Fundraising for Circumcision

As lame as it may sound, there are parents who will realize their kids have reached an age that they need to be circumcised but they don’t have enough funds.  We are all aware of the pressures that come with life and finances are hardly enough to meet all our needs.

Circumcision is a culture that has been adopted well all over the world. There are cultures that believe in infant circumcision while there are cultures that do circumcision of older boys. Medical organizations including the world health organization are in the campaign for male circumcision as they believe it has helped in reducing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. The foreskin can be storage for parasites and disease causing germs and when it is removed it cannot be attached thus lower chance of spread of diseases.

In some cultures they don’t believe in circumcision and they have other ways which is equal to circumcision for example in some African countries such as Swaziland and Zambia. To encourage the act, the Billy and Melinda gates foundation fundraised $50 million for the circumcision of up to 650 000 men to reduce the transmission rate of HIV. In some cultures there is female genital mutilation also known as female circumcision and there have been many organizations doing fundraising to end the act. Otherwise in normal circumstances, may people do not believe in fundraising for circumcision and it’s more of a personal cause and can always be done at any time when the parents are ready.

Fundraising for Circumcision

Tips on raising money for circumcision

To make sure that your kids get circumcised on time and get the best care, it is important to plan in advance. Failing to plan is planning to fail is a principle that applies in all fields including circumcision. No one wants the burden of having to go around asking for funds for circumcision. Some of the tips parents can use include:

Determine the right age you want your child to be circumcised

Different parents have different preferences when it comes to the time they want their children to be circumcised. In some instances this is determined by the culture but normally the earlier the child is circumcised the better as it will take a shorter time to heal as compared when they are circumcised at a later age. Most hospitals however prefer to do circumcision to kids who are six  months or older as for kids who are younger than six months anesthesia is not recommended and thus may  be more painful and the procedure might be harder to take place as compared  when anesthesia is administered. Determining when you want your child to be circumcised will give you the time frame that you need to raise the needed funds.

Identify a proper hospital

There are many hospitals that offer circumcision though they all have different services. You should identify a hospital that has the right facility and equipment at the same time a hospital that maintains high standards of hygiene. If you are a resident in Perth, count yourself lucky as you will find a high quality circumcision clinic in Perth. Hospitals all have different charges but most times to get the best services you have to pay a higher cost as cheap are expensive. Dr. Jill Orford, a renowned doctor in Perth will ensure professional circumcision is done in an operating theatre while maintaining high medical standards. On identification of a hospital, you will be able to come up with a budget which will be a guideline for you as you raise funds.

Making a financial Plan

Once you determine the time frame and the budget you will need, then you can make a financial plan. There are many approaches that you can use to raise funds.

There are parents who will opt for medical insurance. There are some hospitals however that do not accept insurance when it comes to circumcision and there are insurance covers that do not cover circumcision in their plan. It is however important to consult with your insurance company and the hospital of choice to know if they accept insurance to cover circumcision.

If you do not have a medical insurance cover or you are dealing with a hospital that does not accept insurance for circumcision or if your cover cannot cover circumcision, the only way to raise funds is through saving. Many people fear the idea of saving but it is easier than they think.  If you have the time frame and the budget, then you can spread the costs between the times such that you have equal installments every month until you have enough funds. There are those people who prefer to make a single huge installment that will cover all the costs other than spreading out the costs within the time frame.

Factors to consider in choosing a circumcision clinic

As much as there are many circumcision clinics in Perth, they all differ in terms of services they offer. There are hospitals that do circumcision exclusively and there are many hospitals that do not offer the service. Because circumcision is a form of a minor surgery, it should be given much consideration. Some of the factors that you should bear in mind in choosing a circumcision clinic include:

Doctors in the hospital: It is important to choose a clinic that has professionally qualified doctors to carry out the procedure. Most doctors upon visiting them you can get a glimpse of all their professional qualifications and their level of training and this will be a good judgment to base on. For the case of a clinic that exclusively offers the service it is even easier and that explains why many people prefer such clinics in Perth. Many children prefer doctors who are warm and friendly. The attitude of the doctor has a direct impact on the recovery of the patient. If the doctors are warm and hospitable, the child to be circumcised is likely to respond well and this will even make the procedure easier.

