Smart Wear for Your Buzzing Fundraising

Fundraisings are meant to be busy.  If you aren’t buzzing all over the place like a busy little bee then you are not doing it right.  A successful fundraising involves much more than just sitting next to your booth and collecting cash.  Remember people tend to avoid fundraisers because there are so many bad fundraisers out there that play the guilt card to raise pennies.  For your fundraising you don’t want someone to donate out of guilt because guilt money is only temporarily and out of sight, out of mind.  You don’t want to create the image that you or your fundraising is a pathetic plea for help. People don’t invest in losers.  They invest in winners. You want to create a better tomorrow by showing people that their investment, interest and friendship will without a doubt make a huge difference and the rest will all fall into place.  On a fundraising you need to put yourself out there.  Smile.  Greet everyone that shows the slightest bit of interest.  Be open and friendly.  Show an interest in people and compliment extravagantly.  People relationships sell better than products ever will and to create a good and respected image for yourself you need to look like the buzzing little bee you are.

Smart Wear for Your Buzzing Fundraising

Go for a smart casual look

A smart casual look is perfect for a fundraising.  With a smart casual appearance you create the impression that you care about your look but also want to be productive.  Smart casual attire also makes it a lot easier for you to move around on your feet all day and to remain confident and respectful towards everyone that passes.

Wear hiking boots

Hiking boots are a great option for buzzing fundraisings. You are going to be on your feet all day long and don’t want to be stuck with a pair of uncomfortable corporate shoes.   The Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge plus II Hiking Boot is the best hiking boots for an occasion just like this one because it provides all the protection and comfort you need and still has a great semi-formal appearance that will go fantastic with your smart casual look.

Choose new dark jeans

Save that expensive designer ripped jeans for going out and switch to a set of new dark boot-cut jeans.  Not everyone that visit your booth are fashion experts and can easily mistake your designer jeans for old ripped ones.  Dark jeans go well with any top and with hiking boots and they are gloriously comfortable.

Go for a darker shirt or blouse

The last thing you want is stains and dirt marks on a light shirt.  If you are going to be buzzing a lot then go for a darker top with no graffiti on it.

Add a corporate jacket

A corporate jacket combined with casual shirt and a casual jean will create the perfect smart casual look.  Men can throw on a loose suit jacket with a v neck jersey and a button up shirt and ladies can style up by rolling up their jacket sleeves with a casual top and dark jeans.