4 Ways You Can Raise Funds at The Office

Looking for approaches to bring charity into your working environment? An office fundraiser is an extraordinary chance to raise cash for charity while empowering team building, motivating one another, and inspiring each other for a worthwhile cause.

It’s additionally an opportunity to get somewhat imaginative and creative. So in case you’re searching for activities that unite fun and fundraising at work, these four tips can be utilized as an initial step to start your own particular arrangements to encourage donating and charity giving in your working environment.

4 Ways You Can Raise Funds at The Office

Before you begin, remember these tips:

  • Keep your fundraiser basic so everybody can get included
  • Set up on an existing event that you are having at the office
  • Search for approaches to play around with it

Arrange an Event

Inviting representatives to partake in an occasion can be an effective approach to launch a workplace fundraiser. By devoting office working time for charity giving, you can encourage more prominent investment in and appreciation for your picked cause. When you arrange an event, make sure there’s enough snacks and coffee for everyone. One way to ensure that you never run out of coffee at the office (not just any coffee but the best in town coffee) is to get your coffee deliveries through Blue Tiger. Every step of the process from determining your needs to roasting the coffee to restocking to checking your office coffee machines will be taken care of by them. All you need to do is get in touch with them and then NEVER run out of coffee at the office again.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you don’t have the assets to compose an extraordinary event, just add a beneficent part to a current occasion, practice or normal worker gathering.

Provoke Yourself and Others

Whether it’s about growing new work environment aptitudes, accomplishing individual objectives, or just competing for an opportunity to win something, a work environment challenge urges members to inspire themselves somewhat harder than they typically would for the sake of a charitable cause.

Unbounce’s Athleticism versus Intemperance – 30 Days of Running and Hot Dogs takes this idea considerably further. It’s both an individual prosperity challenge and an eating challenge wrapped into one. Two representatives endeavoring to raise cash for neediness easing in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside arrangement to eat a sausage/run 3 km consistently for 30 days with an end goal to raise $500.

Crowdsource Creativity

Inviting innovative thoughts and criticism is regularly a fundamental part of a synergistic working environment, and paired with a charitable incentive, can become a better motivation for people to collaborate and work together.

Chimp’s MixedTape Music Club, for instance, welcomes workers to contribute $5 for an opportunity to pick a tune for the organization’s month to month office playlist. Members vote on their main tune and the victor gets the chance to give the assets to their choice of charity.

Play a Game

Everyone loves taking part in games, whether it’s a guessing game or something more creative like scribble or monopoly. Why not turn this into a fundraising activity, where the winner gets to donate the total raised amount of money to the charity of his/her choice.

Sell Soup to Raise Funds during winter

Have you ever been so cold your fingers turn blue and go numb during an early winter work morning?  You are definitely not the only one.  It is incredibly hard to get up early in the winter.  There is simply no time to make something hot before you storm out the door on the way to work.  Stepping out into the frozen air is like getting whiplashed during a car crash – it takes your breath away. Now imagine what winter life would be like if you could simply reach into the deepfreeze, grab a cup of soup, pop it into the microwave for two minutes and head to work with a steamy creamy cup of yummy soup. It’s breakfast, warmth and saved time in the same cup! Soup is definitely the next big thing you should be selling if you want to raise funds to that in need or perhaps for something more personal that you are working on.

Sell Soup to Raise Funds during winter

Get a good blender and save time

How often do you make soup at home?  Once a month?  Perhaps once in three months?  That is because the chopping involved in soup making is hard work.  If you are going to be using soup to raise funds then you need to cut back on the time it takes to make soup.  Using a blender is the perfect solution.  With a good blender like the Professional Series 750 you can easily liquefy any food source in just a few minutes.  This blender is terrific for creating food on mass scale because it is incredibly durable and so easy to use and clean.  You can easily chop and dice scales of food in just a few minutes and be on your way to boiling the most yummy soups. You can learn more here about this fantastic blender.