Experience: In most cases if a doctor has more experience or if the clinic has been doing the exercise for a long period of time then one is likely to be more confident in them than those that do not have experience, Thus experience is an important factor to consider as many people get better with time in doing their work. With experience you are sure that the doctor will deal well with any complications that may arise and you are confident that no complication will arise because of a mistake. You will be sure that the procedure will go on well.

Legally authorization: The clinic that you are dealing with should be legally authorized by the government to carry out the procedure. Most places will have a legal document that shows that they have been approved to do the procedure. With government registered hospitals you are sure of being offered good services and you can place a law suit against them if anything goes wrong.

Hygiene: This is the most important factor in considering a hospital for circumcision. When you visit any hospital you can judge their hygienic standards by just observing. High hygienic standards will make sure that no complications can arise because of hygienic reasons. A clean environment will make sure that the surgery goes on well and even fosters quick recovery.

Facilities and equipment’s: Hospitals are differently equipped. There are hospitals that have more facilities than others. This is an important factor to consider as it will determine the kind of service that you will receive. For example in some clinics, the procedure takes place in a theatre under general anesthetic while in some it does not. Some hospitals have high technology and high medical standards while some have standards that are low. Basically you should choose a hospital that you feel you are comfortable with.

Affordability: The charges of the hospital and your budget are a very important factor to consider. There are clinics that are more affordable than others though it is mainly dependent on the services being offered by the clinic. It makes no point going for a hospital that you will give you a financial burden. No matter the cost of the hospital you should make sure that it will give you value for money. This is because you can get more services for the same amount of money in some hospitals than in others.


With proper planning, fundraising for circumcision is a walk in the park. Knowledge on what you really want will act as a guide in helping you make a budget and make sure everything go well. It is however also very important to always have an emergency fund incase anything goes wrong. In most cases saving is in evitable. As much as you might have insurance, you also need savings in case of emergencies. With whatever budget you will find a clinic in Perth that will be affordable.

iPhone Battery Should Work During Fundraisers

Fundraisers are there for multiple reasons and in most instances, they are aimed at aiding or bringing good to someone or a situation. We have seen NGO’s holding fundraisers to assist people in hunger stricken regions or the victims of war torn countries. We have also seen fundraisers to help clear hospital bills or to enhance education. The truth is that there are countless reasons why they exist.

iPhone Battery Should Work During Fundraisers

The first thing when thinking of holding or attending a fundraiser it to establish the reason for holding it. For some people, it would be their duty to attend to the fundraiser, while for others, it would be out of a sense of charity or goodwill. If you are the host, you would want to consider the below:

  • Reason for the fundraiser
  • How much is needed
  • Target invites
  • Venue
  • Catering, if applicable

Depending on the nature of the fundraiser, there could be many more reasons. One thing to keep handy during the fundraising period is a working phone so that they’re in contact with everyone and on top of everything. There are also ways of generating revenue for fundraisers using mobile phones as seen below:

  • Text message donations
  • Text to voice donations
  • App sales
  • Mobile website donations
  • Sponsored apps
  • In-app sales

These are some of the reasons why you would want to have your iPhone on at all times. However, as with any phone, the batteries do not last forever and begin draining power quickly. That is when you know that it is time to get a battery replacement kit. Have you ever been the chief organizer of an event such as a fund raiser and then your phone battery quickly drains before the event? It becomes a problem getting in touch with some of the invited guests, caterers and other key players. If your iPhone battery keeps draining quickly, then maybe it is time for you to get a new one.

In this day and age, almost everything in an event organizers life depends on a mobile phone. It all begins in the communication with the various parties involved, sending and receiving photos of venues and themes to coordinating last minute arrangements. A lot of research is also done on the internet, whether one is looking for guests or donors for fundraisers, or looking for and booking a venue to hold the event. An iPhone is the most convenient way to get all of these done. That means that you would want to have a phone that can keep its charge. If the battery drains too fast, it is time for you to get a replacement. You would want to go for a good battery replacement kit that will go a long way before it drains.

What are some of the things that you would look for in the iPhone 6 battery replacement kit?

