Secrets Behind Successful High School Sports Fundraising Programs

Schools and other institutions are usually allocated an annual sports budget, but there are those instances when the funds aren’t enough. In such situations, the sports departments have to look for alternative ways of raising money for their sporting events. They can pass the costs on to the players taking part in the particular sports, add surcharges to sports fees, or charge participants to take part in the sporting events, hold money making activities such as selling candy, and many other ways. In this article, we are going to discuss the secrets behind successful high school sports fundraising.

Secrets Behind Successful High School Sports Fundraising Programs

Secrets Behind Successful High School Sports Fundraising Programs


Do set realistic goals

The first thing that you need to do is to set goals that are specific and measurable. Come up with a budget that will show exactly how you intend to spend the money, instead of just raising money without any specific use for it. you can’t just say that you want to raise $10,000 and yet you don’t know what it will specifically be used for. Donors are bound to raise the question.

Make a game plan

Once you have your goal, you need to have a plan in place, and the best plan should be simple but detailed. It should be broken down into measurable steps, making sure to involve the key team members. Complicated plans will most definitely flop.

Do map out a timeline

You will need to have a timeline for the fundraiser, or else it will be like chasing a moving target. Incorporating your game plan with a target makes it more exciting, and it also brings about a sense of urgency. It also makes the team members excited about the roles that they are playing in the fundraiser.

Keep the excitement level up

With the game plan and the timeline for the fundraiser set, it is time for you to create awareness by sharing it with other people, including the coaching staff, club members, players, and the players’ parents.


Do not use a company that is not local

There are many fundraising companies, and it could get tricky trying to decide the one that will work best, but one thing that you should ensure is that you stick to a local one.

Do not let fundraisers linger

The shorter the timespan for the fundraisers, the more successful they will be. Those that are done in a span of two weeks will generally perform better than those that wait for three months, since the parties involved often tend to get disengaged.

Do not leave out the details

You should have all the details of the budget at your fingertips so that you’re not taken advantage of. Ask as many questions as you can during the event, including the profits raised, etc. everyone involved should work closely together to ensure that all financial components are open and transparent.


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