Make a great variety of yummy soups

No one likes to eat the same thing every day.  You can raise a lot more cash by making a great variety of soups to try.  The top filling soups for cold winter days are butternut soup, tomato basil soup, noodle soup, veggie soups, leek and potato soup and more.  There are so many different soups that you can make that anyone would absolutely love.  It is however perhaps wise to stay away from meat products when selling to the public because you never know how long these individuals will be storing the soups and you never knows what they will be doing with your soups.  Meats are best avoided since they are expensive and can easily cause health issues.

How to package your soup for selling

You need to package your soups in something that is easy to thaw that takes little space up in a fridge.  It may seem smart to freeze your soups in disposable cups but in the in it is going to take up too much space in everyone’s fridges and you will have a hard time transporting the soups.  Freezing your soups in zip-lock bags is a much better solution since your clients can buy a whole lot of frozen soup bags at the same time and you can transport it much easier.  You could even try to dehydrate the soups in order to save up some space.

A Fundraiser Suitable for a Home Show

Home shows are popular across the country.  People come to explore new options in appliances, roofing, plumbing, and much more.  You can take the unique opportunity to host a one of a kind fundraiser targeted specifically towards those consumers.  Whether you are raising funds for a charity of a business, by choosing options with that market in mind, you may find your event to be a complete success.

Choosing a Cause

By holding a fundraiser at a home show, you may be able to raise many for a charitable cause or an appropriate business venture.  Charities that focus on providing housing for those in need, including area shelters and projects like Habitat for Humanity, can easily fit into the home show environment.  Certain ecological causes may also be suitable, as well as efforts to improve certain community or public spaces.

A Fundraiser Suitable for a Home Show

What to Raffle

Since a home show attracts a specific audience, aim your offerings to items or services that will be particularly enticing.  For example, offering a prize for the selection of flooring, may attract attention.  You could raffle off the product and installation of laminate flooring in kitchens and bathrooms of the winners.

Appliances can also be popular choices, especially if they feature newer technology.  Furniture, or gift certificates to furniture stores, are also suitable, as well as landscaping services.  Any product or service that can be used by a homeowner has potential in this specific environment.

Finding Sponsors

You can lower the costs associated with your fundraiser by finding sponsors to donate the prizes in exchange for being listed as a sponsor.  If you have access to a list of the businesses that will be attending the home show, you can begin with them.  This allows them a second opportunity to gain attention from visitors, as your fundraiser functions as secondary advertising.

If a particular sector is underrepresented at the home show, contact businesses who can fill that void.  This way, information about their product offerings can be included at the event without having to coordinate to attend the event in person.

Advertise Widely

Part of the success of every event is effective advertising.  Use your network to get the word out about your event.  This can include working with other area businesses, as well as using social media accounts.  If budgeting allows, consider newspaper advertising, and include information in your email newsletters.

Work with the home show coordinators to make sure you are included in any listings.  If you are supporting a cause, see if it can be specifically mentioned within the materials.  Additionally, if you are representing a charity, make sure that the organization reaches out to members of their network to draw people to the event.  The more people who are aware of your event, the more people who may be able to attend.

Cater to the Crowd

The best way to make sure the event attendees are interested is to focus your offerings to their interests.  By targeting products and services that are of special interest to the crowd, you may be able to raise more funds than if you offered a more random selection.  Home goods of any kind may be appropriate, including small appliances and even electronics.  Consider having some fun options that people may enjoy, but wouldn’t traditionally by themselves, like a pool table, and see where the day takes you.

Fundraising for Legal Expenses

Not everybody facing legal troubles is guilty. There are certainly instances in which people are falsely accused or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Additionally, some legal woes are the result of ludicrous laws that need to be revisited. However, those facing these situations are sometimes not in the financial position to tackle the odds. This is why fundraising for legal expenses is necessary.

Hiring a lawyer via formerdistrictattorneys.com might be next to impossible if you are living paycheck to paycheck. When you are innocent of the crimes in which you are being accused it might be time to look to friends, family, and perhaps even strangers to assist you with the fees you will have to pay. This is why we have compiled a list of potential legal expense fundraising options.

