Great raffle prize ideas for fundraising events

It is no secret that raffles are great for fundraising and an effective way to get people involved in a cause that you believe in. With the right activities and prized you will raise and incredible amount of money for the right cause. Many churches, schools and charities have used this method for years and years and for good reason. There is something exciting for your guests to be able to gain something extra and while doing something for the less fortunate it is just so much more satisfying.

It is however important to give away a great array of gifts in order to really make it worthwhile for those that takes part in your raffle. Click here to get tips on hosting the perfect raffle. Foundations have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars by giving away the right prize. Here are a few great prize ideas for your next charity- driven raffle. You will surely make a substantial amount by investing a bit.

Cash is king

In the good old days it was a famous option to give away cash prizes in raffles. This is always a famous option and one that really makes it attractive for people to enter. Everyone likes the chance to be able to win cash while having fun at a charity function. Depending on the amounts that you decide to donate you will be able to get quite a bit of interest by featuring cash prizes. Everyone enjoys getting money for free and you will never have disappointed guests when you deliver on what was promised.

Great raffle prize ideas for fundraising events

Luxury items

Luxury items like home appliances and other items are a great addition to any raffle. You can never go wrong by giving away something useful but also extravagant. Seeing the items on display at a raffle makes people more generous and willing to take part in the game with the prize in mind. Take a look at these comparisons of espresso machines to select some of the best machines to give away at your next raffle.  Coffee machines are considered a luxury to most but are also a desired item to have in any household. Make sure you read these reviews carefully and choose a machine that is suitable for your budget.

Holiday packages

You cannot go wrong to feature a free holiday or breakaway at your raffle as a prize. Most people love the idea of winning a free weekend at a famous resort or an all expenses paid breakaway. The idea of being able to get away from it all for the price of a contribution is a lot of fun and worthwhile.  This can definitely be considered as a dream prize and with the right budget you can plan a very attractive holiday for your winning guests. Make it interesting by revealing small details about the destination and then revealing the location at the end of the night. Take a look here at some of the best locations for a holiday in the US.

Get Camping Gear for Your Next Big Fundraising Event

If raising funds isn’t something in which you usually partake then perhaps it is time to get more involved with your community.  Fundraising events might be hard work but it is actually great fun as well because you are working together with friends for a good cause, you get to do something new and exciting, you meet a lot of new people and you learn a lot of new skills.  Camping gear is a great investment for those that do frequent fundraising events because you can set up a mobile shop at any location and raise good funds by selling items, food, gifts, crafts or just about anything.

Nap time on the fundraising site

Are you planning to raise some funds at a large event?  Then it might be a good idea to sleep over at the event because you can keep your stall open until late in the evening and raise a lot more cash. is a fantastic review site that you can check out for the best camping gear on the market.  You can shop a great tent in which you can sleep during the evenings or perhaps even use one of these tents for your fundraising stall.  Add a stretcher and a sleeping bag and you are set up for the night or even for a few nights which will enable you to raise as much funds as possible for your cause.

Get Camping Gear for Your Next Big Fundraising Event

Cozier seating at your fundraising

Camping chairs are great for fundraising events because you can transport your chairs easily and enjoy cozy seating at your stall while you chat with new people and try to generate as much income as possible.

Great gear for powerless food preparation

Camping gear like cookware or a grill is great for preparing food for you at a large event or even for raising funds by making delicious meals and snacks that you can sell to help raise funds for charity.

Lighting solutions for night sales

Lanterns, candles, torches and other lighting gear is terrific for keeping your stall light up until late at night and for adding security and safety to your stall so you won’t be robbed during the night.

Great shading solutions for your booth

Kitchen tents are fantastic if you are planning on selling food items.  These tents provide protection against the sun and also come with roll down gauze sides that will keep insects and even animals from spoiling the foods that you are preparing or selling in order to raise funds. Alternatively you can get a gazebo set up over your tables and enjoy a fresh cool breeze as you sell goods or foods and raise funds for charity.

Camping tables

The great thing about camping tables is that they are so light and so easy to use.  You can flip open an entire table in less than a minute and start setting up your fundraising tools and products no matter where you are located.

Fundraise More Effectively by Caring for Yourself

Fundraising isn’t an easy activity. You have to talk to different people, draw attention to your cause, and often put in long hours simply to further your message. When you are passionate about a cause, it is easy to neglect yourself in favor of giving your time to the fundraising effort. However, failing to care for yourself can have consequences that not only affect you but also impact your effectiveness as a fundraiser.

To help you stay on top of your game, here are some key areas in which you should care for yourself. Your cause and your health will thank you.

Fundraise More Effectively by Caring for Yourself

Get Your Sleep

A lack of sleep has many negative side effects. Your central nervous system, including your brain, do not function as well without enough sleep. Not only will you feel sleepy in general, but you will also have more difficulty regulating your emotions while suffering from impaired cognitive function. Your immune system may also be affected, making it easier for you to fall ill. Some people compensate for the lack of sleep by eating more to maintain their energy. While this may work for a while, it can bring on extra weight, which is not ideal.

None of these side effects are helpful to your fundraising campaign. You can’t afford to be distracted or short-tempered when you are pursuing an important cause. Make sure you get around eight hours of sleep every night to keep your brain working properly.

Stop and Exercise

Unless your fundraising technique is particularly physical, you’re likely skipping time at the gym to focus on your current efforts. Failing to remain physically active can certainly lead to weight gain, especially if you are eating more due to lack of sleep. It can also cause you to lose muscle mass and may make it harder to sleep when you do get the chance.