  • It should have equal or better battery power than the original battery
  • It should be durable
  • It should be affordable
  • It shouldn’t bring harm to the phone
  • It should be easy to install

Before you purchase a battery replacement kit, it is important that you do a thorough review of the various products that are on offer. There are tons of different makes of battery kits on the market, and it can get pretty confusing getting the right fit for you. The best battery replacement kits have solutions for all of your iPhone battery replacement needs, and their prices come at way lower, up to $40 less, than if you were to let Apple do the replacement for you.

One advantage of is the fact that they not only offer you the different battery replacement kits for your iPhone replacements, they also guide you through a step by step process of removing the old battery and replacing it with the new one. The latest articles on the site show do it yourself replacements for the iPhones 5, 5C, 6 and 6S.

If you were to go and check out their reviews on Amazon, you would be very impressed because 90% of the users are happy with their battery replacement kits.

Features of the iPhone Battery Replacement Kits

The kit includes tools:

  • Phillips PH00 screwdriver
  • Pentalobe screwdriver
  • Suction cup
  • Plastic opening tool (spudger)
  • Battery adhesive
  • New iPhone 6 battery

Steps in Replacing the Battery Kit

Open the Phone

  • Turn off the phone as recommended by iPhone before opening up the phone
  • Optional: Place clear tape over the cracked screen
  • Using the pentalobe screw driver, unscrew the two screws that are beside the charging ports at the bottom of the phone
  • Place the suction cup against the screen and ease the front assembly away from the back
  • Using the sludger, ease the opening wider without harming the connecting cables within

Disconnect the Battery

  • Remove the two screws on the metal plate and then using tweezers, remove the metal plate
  • Disconnect the battery using the sludger

Remove the Front Assembly

  • Open the five screws connecting the front assembly to the metal plate
  • Carefully place the screws on a plate or a magnet
  • Disconnect the LCD, touch, front camera/sensor and home button connectors with the aid of the sludger
  • Take utmost care as this process could easily harm your iPhone device

Remove the Battery

  • Use a hair dryer to heat the adhesive tape holding the battery to make it loosen
  • Remove the adhesive followed by the battery

Replace the Battery and Assemble the Phone

  • Loop the adhesive tape with the sticky part on the outer side
  • Push the battery onto it
  • Put back the metal plate, ensuring that the connector cables are plugged in correctly
  • Put the battery connector and screw it in
  • Switch on the phone and ensure that everything is functioning. If not, double check the connector cables
  • join the front and back assemblies together and screw them into place

Now you know what to look for when you are looking for a solution for your iPhone. With fund raising being an important part of many people’s lives, it is important for them to make sure that their phones are always up and running.  You can now organize the fundraisers seamlessly, getting people to donate money, and all communication, voice, text or email via phone. Nowadays there are even WhatsApp groups, and you can include all the people involved in the fundraiser in a group. This way, it will be easier for all of you to communicate to each other. With a great battery replacement kit, you will no longer have to worry about your iPhone running out of juice too fast during those fund-raising organizing and events.

How to Set Up a Fundraiser When You Need Over-Sized Goods

Sometimes a simple fundraiser just won’t do the trick; chances are, you’re going to want or need some heavy equipment or over-sized goods transported while setting up the ultimate fundraiser. It’s understandable to get tired of the little stuff. But, big dreams require big transportation.

How to Set Up a Fundraiser When You Need Over-Sized Goods

Find the Provider

If your current fundraiser idea is just that, an idea that’s still in your mind, then the first place to start is finding the right provider for what you want or need. This just takes a little research into local shops and equipment renting companies, especially if you want to get the best price. So, call around. After you find your provider you can start considering the other aspects of your project, like how long you will need to rent the equipment or goods for. The length of time you need them could affect how much it will cost. 

Assess the Cost

The next step to getting your fundraiser on the way is to assess the costs, which includes renting equipment, the transportation, and renting out a venue. This takes a little bit of research. You’ll want to already know what equipment or goods you need transported, where it will be picked up from (all in the first step), about how far it needs to go and what the going rate for transportation is so that you can plan for it. To make things a bit easier on you, the planner, try starting with gecko logistics tilt tray perth, because a cost-effective and professional transportation service for over-sized goods and heavy equipment transportation service is always the best place to start.

