Is It Ok To Raise Funds For Buying A Car?

Most people associate fund raising with not-for-profit organizations.  But you can actually use fund raising to get yourself in a better position or out of trouble as well.  The only true requirement for fund raising is being honest with people.  As long as people are aware what their donations are used for, you can ask for donations for anything you like.  And yes, you can raise funds to buy a car.  An own car can make the difference between getting a job and not getting it and will enable you to help yourself and others so you can be more independent.  A lot of people would only be too happy to give you a bit of assistance so you can enjoy a better life, especially if they can one day see how their support is helping you help others.

Is It Ok To Raise Funds For Buying A Car?

Vehicle fund raising ideas

There are so many ideas for fund raising. You can do just about anything to raise funds for your car’s deposit.  You can sell cookies, food or crafts.  You can do handyman jobs in return for cash or you can start washing cars to raise funds for your own car.  The possibilities are endless and there are plenty of ideas that won’t cost you much.

Tips for getting a more affordable car

If you are asking for donations for buying a car then you probably shouldn’t go for the most expensive luxurious car you can find because those who helped you can feel like they were being used.  Here are some tips for getting a more affordable car;

  • Don’t buy brand new

New cars lose a lot of value the moment they are driven.  Just a few miles on the clock can easily drop the value of a car by thousands of dollars. Buy a good quality second hand car.

  • Buy from a dealer

Yes, you can probably get a much cheaper car by buying in person but these cheaper cars can mean a lot of trouble for you.  An automotive SEO is a much better solution because these car dealers do proper inspections on the vehicles, they do repairs on vehicles, and proper cleaning and they put the secondhand vehicles through a roadworthy test before you come along for the sale.  By the time you buy the car, it is almost practically brand new.

  • Find out what the market value is

Before you buy a car you should do some research to see what the market value is of that particular model.  That way you can ensure that you won’t be paying too much.

  • Look for a car with a low running and maintenance cost

Find a car that is fuel efficient and affordable to service so you can afford to take good care of your car.

  • Do proper inspections

You should inspect your car properly for flaws.  Check the interior and exterior for accidents or rust and check the engine for leaks or strange noises.

  • Get a loan

You are probably not going to raise enough funds for a cash sale.  Get a loan for the outstanding amount so you can enjoy a good quality car and a better lifestyle.

Choosing the right location for your fundraising event

Organizing an event for fundraising purposed can be fun but also incredibly stressful. It is important to confront all the decisions that you have to face which can include the theme that you will be choosing. Also look at various other factors like how much you have available to spend. This is obviously dependent on how many sponsors you have and what you would need to pay for out of pocket. The great thing is that you are doing it for a good cause. Location is incredibly important and it can change the outcome of your event completely. With things to consider like your budget, how many people will attend and the type of event that you are hosting you would really need to look around to find the ideal location for your fundraiser.

Choosing the right location for your fundraising event

The convenience of the location is incredibly important because you would want the donors that are attending to easily be able to reach your event. You might have a few guests arriving from out of state which means you would need to consider the alternative cost that would be required to get them to your function. It will therefore be best for you to find a location close to the airport or near any form of transportation. When choosing your location you would also need to take a look at the type of event that you are hosting. If for example you choose to host a masked ball you need to have sufficient space for dancing and if your plan is to go for a more casual option like a bowling evening you need to find a bowling alley. So it is incredibly important to find the venue that fits your theme. Read more about fundraising themes here.

As previously mentioned cost is important. If your budget is rather limited you may find a venue that will not cost you an arm and a leg but note that with budget venues there might be issues with mold or other water damage problems. Your guests will not be very impressed with a moldy smell or look at your event. Take a look at mold remediation Kansas City if you are in need of the best 24 hour mold testing and removal services. This is something that you want to deal with beforehand to avoid any embarrassing situations.

