that depict the tough lifestyle of the poor and underprivileged. By writing about it, you can make aware plenty of people and hopefully, they would also start helping the poor by donating their money to charity!

Raise Funds for These Top 10 Philadelphia Organizations

It is important for everyone to do what they can to improve their local community.  Philadelphia is one of the cities with the most not for profit organizations that you can support. These organizations are constantly battling to make the world a better place to live in and they are constantly struggling to change the world for those that suffer.  If you have been looking for something terrific and noble to do then you can definitely raise funds for one of the following top 10 not for profit organizations.

Raise Funds for These Top 10 Philadelphia Organizations

Philadelphia 3.0

An improved world starts with improved leadership.  Philadelphia 3.0 is a political organization that dedicates all their efforts to improving Philadelphia.  This organization’s main goal is to ensure that the leaders of this city are focused and that they deliver on their promise. When you support this organization you are supporting general improvements in the city and you are making Philadelphia a better for everyone that lives here including animals and the handicapped.

Red Paw Emergency Relief Team

Love animals and people?  Then you can definitely raise funds for Red Paw Emergency Relief Team.  This not for profit organization helps people and animals in case of emergency.  They take care of family members and animals in case of home disasters and they can definitely do with some support.

Northeast Animal Rescue

This not for profit organization rescues pets and helps them fined new and secure homes.  They help abused animals, stray animals and they connect lonely people with best friends.


This not for profit organization provides scholarships to students in need across the globe.  They are constantly engaged in making the world a better place by providing a good education to those that cannot afford studies.

Baabun Nasr Inc

This organization provides general assistance and social services to the needy in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.  They help with sheltering, nourishment, education and much more.

Veterans Multi- Service Center

This organization’s focus is on veterans.   They offer housing support, job training, sheltering, food and resources to military veterans and general veterans.

Lombard Central Presbyterian Church Soup Kitchen

This church is constantly helping those in need with their soup kitchen and they can use any donations and voluntary assistance that they can get.  Raising funds for this organization is time well spent.

Maternity Care Coalition

Struggling mothers can go to this not for profit organization to get proper education on how to properly care for infants and children, to receive emergency assistance for children and babies and to get the right compensation for maternity leave.

Shoot Basketballs Not People

This organization is focused on troubled youths.  They help to change the focus of gang members and youths from criminal activities into a more positive and fun outlet like basketball.  Basketball keeps youths off the streets and keeps them busy so they can grow into responsible and positive adults.

Women Against Abuse, Inc.

This organization helps the victims of abuse find refuge and escape and they are constantly creating awareness to help stop domestic violence.