Raise Funds for These Top 10 Philadelphia Organizations

It is important for everyone to do what they can to improve their local community.  Philadelphia is one of the cities with the most not for profit organizations that you can support. These organizations are constantly battling to make the world a better place to live in and they are constantly struggling to change the world for those that suffer.  If you have been looking for something terrific and noble to do then you can definitely raise funds for one of the following top 10 not for profit organizations.

Raise Funds for These Top 10 Philadelphia Organizations

Philadelphia 3.0

An improved world starts with improved leadership.  Philadelphia 3.0 is a political organization that dedicates all their efforts to improving Philadelphia.  This organization’s main goal is to ensure that the leaders of this city are focused and that they deliver on their promise. When you support this organization you are supporting general improvements in the city and you are making Philadelphia a better for everyone that lives here including animals and the handicapped.

Red Paw Emergency Relief Team

Love animals and people?  Then you can definitely raise funds for Red Paw Emergency Relief Team.  This not for profit organization helps people and animals in case of emergency.  They take care of family members and animals in case of home disasters and they can definitely do with some support.

Northeast Animal Rescue

This not for profit organization rescues pets and helps them fined new and secure homes.  They help abused animals, stray animals and they connect lonely people with best friends.


This not for profit organization provides scholarships to students in need across the globe.  They are constantly engaged in making the world a better place by providing a good education to those that cannot afford studies.

Baabun Nasr Inc

This organization provides general assistance and social services to the needy in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.  They help with sheltering, nourishment, education and much more.

Veterans Multi- Service Center

This organization’s focus is on veterans.   They offer housing support, job training, sheltering, food and resources to military veterans and general veterans.

Lombard Central Presbyterian Church Soup Kitchen

This church is constantly helping those in need with their soup kitchen and they can use any donations and voluntary assistance that they can get.  Raising funds for this organization is time well spent.

Maternity Care Coalition

Struggling mothers can go to this not for profit organization to get proper education on how to properly care for infants and children, to receive emergency assistance for children and babies and to get the right compensation for maternity leave.

Shoot Basketballs Not People

This organization is focused on troubled youths.  They help to change the focus of gang members and youths from criminal activities into a more positive and fun outlet like basketball.  Basketball keeps youths off the streets and keeps them busy so they can grow into responsible and positive adults.

Women Against Abuse, Inc.

This organization helps the victims of abuse find refuge and escape and they are constantly creating awareness to help stop domestic violence.