Fundraising with a difference

There are various ways to raise funds and most of the time people use traditional and conventional methods that are tried and tested and expected. What if you can raise funds by using a less traditional method that is more interactive and educational for your guests? There are so many forms of art creation that you can launch a fundraiser where people actually learn how make something and then auction the completed pieces off for charity. The idea of learning a new skill will be exciting part for your guests and they will help the less fortunate at the same time. It is simple, start by involving experts in the art that you want to teach, invite guests and charge them a fee for learning something they have never done before. Here are a few ideas to help you decide which classes should be featured.

Fundraising with a difference


This creative way of using rope and string to make designs is a fun and interactive art form that will be a great skill to feature at your fundraiser. By involving someone that has experience with the different knots and designs to teach your guests they will be sure to make a gorgeous project that they can choose to sell or keep. Click here for some great Macramé designs.

Paper Mache

Another beautiful and easy art form to teach at your fund raiser is the art of turning scraps of paper into a beautiful piece of art. Your guests will thoroughly enjoy learning how to make their masterpieces with Paper Mache and once again can choose if they want to sell the items or keep it.


Beading seems like a simple thing to do but a specialist at beading can teach your guests to make more intricate designs for example a beaded key ring or bookmark. This is a simple and convenient way to learn something creative. Click here for some great beading designs.

Plasma Art

Probably one of the most sought after type of art skills that you can present at your event, plasma art will make quite an impression on your guests.  For this one you should definitely feature someone that knows what they are doing and that is aware of the safety precautions that need to be adhered to. To do this you might want to look at the review of the hypertherm powermax 45, a great handheld or CNC plasma cutter that can be used to teach this creative art.


This form of art is one of the oldest but there are countless people that don’t know how to do it. You can feature a specialist in the field to teach people how to successfully embroider and form part of ancient traditions. This one is usually a winner and very popular for people to learn as they can practice this art form at home without needing any expensive materials or tools. They can also decide if they want to sell their creations or add it to the auction.

Prepare Yourself for Public Speaking at Your Fundraising Event

A fear of public speaking is very common amongst the population, and can even prevent people from fully realizing their goals.  If your dreams require you to speak to others in order to raise funds for your venture, building up the confidence necessary it a key to your success.

If you are looking for ways to fight your fear of public speaking, consider the following tips and tricks that can be worth a try.

Prepare Yourself for Public Speaking at Your Fundraising Event

Acknowledge it is Okay to Not Be Perfect

A portion of your anxiety may be focused on the idea of a perfect presentation.  Rarely is anyone perfect, even some of the most talented, and sought after speakers make mistakes.  Give yourself permission to have a less than perfect performance, and see if you don’t relax a bit.

Plan, Prepare, Practice

The more familiar you are with the material, the easier it will be to present it.  Make sure that your notes and slides, if you plan to use them, are organized and well labeled.  Rehearse your speech multiple times.  If you can go through the material with a test audience, take the opportunity to learn from their input, and use it to make the presentation better.

Practice Deep Breathing or Relaxation Techniques

For a few days before your presentation, make sure you take time to relax and rejuvenate.  This can include making an extra effort to get enough sleep, as well as to participate in leisure activities.  Work on various deep breathing exercises that you can bring with you when it is time to make your presentation.  Use the techniques at regular intervals to help maintain a feeling of calm from beginning to end.

Don’t Focus on the Audience

While you can’t just look down at your notes, that does not mean you have to be overly aware of the audience.  Instead of focusing on them, concentrate on the material you are covering.  Instead of making direct eye contact with audience members to create a connection, choose a few key points throughout the room near audience members and use those points instead.

Consider a Program

There are numerous programs available online that are designed to help people boost their confidence.  If you are considering a more in-depth program, check out the Hypnotica Collection of Confidence review as a starting point, and continue your search from there.

Join a Group

There are a variety of professional groups that help people work on their public speaking skills.  Toastmasters is a notable one, and operates as a non-profit with local chapters throughout the country.  Not only do they assist with speaking, they also focus some efforts on the development of leadership skills.

See a Professional

If you have taken the above steps and are still unable to participate in a public speaking activity, it may be best to seek the help of a mental health professional, such as a therapist that focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy.  They may be able to help you explore the source of the issue more effectively, allowing you to work past in over time.  Additionally, a medical doctor may be able to prescribe medications to help calm your nerves while you learn new techniques for managing your anxiety.

With time and dedication, you will likely be able to overcome your fear, and make sure that nothing holds you back from pursuing your dream.