It is also important to make sure that your chosen venue has the capacity to host all guests that are attending your function. If the venue does not have a great ambience you can invest in decorations and turn it into a suitable venue for your chosen theme. Get people involved to help you and try and keep within your budget. Click here to get ideas about decorating a venue for a function. Another very important thing to look out for is the acoustics of the venue, especially if you are considering a dance theme. You want that concert-hall effect for your guests.

Ways to Get Rid Of Charity Spungers

There are lots of different types of charity enthusiasts out there. Some people are generous with money.  Others don’t have money but give by working for charity. Others go above and beyond by lending effort and financial support.  Others are influencers who generate response and interest by sharing charity events on their pages.  But then you get charity spungers.  These are the type of charity workers who only join in on the work so they can be seen.  They never actually do anything productive but are always on all of the front pages.  They are there to receive a free meal or some freebees for their efforts but they never actually help with anything.  Charity spungers are bad for your organization because they create the illusion that your team is not working quite as hard as they are and these spungers are costing your organization money instead of raising money.  It is time to rid your organization of charity spungers so you can be more profitable.

Give them work to do

The quickest way to get rid of a lazy person is to actually give them something to do.  They will tell you they are eager to do it and vanish into thin air.  Start delegating some of your duties on the next big charity event so they won’t pitch just to get free entry or freebees.

Don’t inform them of events

Stop informing these spungers of your events.  They don’t do anything profitable and they help with nothing which means they are more of a distraction than a benefit.  Try to exclude them so they will miss the entire event.

Stop giving them freebees

Stop supplying people who don’t help with free entrance, meals, snacks, drinks or free promotional items.  If they get nothing out of the deal they might stop attending your events.

Talk to them

Sometimes people cannot see what they are doing unless you tell them from your point of view.  Try to corner the charity sponger and tell them that they are being unproductive.

Ways to Get Rid Of Charity Spungers

Send a message via confetti mail bomb

If none of the above is working then you are either dealing with an idiot or someone who is doing it for the fame.  A great way to get back at these charity spungers without putting yourself at risk of being sentenced is to send a glitter bomb.  These glitter bombs are perfect for spiting people you don’t like because they will explode in the hands of those who open them and send glitter all over the room.  Glitter is one of the hardest things to clean off.  Glitter will get into your hair, your nose, your clothes, couches and just about anywhere else.  It’s incredibly hard to clan off glitter.  You can also add a personalized message to the glitter bomb and inform the charity sponger that you seriously do not want their help anymore.  The glitter bombs can even be sent completely anonymously if you want to keep some form of relationship between you and the charity sponger.

Fundraise More Effectively by Caring for Yourself

Fundraising isn’t an easy activity. You have to talk to different people, draw attention to your cause, and often put in long hours simply to further your message. When you are passionate about a cause, it is easy to neglect yourself in favor of giving your time to the fundraising effort. However, failing to care for yourself can have consequences that not only affect you but also impact your effectiveness as a fundraiser.

To help you stay on top of your game, here are some key areas in which you should care for yourself. Your cause and your health will thank you.

Fundraise More Effectively by Caring for Yourself

Get Your Sleep

A lack of sleep has many negative side effects. Your central nervous system, including your brain, do not function as well without enough sleep. Not only will you feel sleepy in general, but you will also have more difficulty regulating your emotions while suffering from impaired cognitive function. Your immune system may also be affected, making it easier for you to fall ill. Some people compensate for the lack of sleep by eating more to maintain their energy. While this may work for a while, it can bring on extra weight, which is not ideal.

None of these side effects are helpful to your fundraising campaign. You can’t afford to be distracted or short-tempered when you are pursuing an important cause. Make sure you get around eight hours of sleep every night to keep your brain working properly.

Stop and Exercise

Unless your fundraising technique is particularly physical, you’re likely skipping time at the gym to focus on your current efforts. Failing to remain physically active can certainly lead to weight gain, especially if you are eating more due to lack of sleep. It can also cause you to lose muscle mass and may make it harder to sleep when you do get the chance.