Figure Out the Venue

The next part requires you to know where the equipment or goods will be transported to. Make sure the venue will be able to handle the goods or equipment that needs to be transported there, as well as an influx of potential donators. This may require calling the venue and asking them if there are any restrictions or regulation against what you had in mind for your extra-sized fundraiser.  Then, the last thing to consider is how long the equipment will need to remain at the venue before being returned to where it came from. You might need it for the whole project, or you may just need it to set up the project, either way the amount of time it is there could make a difference to your venue provider.  If the venue is good to go, you’re almost ready to start officially setting up your fundraiser.

Schedule the Transport

Thankfully this part of the planning is relatively easy, all you need to do is schedule the transport and check in with the venue to make sure everything is all ready to be put into motion. Things can get a little dicey if the goods are ready to be transported but not ready to be received.


Once the goods are at their destination, then you can relax. All the hard, stress inducing work is over. There is no more reasons to fret over the monumental task that you just took on, instead you can look at all your work so far and be proud of your accomplishments. Moving the big stuff is always the most stressful, now that it’s done, take a break and a breather. If you need some more tips for setting up your ultimate fundraiser try out these 10 tips.

How to Have a Successful Office Fundraiser & Donation Drive

Done well, it’s a simple, low-stretch way for organizations to help individuals in the society as well as gain recognition for community service.

Here are our tips for running a smooth office fundraiser & donation drive:

How to Have a Successful Office Fundraiser & Donation Drive

#1 Do A Little Research

Try not to stress – it won’t take long! Simply call neighborhood donation centers to perceive what things are generally required. These spots may have an overflow of a few things, however be in dire need of others. They’ll have the capacity to reveal to you which will be which so you can lead an office fundraiser drive that really benefits the group.

#2 Consider the Cost

Consider the expenses of things required and the funds of your employees. Employees who profit or have less capacity to give may feel rejected if the asked for office fundraisers are on the costly side.

#3 Determine The Logistics

You’ll require an area on location to place collection bins—ideally a spacious and high-movement zone. The bins should be unmistakable, effectively open, and obviously stamped. Furthermore, you’ll have to organize transportation of the donated things to wherever they have to go. Some donation centers might have the means to come and get things by themselves. Others may require you to deliver the merchandise to them.

#4 Promote the Donation Drive

Presently this is critical! You ought to promote the workplace fundraiser drive through your standard correspondence channels. Seven days’ notice is great. A little earlier than that notice may be better.

Once the drive is in progress, the fundraiser collection bins will probably do the limited time work for you as far as they’re clearly marked and visible. All things considered, if the due date is drawing closer and it gives the idea that relatively few employees have taken an interest, an all-inclusive update email or declaration might improve the situation in your favor. Procrastination is normal, and if employees aren’t cautioned that they’re practically out of time, they may miss their window of chance.

#5 Make Things Easier for Your Employees

Try and make the situation easier on your employees. Offer them with some helping materials as well as try and opt for truck air conditioning Perth from Chamberlains Auto Electrics to make sure that your employees feel comfortable in the truck that they will be traveling in for the purpose of the fundraiser & donation drive.

#6 Don’t Make It Mandatory

A few employees may pick not to take an interest. That is alright. Try not to single anybody out in light of their level of interest.

#7 Build Up Your Team

Take the workplace fundraiser drive as a chance to fabricate fellowship among your employees. Give them an aggregate objective, empower them en route, and a short time later let them know how well they did.

#8 Say Thank You!

Thank everybody who gave or generally partook in the drive. Individuals get a kick out of the chance to be appreciated for what they’ve done, regardless of the possibility that the acknowledgment wasn’t their inspiration. What’s more, make sure to share any criticism you get from the donation center or others in the group.

Here are a few tips for arranging a fundraiser event.

Raise Funds by Selling Superfood Mixes

Raising funds is always a good idea, whether you are doing it to help people in need or to help yourself get on in life.  There are a lot of different ways to raise funds.  Some of the most common fund raising ideas include selling arts and crafts.  But people can only buy that much arts and crafts.  Lately everyone is trying to live a healthier and more natural lifestyle which gives fund raisers the perfect opportunity to start earning money from health products.

Raise Funds by Selling Superfood Mixes

Go with maca powder

Maca powder is known as a superfood because this powder contains lots of minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and more and the powder also contains lots of vitamins like Vitamin B, C and D.  When you consume maca powder you improve your general health because all of the vitamins and minerals promote a healthy immune system.  You also stay younger for longer and the powder is great for improving your mood and gives you an energy boost.  By selling this superfood in ready to make mixes you can raise a lot of money and you are helping people stay healthier.

