Raise Funds by Making and Selling Compost

Compost is one of the best products that you can make if you want to raise funds for charity, a business or even for getting your hands on some extra spending money because it is something you can make out of offcut plants.  You can find ingredients for your compost all around your house and in just about any yard.  Compost is terrific for raising funds or for getting you some extra cash because it is something that just about every home owner or every gardener frequently needs.  The process is also incredibly easy.  You should be able to make a good supply of compost by putting in just one hour or less a day.

Get a good quality compost tumbler

There are plenty of ways to make a DIY compost maker or you can simply dig a hole in the garden and add your ingredients or pile it up in a shady area.  The problem with these DIY compost makers is that it takes a lot longer for the compost to form and your garden can start to smell and will look messy.  This composter by Mantis is one of the best and easiest composters that you can get for your compost making business.  The composter is incredibly easy to use, it is durable, it speeds up the composting process and you can tumble and mix your compost easily.  With the Mantis compost maker you can create much better quality compost in much less time.

Raise Funds by Making and Selling Compost

Learn what to add to basic compost

Basic compost is quite simple to make and you should find enough plant sources just about anywhere in the garden.  The top ingredients for basic compost include;

Dry plants – Dry plant material such as leaves, pieces of soft wood and soft twigs can be raked up in any yard.  Dry plants are sources of carbon and are required for creating heat in your compost.

Green plants – You can use freshly cut grass, fruits and vegetables as a source of nitrogen for your compost to help oxidize the compost.

Oxygen – There is no need to worry about oxygen since a good quality tumbler will make sure your compost gets all the oxygen it needs.

Water – Your compost should be moist to prevent the plant materials from drying out too much but it shouldn’t be too wet either or the products will rot.

Learn what to add for higher quality compost

If you want to create even higher quality compost you can add ingredients such as coffee, tea or eggshells which will boost plant growth even more.

Speed up the process with earthworms

By adding earthworms to your compost you can speed up the process a lot since these creatures helps to break down the plant sources a lot faster and they keep your compost from setting too tight.

Sell to gardeners and nurseries

Once your compost is ready you can have it packaged and start selling it to gardeners and nurseries.  Just make sure that your compost is good and dry before packaging or you might end up with muffed products.