Get Camping Gear for Your Next Big Fundraising Event

If raising funds isn’t something in which you usually partake then perhaps it is time to get more involved with your community.  Fundraising events might be hard work but it is actually great fun as well because you are working together with friends for a good cause, you get to do something new and exciting, you meet a lot of new people and you learn a lot of new skills.  Camping gear is a great investment for those that do frequent fundraising events because you can set up a mobile shop at any location and raise good funds by selling items, food, gifts, crafts or just about anything.

Nap time on the fundraising site

Are you planning to raise some funds at a large event?  Then it might be a good idea to sleep over at the event because you can keep your stall open until late in the evening and raise a lot more cash. is a fantastic review site that you can check out for the best camping gear on the market.  You can shop a great tent in which you can sleep during the evenings or perhaps even use one of these tents for your fundraising stall.  Add a stretcher and a sleeping bag and you are set up for the night or even for a few nights which will enable you to raise as much funds as possible for your cause.

Get Camping Gear for Your Next Big Fundraising Event

Cozier seating at your fundraising

Camping chairs are great for fundraising events because you can transport your chairs easily and enjoy cozy seating at your stall while you chat with new people and try to generate as much income as possible.

Great gear for powerless food preparation

Camping gear like cookware or a grill is great for preparing food for you at a large event or even for raising funds by making delicious meals and snacks that you can sell to help raise funds for charity.

Lighting solutions for night sales

Lanterns, candles, torches and other lighting gear is terrific for keeping your stall light up until late at night and for adding security and safety to your stall so you won’t be robbed during the night.

Great shading solutions for your booth

Kitchen tents are fantastic if you are planning on selling food items.  These tents provide protection against the sun and also come with roll down gauze sides that will keep insects and even animals from spoiling the foods that you are preparing or selling in order to raise funds. Alternatively you can get a gazebo set up over your tables and enjoy a fresh cool breeze as you sell goods or foods and raise funds for charity.

Camping tables

The great thing about camping tables is that they are so light and so easy to use.  You can flip open an entire table in less than a minute and start setting up your fundraising tools and products no matter where you are located.