Start a Woodcutting and Logging Business



Thinking about building a business, but don’t know what to start? 

In this crowded industry, finding a business that will make you stand among the others is a real challenge. But sometimes, all it takes is a little creativity and willingness to think outside of the box. Many experts and financially successful individuals tell that in order to be successful, you should do what you love to do; and from what I have found – that’s true.

If you love the outdoors and enjoy doing physical work while earning, then a woodcutting and logging business may be an ideal business for you. There is a marvelous opportunity for you as a small woodcutting and logging company. Today, more and more people are realizing the importance of saving our environment. You could use your business to promote a healthier forest by offering a service that cut out dead or diseased trees, or to market your products as green alternatives.

Tools and Equipment

Good and reliable equipment are a must for any woodcutting or logging business. One of the primary tools that you should purchase if you don’t already have one is an axe. While it’s no longer considered as important as it was before – since lots of modern equipment have now popped up – it still comes in a handy when working out in the woods. Get the best item that you can buy.

Another very essential tool that is needed for your wood business is a chainsaw. However, there are so many types and models available that choosing one can give you a real headache. So if you want to make your buying decision easier, ask someone you know who uses a chainsaw a lot. Or visit this website,, for more sound advice. Once you have purchased the chainsaw you need, make sure to treat that tool with great care and respect. It’s one of the many tools you have that will help you
make your business successful.

And of course, you also need to get your own truck or whatever kind of delivery vehicle to bring your woods to your customers. But if you can’t make the purchase right away, find a reliable truck rental company or have your customers pick up their orders. Sooner or later, however, you have to purchase your own vehicle if you really want your business to expand.

Some of the tools that you will need also include the following: splitting wedges, splitting maul, climbing safety equipment, maintenance tools, and protective gear, such as safety glasses, gloves, body shield, and work boots.

Sources of Wood

Since it’s a wood business, you definitely have to find a location, where there is a lot of wood sources. Well, this seems to be a hard task at the beginning, especially if you live in the city, where the place is already filled with concrete buildings. But if you will just do your homework, you will realize that there is too much wood around. If you don’t have your own wood lot, find landowners who will let you rent their wood lots. Some landowners will even allow you to use their property at no cost at all, as long as you keep the place clean or give them a part of the profits.

Market Your Business

As with all other businesses, advertising your own is very crucial – this will make your business visible to prospective clients, therefore, make it more profitable. One of the very first important moves is to let your family and friends know about your business and ask them to spread the word. While there are now a lot of faster and better way to promote your service, word-of-mouth is still one of most effective methods in advertising. The best thing about it is you don’t have to manage it, which makes the process simpler. But of course, you cannot just rely in this one form of advertising. Since we are already in the digital age, you also have to use the modern approach to make your business a lot more visible, such as placing ads in local newspapers or bulletin boards, creating websites, and promoting with the use of social media.

Starting a woodcutting and logging business is definitely not simple, but it’s very exciting and rewarding since it could provide you a good amount of income if handled well.

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