What school groups should consider a fundraiser?

Fundraisers are standard fare throughout schools and churches. Who hasn’t been to a bake sale, a plant sale or a church bizarre? They are so much fun and usually offer great cookies and pastries, or plants you have always wanted. A bizarre is more like a yard sale or flea market where people donate items they no longer want, which other people will buy as priceless treasures. Whatever the form your fundraiser takes, it is designed to bring in money for the group that is holding it. What sort of school groups might benefit from holding a fundraiser? In actuality, there are many.

fundraising school group

The school group that comes to mind first is the Parent Teachers Association, or PTA. Every school has a PTA, and most often this group of parents and teachers assesses the needs of the school and holds fundraisers to raise funds to meet these needs. They might raise funds for classroom supplies such as paper, crayons and pencils, or they might address a loftier goal, such as purchasing computers for each desk in a classroom. Often they will sell candy bars or magazines and will send the children through their neighborhoods to sell these items to neighbors and friends.

The school marching band is another worthy candidate for fund raising. Bands always need money for new uniforms, new instruments, and trips to far away events and parades to which the band has been invited. Sports teams also need new uniforms and sports equipment. Homeroom mothers may decide to hold a fundraiser to help defray the costs of an out of town class trip. School clubs may also need to raise funds for their activities. Of course funds are always needed to purchase decorations for the school prom.

So what are some of the best ways to hold a fundraiser? The easiest way is to ask each student to ask their mothers to donate one food item for a bake sale. This could be cupcakes, cookies or a pan of brownies. But many parents are working parents and don’t have time for such domestic activities.

The club or group might want to have a professional fundraising group such as Cherrydale Farms, FreedomFundraising or the Old Fashioned Candy Company organize their fundraiser for them. These and other fundraising companies offer brochures with ideas for fundraisers which include gift wrap, jewelry, candles, Holiday decorations, candied pretzel rods, and so much more. Other ideas include theme-based sales of cookbooks and kitchen utensils, nuts and snacks, chocolates and confections, or bags and totes or magazine sales. After selecting a company and a brochure, the children and parents of each class can pass out these brochures to their friends, family and neighbors to peruse before deciding to order.

The Association of Fund Raising Distributors and Suppliers offers guidelines to help you select your fundraising company wisely. If your child’s school or classroom, or your church has a need that needs to be met, why don’t you try a professional fundraising company to organize your fund drive? It is so much easier and will bring in so much more funds than you and a classroom of other mothers can do with a homemade bake sale.

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