Sell Soup to Raise Funds during winter

Have you ever been so cold your fingers turn blue and go numb during an early winter work morning?  You are definitely not the only one.  It is incredibly hard to get up early in the winter.  There is simply no time to make something hot before you storm out the door on the way to work.  Stepping out into the frozen air is like getting whiplashed during a car crash – it takes your breath away. Now imagine what winter life would be like if you could simply reach into the deepfreeze, grab a cup of soup, pop it into the microwave for two minutes and head to work with a steamy creamy cup of yummy soup. It’s breakfast, warmth and saved time in the same cup! Soup is definitely the next big thing you should be selling if you want to raise funds to that in need or perhaps for something more personal that you are working on.

Sell Soup to Raise Funds during winter

Get a good blender and save time

How often do you make soup at home?  Once a month?  Perhaps once in three months?  That is because the chopping involved in soup making is hard work.  If you are going to be using soup to raise funds then you need to cut back on the time it takes to make soup.  Using a blender is the perfect solution.  With a good blender like the Professional Series 750 you can easily liquefy any food source in just a few minutes.  This blender is terrific for creating food on mass scale because it is incredibly durable and so easy to use and clean.  You can easily chop and dice scales of food in just a few minutes and be on your way to boiling the most yummy soups. You can learn more here about this fantastic blender.

Make a great variety of yummy soups

No one likes to eat the same thing every day.  You can raise a lot more cash by making a great variety of soups to try.  The top filling soups for cold winter days are butternut soup, tomato basil soup, noodle soup, veggie soups, leek and potato soup and more.  There are so many different soups that you can make that anyone would absolutely love.  It is however perhaps wise to stay away from meat products when selling to the public because you never know how long these individuals will be storing the soups and you never knows what they will be doing with your soups.  Meats are best avoided since they are expensive and can easily cause health issues.

How to package your soup for selling

You need to package your soups in something that is easy to thaw that takes little space up in a fridge.  It may seem smart to freeze your soups in disposable cups but in the in it is going to take up too much space in everyone’s fridges and you will have a hard time transporting the soups.  Freezing your soups in zip-lock bags is a much better solution since your clients can buy a whole lot of frozen soup bags at the same time and you can transport it much easier.  You could even try to dehydrate the soups in order to save up some space.