Fundraising for Legal Expenses

Crowdsource Funding for Legal Expenses

Getting other people involved in your legal battle might seem a little shady. However, if you are innocent, no one will want to see you suffer under unjust hands. This may be the time to swallow your pride and ask for assistance from the world around you. These sites are excellent resources for your fundraising endeavors if you ever find yourself in need of help paying your legal expenses as an innocent person:

  1. FundRazr- Once you sign up for their services you can create your campaign for free. Then you will be able to share the campaign on various social media sites and venues. Money can be collected online via credit cards and PayPal, etc. The fees include: 5% to FundRazr, and then 2.9% plus $.30 per donation.
  2. YouCaring- It is peer to peer fundraising via the usage of social media. This is truly free fundraising. They don’t charge you anything to use their services. However, the typical 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction is still charged by the payment provider. Learn more.
  3. HelpaFund- This site charges the same as FundRazr. They are associated with WePay instead of some of the other payment providers. They are connected to social media as well. So, it is really a decision as to which provider best suits your desires.

Other Fundraising Options

While crowdsource funding would appear to be the most lucrative method of fundraising, the fact that you are asking people to pay for your legal expenses might cause some hesitation. Therefore, you should probably consider some other means in which to raise money to pay your legal expenses. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Yard Sale– Obliviously you should include your own items in this sale to ensure that you make some money on your own. However, you could always ask your friends and family to donate their unwanted items to add to your yard sale endeavors. Here are some great yard sale ideas.
  2. Car Wash– People are always looking to get their car washed. You might consider setting up a tent somewhere, or else go door to door. Be prepared with all the cleaning materials. Some people will be ok with letting you use their water to wash the car in their front yard. Other people will not, so be prepared to hear, “No,” without getting riled up.
  3. Other Services– There are a number of things that people don’t want to do themselves and they will gladly pay you to do those things for them. Mow lawns, organize garages, wash dogs, etc. to earn the extra money to pay for your legal expenses.

You can find other fundraising ideas here.

Fundraising Ideas for Your Little League Team

Everyone knows that sports equipment can get expensive. And, if your team is actually any good, the cost of traveling to games can add up pretty quickly as well. That is why many teams seek out fundraising ideas to supplement the expense of their recreational endeavors.

When it comes to fundraising for sports teams, there are some specific ideas that incorporate creativity and make the kids work for the money they so desperately seek. This list should aid you in the ability to purchase more Demarini CF7 baseball bats for the team. The coaching is up to you!

Fundraising Ideas for Your Little League Team

Fundraising Ideas Specifically for Teams

Teams are a little different than whole schools or other organizations. As a team they can work together to make the money necessary to better their uniforms, equipment, or travel opportunities. Here are some great suggestions to get you started on the fundraising train:

  • Rent-A-Kid- People can donate specified amounts of money to rent one of your players, or perhaps the whole team. The player/team will then help the donor with projects around the house: lawn maintenance, painting, cleaning, organizing, or perhaps even babysitting.
  • Professional Photos- Hire a photographer to hold a photo day. You will make commission off the bookings made and photos purchased. Obviously, this will need to be cleared with the photographer in writing prior to booking your friends and family.
  • Auction- Get local businesses to donate their goods and services. Then hold an auction at a pay per meal dinner, dessert, or even at a half-time show.
  • Sports Night Out- Get a local restaurant to partner with you. Then pick a date for the sports night out. Every person that attends the restaurant that night will be providing you with a percentage of their bill, thanks to the restaurant’s support and participation.
  • Calendar- Sell calendars at your games. Make the calendar out of pictures of the team. Parents and family members will gladly purchase the memorabilia in support of your team. Click this for some great calendar making ideas.
  • Clinic- Get the high school players, and maybe a professional if you have a connection, to host a clinic. Have attendees pay to partake so that they gain knowledge for future team participation.
  • Batteries- Everybody needs batteries. So if you can figure out how to get a good deal on some, sell them at an increased rate. People will readily purchase them as almost everyone has a battery deficit in their home.
  • Web Marketing- If your team has a blog, use it to keep your fans and families up to date. In the meantime, sell ad space to local businesses. They will get exposure to potential customers in their local areas and you will make money off their ads. Learn how to sell ads here.
  • Hit-A-Thon- Have the players go out and get sponsors. The sponsors will agree to give a certain amount of money for every home run, or hit, the player makes. Then you will have to ensure that your players are well prepared to hit a lot of impressive runs. The better they hit, the more money your team will make! Practice, practice, practice.