In contrast, exercising can combat a variety of health conditions while controlling your weight. You may also sleep more soundly and experience reduced stress levels. Physical activity can help improve your mood and can fight the symptoms of depression and anxiety. You will also experience an energy boost that can last well beyond when your workout it was done.

Take a Break and Relax

Taking time to relax is also important. Everyone’s life needs time spent on activities you find enjoyable. This can include spending time with friends and family, watching your favorite movie, or taking some time to participate in a hobby. In some cases, exercise can also be relaxing if you enjoy the activity. Gardening and hiking can provide both a benefit for relaxation as well as increasing the amount of exercise you have completed during the day.

People who take the time to relax are less susceptible to disease and are better equipped to manage daily stresses. They also tend to have a more healthy weight and better general health.

Add a Boost

Sometimes you need a little help to get back to your normal self. Products like VigRX Plus Amazon can help you reclaim some of your energy and virility without having to see a doctor for a prescription. Better yet, find a VigRX Plus coupon code for even more savings. Sometimes we all need a little help to get back in gear, and it is perfectly acceptable to take that help if you need it. Your fundraising campaign is counting on you, so check into all of your options.

How You Can Put the ‘Fun’ In Fundraising

You need to keep your fundraising fun. Here are a few ways you can make fundraising a good time for everybody included including appreciation, parties, pictures, fun prizes, and that’s just the beginning. Fun fundraisers deliver incredible results!  To get the most out of any fundraiser, each member needs to give their everything all the way. This includes your colleagues, guardians, mentors, and different volunteers.

How You Can Put the ‘Fun’ In Fundraising

Do fun things

Try not to make it drudgery to be a volunteer or a member. Keep in mind that they’re giving up their available time to offer assistance. Arrange fun things to do amid every phase of the procedure that will compensate everybody. Not just will it be an all the more rewarding and memorable experience for everybody included, except you will keep your members and volunteers energetic for the fundraisers to come in the future. Also, we all know there will be another within the near future! Ensure they recall the fun, not only the hard work

Offer some fun incentives

Offer a Cream Pie Attack gathering to all dealers or members achieving a specific level. Have a ton of fun day where key hierarchical figures do entertaining things for meeting objectives. Extreme cases include shaving their heads or coloring their hair blue. Some more secure, easier to achieve cases could include wearing an entertaining wig, dressing like a comedian, setting up a kissing booth and so on. Be creative and carry out an idea that would be suitable to your group or audience. Children and grown-ups love these sorts of motivating incentives and they don’t put a strain on your budget either.

Take fun pictures

Everyone loves to see themselves in a photo. Take a lot of real to life shots. Have everyone stand together and take a memorable group shot of the entire team. Make certain to post them where everybody can appreciate them. You could even reward your photos with prizes for the best grin, the goofiest posture, or the best dressed person in the picture. Request that volunteers take pictures all through the fundraising activities that are carried out so there will be a variety of photographs and you can make sure that everybody will be included and no one will feel left out.

If you want to take it one step further, you could have some videos made all throughout the activities and then at the end of the fundraiser you can put together a video montage that will not only serve as an appreciation but will also highlight everyone’s efforts. One way to do this is to use a drone camera to get the perfect aerial view of all ongoing activities. You can easily control where you want the drone to go to get video coverage according to your requirements. Make sure that you get the good drone in terms of quality, pricing and value.

Always appreciate

Express your gratitude to all levels of your association and supporter base. Make sure to do fun things that aren’t fundraising related. For example, give treats to volunteers amid working sessions, go out as a team to different social events or reward the most hard working members with different prizes.

Fundraising for a House

That might seem like a big expectation. But, there are people online right now asking for other people to help them raise the funds to buy a house. With the advent of organizations like GoFundMe, it is no surprise that people are seeking free money for a wide array of endeavors. What is probably more surprising, is the fact that there are people who seek to raise funds to give away a house. Learn more about it as you continue reading.

