Raise Funds for These Wedding Extravagances

You only get a few rare occasions where you can truly be extravagant.  Some get more of these occasions than others because their parents can afford massive birthday and graduation parties.  But most people only get one occasion to truly shine and that is their wedding day.  If you miss out on making your wedding day truly spectacular then you probably won’t get a chance to be the star of a fine and glistening event ever again. Saving up and raising funds for a glorious wedding is definitely worth every bit of energy, time and work that you are going to put in.  With enough funds and effort your wedding can be truly remarkable and filled with unforgettable memories.

Raise Funds for These Wedding Extravagances

Extravagant musts for your wedding

There are a lot of fantastic and fun ideas to make weddings a lot more interesting and glorious.  These extras might be expensive and it might take a lot of effort to raise the cash for luxury extras but in the end you will get so much more from your super special day. Here are just a few ideas that are definitely worth raising funds for.

Wedding Limousine – If you want to travel in style on your special day then a wedding limousine is a must. Limousine Royalty is a limo hire firm where you can book ultimately luxury limousines for your special day.  The glorious 20-seater Hummer Limousine, 10-seater 300c Chrysler limousine and 16-seater H2 Hummer limousine are just a few of the terrific limousines that you can get for your wedding day.  These limousines will enable you and all of your bridesmaids to enjoy a luxury ride to your wedding after which you, the groom and a bunch of friends can drift through the city and have fun for the rest of the evening.

International honeymoon – What better way to kick off the marriage life than with a bit of adventure?  An international honeymoon is one of the best honeymoon trips for which you can start raising funds because you get to see so much, learn new things, explore and have the time of your life while you get to know one another better.

That dress! – That dress that you have been dreaming off is definitely worth saving up for.  With the perfect wedding dress you will be much more confident and you will look absolutely radiant on all of your wedding photos.

The wedding – Of course your wedding itself will cost quite a lot, depending on your location, food and guest list.  With enough funds for your wedding you can invite more guests and afford more luxuries like a gorgeous wedding cake and a better or more exciting venue that will make your wedding more extravagant.

Live performer – You can definitely invest in a live performer for your wedding if you truly want to awe your guests.  A local band or artist is a much better solution than hiring a DJ for your wedding because live performances just gives that extra special touch to your wedding.