Why You Should Be Raising Funds for Atec Courses

When your parents asked you what you wanted to be when you grow up you probably always chose something exciting like becoming a police officer or fireman or perhaps you chose something you knew your parents would be proud off like a doctor or a pilot.  Now that you are all grown up you realize just how different the real world can be from the dream world.  You suddenly realize that being a cop means a dangerous job on an average salary.  You realize that being a doctor means a lot of sacrifices when it comes to family time and  being a pilot has a lot of unemployment risks since there is only that many spaces available.  When you are all grown up, jobs that you never even considered such as a job in construction or in mining is becoming more and more of the ultimate dream job due to all of their benefits such as good working hours, security and a good salary.  If you want to get into one of these dreamy positions then it is time to start raising funds for Atec courses.

Why You Should Be Raising Funds for Atec Courses

What are Atec Courses?

Atec is a company that host short courses for large industries such as the mining and construction industry.  They have an abundance of top quality courses that is quick to do, affordable and sure to land you a great job in just about any large mining or construction firm.

The top course to consider right now

Working the mines may seem like a tough job but has a lot of benefits that simply cannot be ignored.  If you want to enjoy benefits such as a great salary, easy working hours, a secure job and a great availability of job opportunities then you should definitely consider taking the Entering and Working in Confined Spaces course.  The course is specially designed to help you overcome any fears of confined spaces and helping you identify hazards while working in such an environment.  You can check out to find out more about this terrific and popular course as well as others hosted on the Atec website.

Fund raising ideas for your Atec course

As said before, the Atec courses are super easy to do.  The only hard part is finding the money to pay for the courses so you can have a better future.  Here are some terrific ideas to raise funds;

Get a food stall – Food is always a terrific idea for any fund raising because it is something that everyone needs and wants.  If you can sell tasty treats or delicious hot dogs then you are sure to raise some good cash for your course.

Sell crafts – Handmade arts and crafts are now more popular than ever before.  If you have good talents in creating something beautiful then you can make great cash by selling at events or even online.

Do handyman jobs – There are plenty of handyman jobs around that is sure to land you a bit of extra cash, especially if you have an extra skill such as welding.

Unique Offerings for Your Next Silent Auction

The silent auction is a classic fundraising technique that is easy to use regardless of your area; all it takes are some items to auction and a location to host the event.  In order to bring more potential donors to your auction, it can help to have a variety of offerings for interested parties to bid on.  While certain staples, like restaurant gift certificates or movie tickets, are pretty easy to acquire, they may not bring a lot of excitement to your event.

If you are looking for some unique offerings for your next silent auction, consider thinking a bit outside the box and giving these tips a try.

Fun Classes from Local Instructors

Some of the most fun offerings relate to new experiences.  With that in mind, connecting with local schools and instructors can provide access to interesting classes that can be awarded as gift certificates.  For example, a ballroom dance class may interest a variety of couples, and is not something many people have had the opportunity to take part in before.

Cooking classes can bring in a lot of interest, especially if they are focused on a particular region, such as French, Italian, or Chinese cooking classes.  These can even be bundled in a larger gift basket that includes various cooking supplies so that they can take what they learn in class and bring it home.

Other classes that may draw interest can include yoga, glass blowing, or painting.  Opportunities may also exist to auction off private lessons for those interested in a range of hobbies, such as golfing, or musical instruments, such as guitar or piano.

Unique Offerings for Your Next Silent Auction

Local Excursions

Just as classes can offer a new experience, so can excursions in the local area.  If there are local river or city tours available, those may interest those who are newer to the area.  For areas with a local recreational area that includes a lake or river, a gift basket that includes the best inflatable sup you can find along with various other supplies may also spark some interest.

The most important part is to promote the feeling of adventure that can come along with the excursion.  Other fun ideas may include horseback riding tours or hot air balloon trips, both of which can allow someone to explore the local area in a new way.

Tickets to Big Events

If there is a lot of local pride in your area sports teams, you can’t go wrong if you auction off a pair or four pack of tickets to a game.  Many people do not take the time to get tickets themselves, but may be inspired by the idea when it supports a charitable cause.  As with other items, these can work well separately, or as part of a larger themed gift basket with additional memorabilia such as shirts or jerseys, jewelry items, or hats.

Similarly, music events can inspire the feeling of giving in many.  This can include tickets to specific concerts, or gift certificates to larger ticket vendors.  These also work well separately, or as part of a bundle, allowing you to get creative in regards to the presentation.

Luxury Accommodations

A night or weekend in luxury accommodations at a local hotel can also bring in bidders.  Similar to the purchase of tickets, many people may consider these ideas themselves, but might not always go through with the purchase themselves.  Since the money is for a good cause, some may find it easier to justify the splurge since they are helping an organization they believe in.