Obviously, you could always go the traditional fundraising routes by contacting the companies that offer their services in that arena. But if you are looking for additional creative ideas, read more.

Raise Funds with a Car Raffle

Sometimes you want to do something big to help raise funds for your cause.  One way to help bring in fund is to hold a car raffle.  While this may require a significant upfront investment, it can also yield excellent results.  If you are considering holding a car raffle, here are some points to help get you started.

Raise Funds with a Car Raffle

Pick the Right Vehicle

In order to bring attention to your raffle, you need to make sure to select a vehicle that will get people excited.  Luckily, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to pick a new car, though that is an option.  The main goal is to create a car that feels like a dream come true, which is often just as much about the included features as it is about the make and model.

For example, a new top-of-the-line SUV is sure to capture a lot of interest, but so can a revamped sports car of yesteryear.  While going with a new car is unlikely to be a bad choice, it may be more of an investment.

If you can find a muscle car that is in reasonable shape, but needs some work, you may be able to customize it to appeal to a wide variety of potential ticket buyers.  You may also be able to work with local auto repair and customization businesses to see if you can get work performed on the car in exchange for adding them as an event sponsor.

Getting a fresh paint job, installing a new sound system with the best car amplifier and speakers you can find, and refinishing all of the interior surfaces can make an old car shine like new.  Just make sure to get all of the important parts under the hood working too, and you could find yourself with a dream car that didn’t cost a fortune to put together.

Organize Your Event

Whether this is going to be a one-day extravaganza, or a multi-day event, it is important to get organized.  You are going to want to advertise your raffle in advance in order to attract as many ticket buyers as possible.  Let your advertising focus on the cause being supported first, and the raffle prize second.  Many people are more likely to take the risk associated with buying a ticket if they know that, regardless if they win or lose, that the money supports a cause they believe in.

You do want to make sure and cover the unique features that make this vehicle desirable, so be sure and include bullet points of the specs that are particularly enticing.

Add Other Prizes

Having multiple winners can also help encourage people to participate, as they feel that their overall odds of winning have improved.  While the added prizes do not have to have values anywhere near that of the vehicle, consider adding second and third prizes that are highly desirable, such as popular electronics or sporting event tickets.  These items don’t necessarily have to be expensive as long as they are items found on most people’s wish lists.

Pick a Price

You will need to decide on a price for your raffle tickets based on the costs associated with pulling the event together, as well as being able to have a substantial donation in the end.  While there is no magic number, make sure that you are going to be able to easily cover your costs based on the number of people who are expected to participate.  In many cases, a ticket price between $20 and $50 may be ideal, depending on the area.

4 Things You Need to Know About Donating Blood to A Blood Drive Fundraiser

There are loads of reasons to give blood: Maybe you know somebody who needs a transfusion, perhaps you were requested to donate blood by a companion, or possibly you’re doing it as a response to some tragedy. Whatever your reason might be, blood is critical — having a solid blood supply prepared for transfusion to patients who need it is vital to saving lives, thus by giving blood, you are giving the endowment of life to as much as three people, as per the Mayo Clinic. Here are some things you need to know before you make up your mind about donating blood to someone who needs it.

4 Things You Need to Know About Donating Blood to A Blood Drive Fundraiser

  1. Who can give?

To begin with, you need to know if you are eligible to give blood. The most essential necessities are that givers must be healthy, no less than 17 years of age in many states, and weigh no less than 110 pounds. When you go to give blood, they’ll give you a smaller than expected physical where they’ll check your heartbeat, circulatory strain, hemoglobin level and temperature. They’ll likewise pose a couple of fundamental inquiries about your wellbeing and way of life. Now and again, the answers you give could exclude you from giving blood.