Where to shop maca powder

Maca powder is available online.  You can shop this superfood from by simply clicking on the following link;  This Amazon seller also gives you the opportunity to get a great discount by subscribing. And if you are good at gardening then you can even give growing your own maca root a try.

Superfood mixes you can sell

There are tons of delicious health recipes you can make from maca powder and Pinterest is a great site to scout for some terrific ideas for mixes. You can combine ingredients and make delicious easy to mix packs that you can sell online, from health shops and in health spas.  Some of the top superfood mixes that you can make are;

Smoothie mixes – Make smoothie mixes that people can make easily by simply adding coconut or almond milk.  You can make different flavors of maca smoothie mixes such as mocha maca smoothie, cinnamon and maca smoothie, peanut butter maca smoothie and much more.

Healthy hot chocolate – Hot chocolate does not have to be fattening or unhealthy.  You can make hot chocolate mixes that is low in sugar or fats and contain maca powder for the ultimate healthy hot winter drink.

Green tea mixes – Make and sell your own health green tea mixes by combining maca powder with green tea.  Maca green tea is great for detoxing and for improving general health.

Maca cookie mix – Maca can also be added to baked goods.   You can make and sell health cookies that contain maca powder or you can sell maca cookie mix that people can bake for themselves.

Maca muffin mixes – Lots of people love to bake their own fresh muffins from easy to bake muffin mixes.  You can also combine maca powder and other healthy ingredient and sell these mixes so people can bake quick and healthy breakfasts that contain everything they need to stay energized and refreshed throughout the day.

Raise Funds for These Wedding Extravagances

You only get a few rare occasions where you can truly be extravagant.  Some get more of these occasions than others because their parents can afford massive birthday and graduation parties.  But most people only get one occasion to truly shine and that is their wedding day.  If you miss out on making your wedding day truly spectacular then you probably won’t get a chance to be the star of a fine and glistening event ever again. Saving up and raising funds for a glorious wedding is definitely worth every bit of energy, time and work that you are going to put in.  With enough funds and effort your wedding can be truly remarkable and filled with unforgettable memories.

Raise Funds for These Wedding Extravagances

Extravagant musts for your wedding

There are a lot of fantastic and fun ideas to make weddings a lot more interesting and glorious.  These extras might be expensive and it might take a lot of effort to raise the cash for luxury extras but in the end you will get so much more from your super special day. Here are just a few ideas that are definitely worth raising funds for.

Wedding Limousine – If you want to travel in style on your special day then a wedding limousine is a must. Limousine Royalty is a limo hire firm where you can book ultimately luxury limousines for your special day.  The glorious 20-seater Hummer Limousine, 10-seater 300c Chrysler limousine and 16-seater H2 Hummer limousine are just a few of the terrific limousines that you can get for your wedding day.  These limousines will enable you and all of your bridesmaids to enjoy a luxury ride to your wedding after which you, the groom and a bunch of friends can drift through the city and have fun for the rest of the evening.

International honeymoon – What better way to kick off the marriage life than with a bit of adventure?  An international honeymoon is one of the best honeymoon trips for which you can start raising funds because you get to see so much, learn new things, explore and have the time of your life while you get to know one another better.

That dress! – That dress that you have been dreaming off is definitely worth saving up for.  With the perfect wedding dress you will be much more confident and you will look absolutely radiant on all of your wedding photos.

The wedding – Of course your wedding itself will cost quite a lot, depending on your location, food and guest list.  With enough funds for your wedding you can invite more guests and afford more luxuries like a gorgeous wedding cake and a better or more exciting venue that will make your wedding more extravagant.

Live performer – You can definitely invest in a live performer for your wedding if you truly want to awe your guests.  A local band or artist is a much better solution than hiring a DJ for your wedding because live performances just gives that extra special touch to your wedding.

Choosing the right caterer for your fundraising event

Hosting a fundraising event is quite a challenge. You will need to keep everything in order at all times which is hard considering you will have an array of guests attending. If you decide to host a dinner event you may need to take time to choose your caterer wisely. Your guests will always remember the meals that they have at your event so it is important to make a good impression. You need to realize that every bit of your event will influence their decision to attend any future events. As the host of the event you would need to understand that preparation is the key factor. There are many venues that have restrictions on catering service. You might even be limited to the venue’s catering service.