3 Extraordinary and Unusual Fundraising Ideas

Whenever small and average sized non-profit organizations are searching for new fundraising ideas, they are typically given ideas that require a great deal of work for a small amount of return. Things like carwashes, scrummage deals, and similar activities can raise cash, yet they take a huge amount of work in return for just a few thousand dollars of fundraising profit.

In the event that your charity is hoping to raise cash from new sources or through new methodologies, try out these unusual fund raising ideas:

#1 How about multi-level fundraising?

What happens when you cross multi-level advertising with raising funds for your most loved charity? Multi-Level Fundraising! Set up a proper fundraising group or fundraising committee for your cause, and undertaking it with a financial objective. In the event that you have to raise $10,000 and initiate 5 individuals for the board, each of the them is in charge of raising $2,000.

At that point, each of these individuals go out and select individuals to raise cash for your association. Suppose one of your committee member discovers 3 extra individuals to offer assistance. With 4 individuals raising the $2,000 (the first part in addition to the 3 newcomer) each of the general population in that “group” just needs to raise $500.

The objective here is to have loads of individuals out raising a small amount of cash each on their own, which means a major pull for your association, with means less work but higher cumulative returns.”

#2 Consider selling a service

Of the three unusual fundraising ideas we are introducing today, this one is presumably the most “mission-driven” (the one that is most firmly tied with your association’s main goal). Here’s the way it works:

In the first place, make sense of what services your association gives. Attempt to have at least three particular services, and a maximum number of five services. Make certain that the services you select incorporate both smaller as well as bigger things as far as expenses are concerned.

You could offer services like car washing, babysitting or carpet cleaning Escondido CA. Offering custom-made services tailored to different individuals will help you in increasing your fundraising profit.

As a last step, go out and “offer” these services to your donors by approaching them to support one service for one individual (or more).

#3 Something out of the ordinary

Schools have been utilizing this weird fundraising idea lately, so why not stretch out it to your (non-school) charity?

The essential reason is that benefactors will be able to participate in this interesting venture, once enough has been raised. School principals will regularly run this kind of pledge drive by promising that the school head will shave his head, or wear a chicken outfit for a day, or run twenty laps around the school singing show tunes, however only if the children raise $10,000 for new school PCs or library books or another school van.

3 Extraordinary and Unusual Fundraising Ideas

Why not take this thought and make it work for your non-profit organization? Make sense of the amount you have to raise, and make an interpretation of it into tickets that you have to offer. In the event that you have to raise $10,000, then say you have to offer 200 $50 tickets. Next, make sense of what experience you are going to offer. Keeping in mind the end goal to work, it’s got to be great and worth it!

Great ideas to easily raise funds

Charity doesn’t always begin at home. You might have found a worthy cause that you would like to contribute to but don’t know where to start to raise funds. There are many ways to raise funds and it is always difficult to decide where to start. It is quite hard to get people to contribute to a nonprofit organization and the trick would be to make it as fun as possibly can. Here are a few tips that will get you started.

Great ideas to easily raise funds

Involve more people

It is hard to take on a fundraising venture by yourself, involve as many people as you possibly can, friends, neighbors, anyone that will be willing to assist you with your worthy cause. Use social media channels to gain support.

Advertising is crucial

As mentioned above make use of free, user-friendly methods like social media as a way to get attention. Have an aggressive approach towards your cause to show everyone how much you believe in what you are representing which will in turn get them interested. If you don’t have the funds available to pay for advertising click here for easy ways to advertise for free.

Reward donors

At the day of your fundraising event give a few rewards away, it doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that will make it fun for donors to contribute. It doesn’t necessarily have to be physical item. You could get a celebrity involved to perhaps take a pie in the face, anything that will promote more donations for your cause. It is fun and lighthearted and it is a known fact that any prize will bring excitement to a crowd. Click here for a few great prize ideas.

Start a physical event

You don’t necessarily have to have a boring dinner or anything indoors for that matter. Do something healthy and fun with perhaps a 10 mile run or a cycling race. This will not only be a great method for attendees to donate with their entry fees but will also be a healthy choice. Introduce a new product at your event for example a guide to humidifiers to promote healthy living.

Strive for the biggest yard sale

Collect as many used items from willing givers and hold a yard sale. All the proceeds you get can be your raised funds. Tell people what you would need their unused items for and where the money will be going. This will motivate them to donate more seeing that it is for a worthy cause. People are always willing to donate clothes, books and various other unwanted items.

Determine who your target audience is

It will not be a viable option to hold a raffle for captains of the industry or to hold a luxurious spa day for the average Joe. Find out who your target audience is and which event would be the most enjoyed by them. This will make the experience fun for you as well as everyone that will be attending.