  1. Before giving, eat and drink this

In the event that you are to be sure qualified and plan on giving blood, make certain to eat a sound dinner the prior night (in case you’re giving first thing in the morning) or quickly before giving (in case you’re giving later in the day). Attempt to stay away from extremely greasy foods (like French fries or frozen yogurt) since that will make your blood excessively greasy and troublesome, making it impossible to test for irresistible sicknesses. If so, your blood won’t be utilized for transfusion. Likewise, make a point to drink no less than 16 ounces of water before you give. This task can be made easier if you have a water softener at home.  Here is everything you need to know about water softener systems. Also, wear dress with sleeves that can without much of a stretch be moved up over the elbow.

  1. Once you have donated your blood, eat and drink this

When you’re done, it’s essential to drink water again to recharge your system, and to rest for a bit. Most blood donation centers won’t permit you to leave in any case, so utilize an ideal opportunity to drink, drink, drink. For whatever is left of the day after you give blood, make a point to eat well, incorporating sustenance rich in iron, and drink a lot of liquids (however back off the liquor).

  1. Relax

Be sure not to do excessively strenuous of a movement, as thorough activity or truly difficult work (i.e. try not to go to the gym or help your companion move boxes out of her old loft) on the day you’ve given blood. On the off chance that you begin to feel black out or dazed, stop what you’re doing and rest until you feel better. In the event that despite everything you don’t feel well following a day or begin to become ill or build up a fever, head over for a medical checkup.

Fundraising with a difference

There are various ways to raise funds and most of the time people use traditional and conventional methods that are tried and tested and expected. What if you can raise funds by using a less traditional method that is more interactive and educational for your guests? There are so many forms of art creation that you can launch a fundraiser where people actually learn how make something and then auction the completed pieces off for charity. The idea of learning a new skill will be exciting part for your guests and they will help the less fortunate at the same time. It is simple, start by involving experts in the art that you want to teach, invite guests and charge them a fee for learning something they have never done before. Here are a few ideas to help you decide which classes should be featured.

Fundraising with a difference


This creative way of using rope and string to make designs is a fun and interactive art form that will be a great skill to feature at your fundraiser. By involving someone that has experience with the different knots and designs to teach your guests they will be sure to make a gorgeous project that they can choose to sell or keep. Click here for some great Macramé designs.

Paper Mache

Another beautiful and easy art form to teach at your fund raiser is the art of turning scraps of paper into a beautiful piece of art. Your guests will thoroughly enjoy learning how to make their masterpieces with Paper Mache and once again can choose if they want to sell the items or keep it.


Beading seems like a simple thing to do but a specialist at beading can teach your guests to make more intricate designs for example a beaded key ring or bookmark. This is a simple and convenient way to learn something creative. Click here for some great beading designs.

Plasma Art

Probably one of the most sought after type of art skills that you can present at your event, plasma art will make quite an impression on your guests.  For this one you should definitely feature someone that knows what they are doing and that is aware of the safety precautions that need to be adhered to. To do this you might want to look at the review of the hypertherm powermax 45, a great handheld or CNC plasma cutter that can be used to teach this creative art.


This form of art is one of the oldest but there are countless people that don’t know how to do it. You can feature a specialist in the field to teach people how to successfully embroider and form part of ancient traditions. This one is usually a winner and very popular for people to learn as they can practice this art form at home without needing any expensive materials or tools. They can also decide if they want to sell their creations or add it to the auction.

Prepare Yourself for Public Speaking at Your Fundraising Event

A fear of public speaking is very common amongst the population, and can even prevent people from fully realizing their goals.  If your dreams require you to speak to others in order to raise funds for your venture, building up the confidence necessary it a key to your success.

If you are looking for ways to fight your fear of public speaking, consider the following tips and tricks that can be worth a try.

Prepare Yourself for Public Speaking at Your Fundraising Event

Acknowledge it is Okay to Not Be Perfect

A portion of your anxiety may be focused on the idea of a perfect presentation.  Rarely is anyone perfect, even some of the most talented, and sought after speakers make mistakes.  Give yourself permission to have a less than perfect performance, and see if you don’t relax a bit.