Choosing the right caterer for your fundraising event

If you aren’t limited by your venue and you have many choices to choose from it would be best for you to keep notes on what you have experienced and learnt by trying out different catering companies. There is going to be a lot of detail in tasting and presentation. You don’t want to miss a thing while finding the right fit for you. Read more about different cultural dishes. The first thing you should do is list your needs. This will allow you to determine which companies are available to provide you with service on your required day. You will also be able to pinpoint if they are in close proximity of the venue. Look into various other factors like how many guests will be attending and the theme that you are going to include if you are going to theme the event. Take a look at Doomies for some delicious and cost efficient food inspiration that will keep your vegan guests happy with a variety to choose from. This restaurant promotes and delivers vegan comfort food which is something important for you to look at. You don’t just want to limit what you serve.

The next and probably the most important point to look at is your budget. This will greatly affect the choice you make when it comes to choosing a catering company. Once you have decided on a company that is the right fit for you it is important to inform them of the budget that you have available for the event. Negotiate certain items on the menu and see if you can arrange a discount. Some catering companies are actually pretty accommodating depending on how many guests will need to be served. Click here to learn more about negotiation skills that you will always be able to use. After deciding on the price you and your chosen catering company will need to decide on the menu. In most instances you will be presented with different choices for each course. Find general choices that everyone will like. As the host you need to realize that you won’t be able to keep everyone happy and that there will always be a negative guest that will complain about the food.

Fundraising Ideas for Every Season

If you are attached to a non-profit either by position or heart, you have probably struggled with ideas for fundraising. We have all seen the same ole same ole style of selling someone else’s wares, or taking donations. However, if we really want to access more cash, we need to put some pizazz in our fundraising goals. That’s why we are providing you with fundraising ideas for every season.

Fundraising Ideas for Every Season

Before you get to planning, make sure you get a monthly calendar. Since you can print those out for free at Calendar Zoom, you should be well on your way to making money for your favorite charity or other 501c3 organization. Besides, having a calendar in hand will help you keep track of which event is next. You will always want to keep your eye on the prize and that includes knowing how to garner the most investments from your supporters.

Get Ready for a Great Fundraising Year

Some years are slower than others. Certainly the state of the economy can take its toll on fundraising endeavors. However, if you can convince your potential donors that you have the best fundraising opportunities around, you will raise more money than you expect. People are always looking for places to give money too, even if they are not doing it for the tax write off benefits. So, get ready for a great fundraising year by employing these seasonal fundraising ideas:


  • December- Try a breakfast with Santa. Make cocoa and cookies. Offer photo ops.
  • January- This is the best time to try out a calendar fundraiser, get some local artists to donate images. Learn more.
  • February- Host a Super Bowl Party with a cover charge. And don’t forget some sort of floral Valentine’s Day fundraising.


  • March- Make connections with a local pub or bar to celebrate St. Patty’s while fundraising at the same time. Set up “pots ‘o’ gold” where guests can place their donations.
  • April- Get donations a month or so in advance, of the “spring cleaning” items people will be getting rid of. Then have a shopping event. One person’s trash is another’s treasure and the money will belong to your organization.
  • May- Host a Cinco de Mayo party with a cover charge. Provide chips and salsa, hang a piñata, and provide a mariachi band. You can always mark up the costs on Mexican beer and tamales too. Read more.


  • June- Have a Father’s Day chili cook-off. May the best cooking dad win. People pay for tasting rights.
  • July- Set up a lemonade stand for the 4th of July celebrations in your town. Get more ideas here.
  • August- Try a back-to-school decorating party that lets kids make cool cookies. Charge a $1 a cookie.


  • September- Go for a beginning of the year bake sale. Get friends and local businesses to donate the goods.
  • October- Create your own charity focused pumpkin patch. Contact a local grower to see if you can work with him/her.
  • November- Use Black Friday to your advantage by setting up a beverage stands for all those thirsty shoppers. Talk to the mall administrators about setting it up at one of their entrances.

Compose your calendar accordingly. Now you have fundraising ideas for every season and every month of the year. You are sure to make more money than before if you will follow the calendar as instructed.

