Fundraising Ideas for Your Little League Team

Everyone knows that sports equipment can get expensive. And, if your team is actually any good, the cost of traveling to games can add up pretty quickly as well. That is why many teams seek out fundraising ideas to supplement the expense of their recreational endeavors.

When it comes to fundraising for sports teams, there are some specific ideas that incorporate creativity and make the kids work for the money they so desperately seek. This list should aid you in the ability to purchase more Demarini CF7 baseball bats for the team. The coaching is up to you!

Fundraising Ideas for Your Little League Team

Fundraising Ideas Specifically for Teams

Teams are a little different than whole schools or other organizations. As a team they can work together to make the money necessary to better their uniforms, equipment, or travel opportunities. Here are some great suggestions to get you started on the fundraising train:

  • Rent-A-Kid- People can donate specified amounts of money to rent one of your players, or perhaps the whole team. The player/team will then help the donor with projects around the house: lawn maintenance, painting, cleaning, organizing, or perhaps even babysitting.
  • Professional Photos- Hire a photographer to hold a photo day. You will make commission off the bookings made and photos purchased. Obviously, this will need to be cleared with the photographer in writing prior to booking your friends and family.
  • Auction- Get local businesses to donate their goods and services. Then hold an auction at a pay per meal dinner, dessert, or even at a half-time show.
  • Sports Night Out- Get a local restaurant to partner with you. Then pick a date for the sports night out. Every person that attends the restaurant that night will be providing you with a percentage of their bill, thanks to the restaurant’s support and participation.
  • Calendar- Sell calendars at your games. Make the calendar out of pictures of the team. Parents and family members will gladly purchase the memorabilia in support of your team. Click this for some great calendar making ideas.
  • Clinic- Get the high school players, and maybe a professional if you have a connection, to host a clinic. Have attendees pay to partake so that they gain knowledge for future team participation.
  • Batteries- Everybody needs batteries. So if you can figure out how to get a good deal on some, sell them at an increased rate. People will readily purchase them as almost everyone has a battery deficit in their home.
  • Web Marketing- If your team has a blog, use it to keep your fans and families up to date. In the meantime, sell ad space to local businesses. They will get exposure to potential customers in their local areas and you will make money off their ads. Learn how to sell ads here.
  • Hit-A-Thon- Have the players go out and get sponsors. The sponsors will agree to give a certain amount of money for every home run, or hit, the player makes. Then you will have to ensure that your players are well prepared to hit a lot of impressive runs. The better they hit, the more money your team will make! Practice, practice, practice.

Obviously, you could always go the traditional fundraising routes by contacting the companies that offer their services in that arena. But if you are looking for additional creative ideas, read more.