Plan, Prepare, Practice

The more familiar you are with the material, the easier it will be to present it.  Make sure that your notes and slides, if you plan to use them, are organized and well labeled.  Rehearse your speech multiple times.  If you can go through the material with a test audience, take the opportunity to learn from their input, and use it to make the presentation better.

Practice Deep Breathing or Relaxation Techniques

For a few days before your presentation, make sure you take time to relax and rejuvenate.  This can include making an extra effort to get enough sleep, as well as to participate in leisure activities.  Work on various deep breathing exercises that you can bring with you when it is time to make your presentation.  Use the techniques at regular intervals to help maintain a feeling of calm from beginning to end.

Don’t Focus on the Audience

While you can’t just look down at your notes, that does not mean you have to be overly aware of the audience.  Instead of focusing on them, concentrate on the material you are covering.  Instead of making direct eye contact with audience members to create a connection, choose a few key points throughout the room near audience members and use those points instead.

Consider a Program

There are numerous programs available online that are designed to help people boost their confidence.  If you are considering a more in-depth program, check out the Hypnotica Collection of Confidence review as a starting point, and continue your search from there.

Join a Group

There are a variety of professional groups that help people work on their public speaking skills.  Toastmasters is a notable one, and operates as a non-profit with local chapters throughout the country.  Not only do they assist with speaking, they also focus some efforts on the development of leadership skills.

See a Professional

If you have taken the above steps and are still unable to participate in a public speaking activity, it may be best to seek the help of a mental health professional, such as a therapist that focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy.  They may be able to help you explore the source of the issue more effectively, allowing you to work past in over time.  Additionally, a medical doctor may be able to prescribe medications to help calm your nerves while you learn new techniques for managing your anxiety.

With time and dedication, you will likely be able to overcome your fear, and make sure that nothing holds you back from pursuing your dream.

Why You Should Be Raising Funds for Atec Courses

When your parents asked you what you wanted to be when you grow up you probably always chose something exciting like becoming a police officer or fireman or perhaps you chose something you knew your parents would be proud off like a doctor or a pilot.  Now that you are all grown up you realize just how different the real world can be from the dream world.  You suddenly realize that being a cop means a dangerous job on an average salary.  You realize that being a doctor means a lot of sacrifices when it comes to family time and  being a pilot has a lot of unemployment risks since there is only that many spaces available.  When you are all grown up, jobs that you never even considered such as a job in construction or in mining is becoming more and more of the ultimate dream job due to all of their benefits such as good working hours, security and a good salary.  If you want to get into one of these dreamy positions then it is time to start raising funds for Atec courses.

Why You Should Be Raising Funds for Atec Courses

What are Atec Courses?

Atec is a company that host short courses for large industries such as the mining and construction industry.  They have an abundance of top quality courses that is quick to do, affordable and sure to land you a great job in just about any large mining or construction firm.

The top course to consider right now

Working the mines may seem like a tough job but has a lot of benefits that simply cannot be ignored.  If you want to enjoy benefits such as a great salary, easy working hours, a secure job and a great availability of job opportunities then you should definitely consider taking the Entering and Working in Confined Spaces course.  The course is specially designed to help you overcome any fears of confined spaces and helping you identify hazards while working in such an environment.  You can check out http://atec.edu.au/course/enter-and-work-in-confined-spaces/ to find out more about this terrific and popular course as well as others hosted on the Atec website.

Fund raising ideas for your Atec course

As said before, the Atec courses are super easy to do.  The only hard part is finding the money to pay for the courses so you can have a better future.  Here are some terrific ideas to raise funds;

Get a food stall – Food is always a terrific idea for any fund raising because it is something that everyone needs and wants.  If you can sell tasty treats or delicious hot dogs then you are sure to raise some good cash for your course.

Sell crafts – Handmade arts and crafts are now more popular than ever before.  If you have good talents in creating something beautiful then you can make great cash by selling at events or even online.

Do handyman jobs – There are plenty of handyman jobs around that is sure to land you a bit of extra cash, especially if you have an extra skill such as welding.