Some of the best uses and tricks for using a microwave oven

When it comes to convenience and food, the microwave is going to be one of your best allies. It is a great way to quickly and easily cook a full meal in only a matter of minutes. You can also reheat food easily and use it for all sorts of uses. They are a staple in all offices and nearly every household around the first world. This doesn’t mean that everyone is using the device in such a way that maximises your experience with the microwave over time.

You aren’t just limited to food related tasks, there are also many different things you can do with them for non-food related tasks. Always remember for any tips that have been doled out that certain types of microwave will cook foods quicker, depending on the type of element that they have and their age, amongst other things.

Some of the best uses and tricks for using a microwave oven

If you are looking to buy a new microwave oven to try out some of these tricks, here is a useful breakdown of 3 of the best compact microwave ovens. No matter if you want to get a quick meal prepared or you want to find out some interesting uses for a microwave oven, here is some useful advice to keep in mind.

Make cooking a whole lot easier

Using a microwave safe bowl is a great way in which to steam vegetables, in what is one of the healthiest ways in which to prepare this nutritious food group. Make sure that you add a bit of water during the process and that the vegetables have been cut up in an even size so they all cook properly. Punch a tiny hole in the piece of plastic that you place over the bowl in order to release any steam that accumulates during the process.

Different kinds of eggs

Another great use of a microwave oven is to cook your eggs in a simple and easy manner. Whether you want them sunny side up or poached, you can do so in a carefree manner using a microwave. If you want to cook your eggs in sunny side up fashion, simply preheat a plate, place a little piece of butter on it and crack the egg. All you have to do is heat it for just over 45 seconds and you are done.

If you would prefer a poached egg, simply fill a bowl that is microwave friendly up with water to the halfway mark and crack the egg into it. Simply put a plate over the bowl to cover it and allow it to cook for a minute.

Pasteurize your potting soil

This is one of the interesting ways that you can utilize your microwave oven. In order to kill any diseases that may be present in the soil, people will pasteurize it in order to kill of anything that could potentially harm the plant that is grown in it. Simply fill up a paper bag with your soil, and place it into the microwave. It is advised that you cook it for half an hour at 140 degrees.