Perhaps you are in the market for Canadian log homes. The kind that comes from a family business with over 35 years of experience would probably draw your attention. And, no doubt, you would want the option to be able to discuss your own floorplans. You would welcome the ability to choose between a standard cabin design and a luxury home. That rustic look truly appeals to you, but you are not certain how you can fund that dream. Fundraising might be your answer!

Fundraising for a House

The House Raffle

House raffles allow the winners to receive a new home, have the money to build a home, or receive a home that has been donated. House raffles can raise big bucks. Maybe somewhere near a million dollars for the nonprofit group sponsoring the event.

Think about the House of Dreams Charity Raffle that has been in existence for over 20 years. They raise millions of dollars for Operation Support Our Troops each year. It’s sold as the chance to win your dream home but really, the winner gets the money necessary to build the home. If we’re being honest, it’s a lottery system. But think about how much money the lottery makes annually!

In Naperville, Illinois, the Rotary Club sells 40,000 tickets at $100 each. That means they raise $4 million dollars. They only spend $1.3m on the winning dream home, which means they hand the winner the money to seek out his/her own builder or do what they will with the money. This means the club is able to use the other $2.7 million for their own endeavors. That’s a lot of money, folks!

It’s Not that Hard

Since there really isn’t a house being raffled off, the set up for this type of fundraiser is just like any other raffle. You choose the amount of tickets that must be sold in order to have a successful event. Once that number has been achieved, you draw the winning ticket and hand over the money promised. Then your organization can do as it sees fit with the remaining proceeds. It’s incredible when you really think about it.

As long as your organization is prepared to follow all the state and federal guidelines for operating a raffle of that size, there really shouldn’t be any trouble. And, since you never have to produce a home, just the money to buy it with, your main concern will be figuring out how to sell that many tickets! Keep reading about hosting a raffle.

Personal Fundraising

We looked at a potential house fundraiser for your non-profit, but we’d like to point you to a couple of people who are personally seeking assistance fundraising for their own homes. You can help them if you are so inclined:

  • Hannah Chin- A mother of three children. Learn more here.
  • Tina Johnson- Mother of a hearing impaired little girl. Read their story by clicking this.
  • Jess Bertram- Surgeries have left her unable to keep up with the bills. Help her.

If you can make a difference in the lives of these individuals, please consider doing so.

Top Ways to Inform Every One of Your Fund Raising Mission

Everyone and anyone can start raising funds for charity and be completely successful if they only reach enough people.  Hannah Taylor was just five years old when she started raising charity and by the time she was eight she had her own foundation – The Ladybug Foundation – which helps people on the street.  Alex Scott started Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation when she was just four years old. She had been battling cancer since one years of age and has raised more than $75 million thus far.  Craig Kielburger was twelve years old when he started the Free The Children foundation which aids children who are exploited by adults and used for child labor.   If kids can make a difference in the world then adults sure can too.  It is time to reach out into the world and to transform your dimply little fund raising organization into a mass and successful not-for-profit company by promoting the right way.

Top Ways to Inform Every One of Your Fund Raising Mission

Promote on various platforms

Most people can be reached on social media.  This is probably where you can generate the most support and awareness for your organization but you should also use other resources to your disposal.  Try to get newspapers, magazines and popular blogs to share your story.  The more people who know about your efforts the more help and income you will generate.

Remember to keep a database

It is important to keep a database of contact details to everyone who has ever assisted you in some way. These individuals have already shown that they are willing to assist you with your organization and they are very likely to continue supporting you through the years.  You should try to get a contact number and email address to as many people and companies as possible.

Keep everyone engaged and up to date with Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is a terrific way to inform everyone of anything major that is happening in your organization.  You can instantly reach everyone on your database and notify them of people in terrible need of support so you can increase your funds in these times.  With SMS marketing you will also be supplying your supporters with your contact details so they can locate your company easily for donations or support.  You will also market your organization much better since everyone always has their phones with them and can easily see what you need and what you are up to.