Tips for hosting your first Political fundraiser

It is a known fact that politicians aren’t really fond of fundraisers. They would rather network and have campaign-related speeches. There are many things that a politician needs to handle to make sure his campaign is successful and one of the most important tasks is to host fundraisers. The first thing that campaigns should handle is usually fundraising. Money is required to host events, pay staff and post TV ads. Everyone involved should help with the fundraising event. The nature of this fundraiser is not for exploitation but rather to get your message out there and gain more support.

Tips for hosting your first Political fundraiser

As mentioned above many politicians feel that fundraising is dirty or evil. This is not the case however. In order to pass your message accordingly and gain supporters you need money. You will have a lot of time to focus on issues that need to be resolved but you will need financial backing to get things done. There are candidates that don’t have the best intentions. In order to make a difference you need to get out there and gain financial and voting support. Read more about fundraising to start your campaign.

Fundraising should be everyone that is involved in your campaign’s job. Your staff and volunteers can get involved and should realize how important it is. First and foremost the candidate should get involved in every fundraising event. If everyone gets involved your chances of hosting a successful fundraising event is much stronger. Schedule the dates for fundraising and make sure everyone is informed. The lion’s share of the workload and involvement should be up to the candidate. People will give you money because they believe in you. Give them a good enough reason to feel confident in investing in you.

It is important to understand that the race that you are in as a politician will need your full commitment. If you hold rallies, get out there and get noticed you will notice how money just comes in. People won’t necessarily give unless they are asked to give. So you would need to ask. Be clear about what you will be needed the funds for and what you are going to use it for. Honesty goes a long way. Take a look at Philly 3.0 for an example of a committee that have members that are completely qualified in the art of business and that dedicate their time to making Philly a better place for everyone to live in. By following examples like this you will get noticed as an honest and loyal politician.

The most important thing to remember that if no one knows about you your campaign won’t be successful so realize that this is a time to network. Tell as many people as you can who you are and why you should be supported. Believe in your cause to make them believe in the validity of it. Take time to learn more about networking and make sure that your name is on everyone’s lips. Cold call at first and then find your network of regulars. Click here to read more about networking as a politician.

Organizations That You Can Support With Fundraisings

Some people are incredibly good at fundraising and they love the challenges, activities and work involved in fundraising so much that they simply cannot wait for the next big opportunity.  There are so many organizations that can benefit from fundraising and support and each of these organizations are as important to your community as the air you breathe is.  Most of these not-for-profit organizations rely on the support of people who love to raise funds.  If you are one of those exceptional people with a flair for raising funds then there is no more reason for you to be bored or wait for the next big event.  You can raise funds at any given moment or lend your support to any of these organizations who would love your assistance;


Foundation for Defense of Democracies

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies or FDD as they are also known probably won’t benefit from financial support but they can definitely do with bit of support. If you are good at fundraising then you are probably also good at creating awareness for organizations in need of help.  The FDD is one of the best organizations for which you can create awareness because they are constantly protecting you from terrorism and inhuman actions. The FDD’s main role is to investigate relationships between America and other countries as well as to analyze circumstances of people in other countries so they can advise governments to make the right choices.  They are also constantly involved in negotiations and projects which helps promote peace.

The World Food Program USA

This not-for-profit organization does exactly as their name implies.  They fight hunger across the globe.  The organization offers food assistance, HIV/AIDS assistance, school meals and does what they can to strengthen communities as well as a lot of other wonderful things.  They know no boundaries when it comes to race or location and they are constantly creating awareness for people in need.  You can get involved by spreading the word or donating your fundraisings to them so more people can go to bed with filled bellies.

Defense of Wildlife

Every time a building is built, there is less space for natural wildlife.  More and more species are facing extinction each and every year.  The Defense of Wildlife is an organization that is in desperate need of fundraisings and donations because they are saving species and helping animals all over the world.  They help animals by creating awareness and by creating space and living places for animals that have nowhere else to go. The best part is that the donations are tax deductible.

Food and Water Watch

They say that the next world war will be fought over water.  By supporting the Food and Water Watch you could be preventing a world war because this organization is constantly trying to find solutions for food and water in areas where scarcities are surfacing.  They are also frequently launching campaigns to create awareness for food productive organizations that requires support and encouragement.