How to Raise Funds for Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself.  When you travel to a foreign destination you learn tons of new things, see a lot of gorgeous sites and you get to meet new people whose way of life might just change the way you view life.   Life is too short to never travel and it would be tragic if you never got to see some of nature’s most beautiful wonders or experience some of the things you have always dreamt of seeing. It is time to stop fearing the unknown and to stop worrying about the money and make the most out of your life while you can.

How to Raise Funds for Traveling Abroad

Plan affordable trips

Part of raising funds for international trips is to seek out some affordable ways of traveling because when you travel cheaper you need less money and you can travel more often.

Get cheap flights – On DiscountMyFlights you can scout all of the cheapest flights and get terrific discounted rates for travels from all of the best airlines such as United Airlines and more.  DiscountMyFlights features all of the best flights and deals to all of the best locations all over the world.  You are sure to be able to plan a much cheaper trip by booking from this terrific site and you can enjoy luxury treatment for all of your journeys.  Another thing you can do that is sure to land you some terrific discounts is to try to book your flights as far ahead as possible because booking last minute flights can be incredibly expensive and hard to come by.

Get cheap accommodation – You should do proper research when you plan international trips and try to find accommodation that you can afford.  Most guesthouses and hotels will give you a terrific discount if you book well in advance and you can get much cheaper accommodation if you look for unstirred guesthouses or self-catering flats.

Plan cheap meals – When you travel abroad you should try to limit the amount of takeaways and perhaps cook your own meals or try to enjoy canned foods for the bigger part of your journey.

Best ways to raise funds for abroad travels

There are tons of ways to raise funds for charity but very few people would be willing to dish out cash for your international travels when they have hardly seen the world themselves.  If you want to raise funds for yourself then you need to dig a bit deeper and sell useful products or work for money.

Sell crafts – Crafts are becoming increasingly popular on the market because most home owners love a handmade feel for their home and even for their personal attire.

Sell food – Selling food is one of the best ways to get your hands on cash for your international travels.  You can make a deal with a retail manager for half of the profit and sell at high traffic spots to raise funds for your journey.

Do handyman jobs – If you have good skill in something special then you can turn your skills into travels by doing these odd jobs for other people or by selling your expertise during afterhours.

5 Ways Teenagers Can Help Poor People

How can a person who doesn’t have a lot of money help out the poor? Giving to a charity is a great thing to do, but there are numerous other things that you can do as a teenager to help out the poor and needy around you.

5 Ways Teenagers Can Help Poor People

Here are a few tips to help you out:

  1. Give a segment of your stipend every week to a poor and needy individual or a cause in support of them

What amount is your remittance or your compensation from your low maintenance work? Very little, you may say. The awesome thing about giving however is that in around 99 percent of cases, you are not confined to the amount you can provide to help poor people.

That implies for case, rather than relegating a dollar a day for a jar of pop from the candy machine at school or work, perhaps you can spare this cash two days of the week. At that point give this cash to the any charity organization near you, a needy individual you know in your neighborhood, a nearby soup kitchen or to a worthwhile cause abroad.

  1. Visit a poor area of town

What number of huge urban areas have “poor parts”? Verging on each and every one. Here and there, we have to see the truth of poverty directly before us to truly trust it’s there, particularly on the off chance that we live in a monetarily well-off part of a city.

Visit such an area with your childhood friends. You don’t need to fundamentally bring cash or food for them (in spite of the fact that that wouldn’t be a terrible thought). Converse with the general population, in the event that they will be drawn closer, about living conditions and how they wound up there. Set yourself up for an educational ordeal.

  1. Do a class presentation on poverty

Baffled about what to accomplish for a school task? Why not discuss the situation of the poor in your group? Do your research on the topic. Get insights on poverty, genuine stories from books and maybe even video-or audiotaped meetings of poor people. You can present on how poverty pushes them towards taking drugs and how they don’t have any proper means to get Drug Testing Kits. Demonstrate the human face of neediness.

  1. Don’t simply collect cash

There are a lot of fundamental necessities that individuals need to meet. A few people can’t manage the cost of new shoes. So hold a shoe drive (a few teenagers have effectively done this). Others can’t bear the cost of garments. Hold an apparel drive. Gather the material, and arrange vans or trucks to transport it to where it’s required, then ensure the material is appropriately distributed.

  1. Write on poverty in your school paper

Have you got a talent for composing? At that point write on neediness in your school daily paper. Instruct your student body with words, as well as photographs as well, if conceivable. On the off chance that you’ve gone by a poor part of the city, then you have a lot of material and other similar things to write about.