In contrast, exercising can combat a variety of health conditions while controlling your weight. You may also sleep more soundly and experience reduced stress levels. Physical activity can help improve your mood and can fight the symptoms of depression and anxiety. You will also experience an energy boost that can last well beyond when your workout it was done.

Take a Break and Relax

Taking time to relax is also important. Everyone’s life needs time spent on activities you find enjoyable. This can include spending time with friends and family, watching your favorite movie, or taking some time to participate in a hobby. In some cases, exercise can also be relaxing if you enjoy the activity. Gardening and hiking can provide both a benefit for relaxation as well as increasing the amount of exercise you have completed during the day.

People who take the time to relax are less susceptible to disease and are better equipped to manage daily stresses. They also tend to have a more healthy weight and better general health.

Add a Boost

Sometimes you need a little help to get back to your normal self. Products like VigRX Plus Amazon can help you reclaim some of your energy and virility without having to see a doctor for a prescription. Better yet, find a VigRX Plus coupon code for even more savings. Sometimes we all need a little help to get back in gear, and it is perfectly acceptable to take that help if you need it. Your fundraising campaign is counting on you, so check into all of your options.

Raise Funds with a Car Raffle

Sometimes you want to do something big to help raise funds for your cause.  One way to help bring in fund is to hold a car raffle.  While this may require a significant upfront investment, it can also yield excellent results.  If you are considering holding a car raffle, here are some points to help get you started.

Raise Funds with a Car Raffle

Pick the Right Vehicle

In order to bring attention to your raffle, you need to make sure to select a vehicle that will get people excited.  Luckily, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to pick a new car, though that is an option.  The main goal is to create a car that feels like a dream come true, which is often just as much about the included features as it is about the make and model.

For example, a new top-of-the-line SUV is sure to capture a lot of interest, but so can a revamped sports car of yesteryear.  While going with a new car is unlikely to be a bad choice, it may be more of an investment.

If you can find a muscle car that is in reasonable shape, but needs some work, you may be able to customize it to appeal to a wide variety of potential ticket buyers.  You may also be able to work with local auto repair and customization businesses to see if you can get work performed on the car in exchange for adding them as an event sponsor.

Getting a fresh paint job, installing a new sound system with the best car amplifier and speakers you can find, and refinishing all of the interior surfaces can make an old car shine like new.  Just make sure to get all of the important parts under the hood working too, and you could find yourself with a dream car that didn’t cost a fortune to put together.

Organize Your Event

Whether this is going to be a one-day extravaganza, or a multi-day event, it is important to get organized.  You are going to want to advertise your raffle in advance in order to attract as many ticket buyers as possible.  Let your advertising focus on the cause being supported first, and the raffle prize second.  Many people are more likely to take the risk associated with buying a ticket if they know that, regardless if they win or lose, that the money supports a cause they believe in.

You do want to make sure and cover the unique features that make this vehicle desirable, so be sure and include bullet points of the specs that are particularly enticing.

Add Other Prizes

Having multiple winners can also help encourage people to participate, as they feel that their overall odds of winning have improved.  While the added prizes do not have to have values anywhere near that of the vehicle, consider adding second and third prizes that are highly desirable, such as popular electronics or sporting event tickets.  These items don’t necessarily have to be expensive as long as they are items found on most people’s wish lists.

Pick a Price

You will need to decide on a price for your raffle tickets based on the costs associated with pulling the event together, as well as being able to have a substantial donation in the end.  While there is no magic number, make sure that you are going to be able to easily cover your costs based on the number of people who are expected to participate.  In many cases, a ticket price between $20 and $50 may be ideal, depending on the area.

Get a Hair Transplant and Be More Confident During Fund Raising

There are a lot of men and women all over the world who suffer from hair loss.  If hair loss is affecting your everyday confidentiality you will soon be reluctant to spend time with friends and you will become shyer and shyer when you are hosting fund raising events to support those in need. You can now be completely confident once again and get the kick back in your step when it comes to your noble quest by getting a hair transplant.

Get a Hair Transplant and Be More Confident During Fund Raising

Reasons for hair loss

There are plenty of reasons why you or someone you love might be losing their hair.  Some of the most common reasons for hair loss are;

  • Male pattern baldness is the most common form of hair loss. This condition is completely genetically and thus incredibly difficult to reverse with common hair loss products.
  • Their hair loss could be as a result of a traumatic injury to the scalp.
  • Stress can cause your hair to thin and fall out when you are too worked up.
  • Diseases cause hair loss in a lot of people.
  • Products such as the shampoo or supplements that you are consuming can also have an effect on your hair.

Get your hair back with a hair transplant

Hair transplants are becoming more and more popular amongst men and women because the hair used are completely natural.  You can grow the new hair, cut it and style it in any way you want without having to be worried about your look.   During the hair transplant your damaged hair follicles will be replaced with active follicles and your hair start growing out once again.

Will the procedure take long?

The new transplanted hair will take time.  The grafted hair will fall out within two to three weeks after which your new hair will start to grow out within four to six months. It is important to remain patient and to care for your scalp as well as possible during this time.

The restrictions of such a procedure

There are some restrictions that will follow after such a surgery in order to give your hair the best possible boost for natural growth.  You will be instructed by the reconstructive team on which activities you can enjoy and which you should avoid.  For instance, you may be asked to avoid activities for a week, you may not be able to wash your hair for two days after the procedure and more.  The restrictions can be different for each case.

Women can also enjoy new hair

The hair transplants are luckily not just for men.  Women and men can both enjoy a full head of beautiful hair because the procedure is suitable for both men and women.

With your new hair you will feel much more confident and you will be much happier to help others.  You can once again host the best fund raising events and help others in need without ever feeling shy about your looks.