Why radio stations are gold for fundraising

Radio shows are one of the best ways to reach people because they will listen to your story live while on their way to work.  Radio broadcasters reach thousands of people from miles away.  They also are terrific for getting people to actually commit because everyone loves to call in and get voiced on the air while they show their support.  The radio show will generate you much more sympathy and they can help you raise much more money for your organization or fund raising endeavor.

How to Start a Charity for the Homeless

You may be determined to make it happen but you have to be prepared. Starting a charity for the homeless is not an easy thing to do. The homeless are a bit hard to deal with because they do not trust the motives of the people around them even if they are already being helped, some of them may find reasons to scrutinize and become overly critical of the things that are being done for them.

How to Start a Charity for the Homeless

If you are weak and you do not have the determination to continue, it will be easy to just give up and quit but if you truly want to help and make a difference in this world, you can do your best to find success in helping other people.

All over the world, different things are being done to make people more socially aware. If you are an avid reader of Foundation for Defense of Democracies then you are familiar with the things that are happening around the world. Some of the things that you are going to read there can be a bit frightening because it makes you wonder what has happened to the world. Yet, there are also some stories there that will warm your heart and will inspire you to help other people in the process.

The problem with starting a charity is always the lack of funds. Money does not grow on trees and you cannot just pluck them and use them whenever you please. You really have to raise money in order to provide the help that the homeless need.

Starting A Non Profit Organization

In order to create a charity for the homeless, you would need to start a non profit organization. To start this, you would need money, an attorney and proof that you are not hoping to gain profit from the organization that you have created.

If you have already fixed everything that you need and your organization is in place, you can start providing the help that the homeless need. Here are a few tips that can make helping easier:

  • Make a decision regarding how you are going to help. Do you want to provide food so they will never go hungry? Perhaps you would like to help those who are determined to find the right jobs. Know what you want to focus on so that you will know what to do.
  • Start with small tasks. Remember that the homeless may not always trust the people around them. They may begin to feel that they are being used. You need to show them first that you are sincere so they will begin to feel that your intentions are pure.
  • Try your best to be consistent. If you would like to get the trust of the people that you are going to be with, it is best that you will consistently help. Even if you make big efforts in the beginning, these things will not matter if you would not follow through with the things you promised.

Remember that you can rely on other sources in order to provide the type of help that you feel the homeless will need. Do not make the mistake of only relying on your own source because if you lack funds and items, then you will not be consistent.

Ways You Can Improve Hospital Fundraising Efforts

The first thing that comes to our mind whenever we fell sick or ill is the doctor. We look for symptoms and remedies online, just like Doctor Dave explains it here. And where can doctors be found? At clinics and hospitals. Just as much as a hospital serves you, it is also your responsibility to give back to hospitals whether it is through making donations or volunteering in their fundraising efforts.

Ways You Can Improve Hospital Fundraising Efforts

Trying to get more out of your fundraising efforts at the hospital? Follow these tips for effective results.