How To Rise Funds So You Can Afford an Interior Designer

If you want the ultimate home then it is time to stop wasting time on DIY projects and to start investing in an interior designer.  Not everyone is good with matching objects, art and furniture.  In fact most people have absolutely no idea what they are doing when it comes to creating a beautiful space inside their homes.  And there is absolutely no shame in that because every person is unique and has his or her own unique abilities and skills.

How To Rise Funds So You Can Afford an Interior Designer

Why hire an interior designer?

Interior designing is surprisingly hard work.  You have to be creative, you have to be able to draw up good and unique ideas, you have to know about all of the available products and ideas on the market and you have to be good with people.  You also have to work through hundreds of companies and quotations to find the best building teams, the best products and the best decorations for your home.  Before you know it you have wasted endless hour that could have been spend on your family and you might have even wasted thousands on all of the wrong products and ideas.  An expert interior designer like Juan Pablo Molyneux can save you a bucket load of money and get your home transformed for you without any hassles from your side.  You will also be increasing your property value a lot since Molyneux’s name carries such high accreditation and you will have one of the most unique and best looking homes out there.

Top ways to raise funds for an interior designer

There aren’t too many people who are going to donate you cash for your personal home improvement.  If you want to use the money for yourself and not for a not-for-profit organization then you are very unlikely to get money from the public since everyone is already saving up for their own homes.  But that does not mean that you cannot steal a few ideas from fund raising organizations.  The top ways you can get your hands on some solid cash includes;

Work overtime – Putting in a few extra hours each day at the office is bound to get you a good increase in your salary that you can use for your interior designer.

Sell crafts online – Are you creative?  Then you can always make and sell crafts online and to other crafting companies to earn some extra cash on the sideline.  Social media sites are making it super easy to sell your crafts and you won’t have to spend a lot to get your products promoted.

Do handymen jobs – By doing a few handyman jobs or freelance jobs around your town you can easily earn a lot of cash.  You could perhaps wash cars, install TV dishes, install alarm systems or anything that seems to be in demand in your area and earn terrific cash.

Sell food – Food is always a terrific way to earn some extra cash.  You could hear from retailers and perhaps earn a spot in front of a busy store and sell some hot dogs or cupcakes as an extra income for your interior designer.

Increase Fundraising Opportunities through Local Business Connections

Whether you are looking to start a business, or are trying to create support for a new offering or expansion, creating connections with local businesses can provide a multitude of benefits.  Consider which local businesses can benefit from the presence of your business in the marketplace, and work with them to find ways to work together for mutual benefit.

By creating a supportive network within your community, you can increase your level of support through those closest to you and your business, while also promoting mutual success.

Increase Fundraising Opportunities through Local Business Connections

Speak to Your Neighbors

Businesses located next to one another may have a stake in each other’s success.  While multiple successful businesses in one area may increase overall foot traffic and general interest, failing or vacant locations may be harmful to all of those in the area.

You can discuss what marketing techniques have been particularly successful in the area, as well as if there were any previous businesses in your field located nearby.  If there was a similar business in the area, you can ask questions about what that business did successfully as well as what did not work.  If the previous business ultimately failed, getting insight into their struggles can help you avoid making the same errors.

Focus on Partnerships

Certain services naturally go together, even if they are not offered by the same business.  For example, a home repair business may benefit from connecting with local real estate appraisal offices to create a referral system.  By sharing contact information, you can promote each other while neither company is at risk of losing business due to the association.

Businesses with a website, such as, can choose to show support for certain contractors directly through their site or through materials provided after the completion of an appraisal.  In return, a contactor may be able to do the same for the appraisal company, or use connections with local real estate offices to help promote each other’s services.

Cultivating Relationships

Relationships in any industry take time.  If you are new to an area, you will need to invest time and energy into getting to know the other businesses in your area.  After you have begun to make connections with the businesses that could work as partnerships, continue to get to know other business owners in the area.  Even if these businesses seem to be fair separated from yours does not mean that they are not connected to others who might.

While many instinctively look to connect with those in the same field, it is important to realize that the businesses working in the same arena as you will not likely be customers of yours in the end.  In fact, they are more often competitors who may be better served by your businesses failure than success.

With that being said, do not be afraid to join local organizations that may provide useful information and support.  Many communities support a variety of organizations and associations that focus on particular industries, business traits, or physical locations.

Take it a step further by doing more than just joining the group.  Get involved in local projects that you have knowledge in or can support in some way.  Become active in topics and engage power players to gain additional insights and connections within the community.  By growing these relationships you may find your own fundraising opportunities increasing through an interest in mutual success.