Raise Funds with a Golf Tournament

Golfing is one of the most monetized sports in the world.  With pro golfers earning up to $6,683,214 a year from tournaments you can bet that golfing is one of the best tournaments to host if you want to raise a lot of funds for charity, for a good cause or for a not-for-profit organization.  The best part about using a golf tournament to raise funds is that you don’t even need to be a golfer to plan such a tournament.  All you need is good event organizing skills and basic knowledge on how the game works and you should be able to plan the perfect tournament relatively easy.

Raise Funds with a Golf Tournament

Ensure that you won’t get lost on the course

It wouldn’t be much fun if the event planner got lost on the golf course. On Strategic Golfer you can shop best golf GPS watch for the money.  This GPS is perfect for golfers and even for those that never gloved in their lives because you can easily navigate your way through courses. Many of these GPS watches have preload golf courses on them and watch like the Garmin Vívoactive even includes apps for additional sports like running, cycling and swimming so you can use your GPS watch for lots of different sports.

How to plan a golf tournament

Planning a golf tournament to raise charity is going to involve a lot of persuasion, determination and you might have to pull quite a few strings.

Step 1 – The first thing you will have to do is have a chat with the golf club to establish what the cost of such a tournament will be to outsiders and whether they will be willing to allow you to host the charity tournament.

Step 2 – Establish a cost price for entry tickets and see if you can get someone to sponsor the winning price.

Step 3 – Try to draw in as many companies as possible because competing businesses are the best source of funding for your event since business teams can compete.  Businesses also contribute to a much more competitive vibe.  Businesses can also benefit from the tournament if they can set up promotional stands for their businesses.

Step 4 – Try to get as many sponsors for the tournament as possible.

Step 5 – Promotion is one of the most important factors that will contribute to a successful tournament.  Try to negotiate a good price at printing and design firms and promote your golf tournament as widely as possible.

Step 6 – Selling food and beverages at the tournament will also generate a lot more income for your charity event.  Get as many volunteers involved and try to provide great snacks and beverages to everyone that joins in on the fun.

Step 7 – Get as many volunteers as possible.  You will need volunteers for the selling of beverages and snacks, for guiding competitors along the course, caddies that can help carry the bags, referees to judge the games and to ensure that no one cheats and security that will prevent theft during the large event.