Raise Funds with Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most monetized products that you can make and sell which also makes it a great sales item for fundraising.  Sure, your own handmade jewelry is no Moti Ferder but that won’t mean that you won’t be able to make a huge success of sales.  People have a soft spot for charitable organizations and are willing to invest in handmade items if the items are beautiful, useful to them in some way and if the funds are going to be used for a good cause.  Even an unpopular and no name brand jewelry should be able to generate good income if you only market successfully and if everyone learns that your jewelry pieces are sold for a good purpose.

Raise Funds with Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry you can make yourself

There are plenty of different types of jewelry that you can make yourself.  It is however better to avoid expensive jewelry types such as gold and diamonds if you are going to sell to the public since security will be an issue when you set up a mobile stall in a busy mall.  These more expensive jewelry types are only profitable if you sell to rich markets which can also be a good idea accept that you will have to have a good and popular name to be successful.  Some of the top jewelry types you can make yourself include lace jewelry, beaded jewelry and resin jewelry.

Learn to make your own jewelry

You can learn to make your own jewelry online by going on a jewelry course or by checking out some tutorial videos on YouTube or popular craft websites.  These videos won’t cost you much and are great for learning how to make great jewelry.

Where to buy your jewelry supplies

When you are selling for charity you want to make as much profit as possible which means you need good supplies at the most affordable price.  China markets have surprisingly good jewelry supplies at incredibly affordable prices although it could take a few months for these goods to reach you when you buy from online stores like Ebay.

Make your own jewelry displays

Pinterest is a terrific source where you can learn to make your own jewelry displays from affordable items.  There are some pretty amazing display ideas that is incredibly easy and inexpensive to make yourself.

Look for places to sell jewelry

To make a success of your charity event you need to set up at busy locations.  You can request a stand fee at popular events, malls or busy shopping centers.

Remember that good visibility and a good setup is the key to success

It is important to notify the public that you are raising funds for charity or you could end up missing out on a lot of cash.  Create huge banners with plain text that states that you are raising funds for a certain cause and create an attractive booth so people will be more likely to stop at your mobile shop to view some of your pieces.