  1. Bigger institutions are more effective. Bigger organizations with higher clinical care incomes have been better able to manage proficient and fundraising during times of recession. “In a major organization, there is more diversity in the number of ways, ideas and varieties that can be used for the process of fundraising.
  2. It costs more to raise money in tough times. Since individuals have less cash to give amid a recession, it costs more to raise similar measure of cash. As a result of this a greater number of fundraising staff is needed to raise the amount of money.
  3. Try not to lay off fundraising staff. Laying off staff implies discarding individual relations with contributors that have been carefully worked throughout the years. You have an interest in the relationship they constructed and you must make every possible effort to preserve it.
  4. You require 7-10 individuals in direct fundraising. An immediate staff of four and extra staff of two is the most widely recognized staffing blend that human resources has proposed. The ideal level of direct raising support staff is by all accounts from 7-10, yet when direct staffing levels achieve 11 or more, net returns start to level off because of the increased recruitment and expansion costs of bigger staff sizes.
  5. Concentrate on significant gifts and arranged giving. Hospitals now focus on major gifts instead of lots of smaller gifts because the smaller gifts end up adding a lot more to the cost. Fundraising programs that focus on major gifts as well as properly arranged and planned giving tend to be more successful.
  6. Look to people, not partnerships. Reports indicate that 84-86 percent of all donations originate from people, not organizations or establishments. In any case, corporate and establishment support is more noteworthy in children’ hospitals, academic institutions and research hospitals.
  7. Follow up after a capital campaign. A capital campaign, concentrating on a particular objective, is the best type of raising money, however establishments ought to keep up the energy even after the goal has been achieved. Keep in touch with donors and catch up with another campaign. If you walk away from it, you might lose some great opportunities and contacts.
  8. Community events have the most elevated ROI. The most elevated returns on investment originate from volunteer-facilitated occasions, for example, fundraising get-together and community‐based runs, walks and biking.
  9. Hidden benefits can be found in big events. Huge occasions, for example, affairs, meals, and form appears, take up a great deal of staff work and other unaccounted costs, which can undoubtedly surpass the gifts that you can get out of it. Be that as it may, such occasions have long haul advantages, for example, a higher group profile for the hospital and acquiring more changeless benefactors.

Fundraising for Clean Water

There is enough water on this planet for everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the clean variety. In the United States we have been infinitely blessed to have access to clean water daily. And because of that position, we should share our significant abundance by helping organizations that utilize fundraising for clean water provision.

Surely, we could aid them by providing water filter systems, but if we don’t first help them get the wells to reach the water, there will be little use for those systems. The organizations on the list to follow are doing all they can to raise the funds necessary to aid people in dire situations. We can contribute to their endeavors too. Just visit this site for more information,

Fundraising for Clean Water

4 Organizations that Raise Funds for Clean Water

As we write this, Hurricane Matthew is devastating Haiti and the Bahamas on its way to Florida. The people there will be left without access to power and possibly without access to clean water. Organizations like the ones on this list are designed to aid in natural disasters and in areas where clean water is not readily available. Consider contributing to their programs:

  1. Waves for Water– This organization works with strategic partners and world leaders who are focused on making global changes. They claim that their mission is simple: getting clean water to everyone. Jon Rose founded the organization in 2009 with the idea of enabling travelers to make a difference in the places they visited. The idea was that they would carry water filters in their luggage via the Clean Water Couriers program (read more). This has enabled them to impact the lives of over 7 million people in 27 countries.
  2. The Water Project– This organization provides new wells, rehabbed wells, rainwater catchment systems, sand dams, and spring protections to villages, medical establishments, and schools in sub-Saharan Africa. They believe that while water doesn’t change everything, people do, and therefore they are in need of partners to support their goals. They use local involvement to make significant impacts in Kenya, Uganda, and Sierra Leone. Learn more.
  3. H2O For Life– They focus on the education, inspiration, and engagement of young people for the purpose of encouraging them to become globally active. Service learning projects help students understand the water crisis worldwide. Founded by a Minnesota middle school teacher, Patty Hall, in 2007, they used water walks, t-shirt, and wristband sales to fund their action plans to help a small village in Kenya. Continue reading that story by clicking this.
  4. Living Water International– This group is seeking to help people experience the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the “Living Water.” The group started in 1990 thanks to some Houston, Texas residents who traveled to Kenya and saw, first hand, the need for clean drinking water. They wanted to help others become the hands and feet of Jesus by helping the poorest of the poor. They trained Kenyan drillers and other local entities to enable them to better care for their own communities. Their story is available by following the link here.

Clean water is essential for life. The people who are being aided by those raising funds for clean water provision have been faced with reprehensible conditions. They live on less than a dollar a day and often travel long distances to obtain water that makes them ill. Help these organizations change lives.