A Fundraiser Suitable for a Home Show

Home shows are popular across the country.  People come to explore new options in appliances, roofing, plumbing, and much more.  You can take the unique opportunity to host a one of a kind fundraiser targeted specifically towards those consumers.  Whether you are raising funds for a charity of a business, by choosing options with that market in mind, you may find your event to be a complete success.

Choosing a Cause

By holding a fundraiser at a home show, you may be able to raise many for a charitable cause or an appropriate business venture.  Charities that focus on providing housing for those in need, including area shelters and projects like Habitat for Humanity, can easily fit into the home show environment.  Certain ecological causes may also be suitable, as well as efforts to improve certain community or public spaces.

A Fundraiser Suitable for a Home Show

What to Raffle

Since a home show attracts a specific audience, aim your offerings to items or services that will be particularly enticing.  For example, offering a prize for the selection of flooring, may attract attention.  You could raffle off the product and installation of laminate flooring in kitchens and bathrooms of the winners.

Appliances can also be popular choices, especially if they feature newer technology.  Furniture, or gift certificates to furniture stores, are also suitable, as well as landscaping services.  Any product or service that can be used by a homeowner has potential in this specific environment.

Finding Sponsors

You can lower the costs associated with your fundraiser by finding sponsors to donate the prizes in exchange for being listed as a sponsor.  If you have access to a list of the businesses that will be attending the home show, you can begin with them.  This allows them a second opportunity to gain attention from visitors, as your fundraiser functions as secondary advertising.

If a particular sector is underrepresented at the home show, contact businesses who can fill that void.  This way, information about their product offerings can be included at the event without having to coordinate to attend the event in person.

Advertise Widely

Part of the success of every event is effective advertising.  Use your network to get the word out about your event.  This can include working with other area businesses, as well as using social media accounts.  If budgeting allows, consider newspaper advertising, and include information in your email newsletters.

Work with the home show coordinators to make sure you are included in any listings.  If you are supporting a cause, see if it can be specifically mentioned within the materials.  Additionally, if you are representing a charity, make sure that the organization reaches out to members of their network to draw people to the event.  The more people who are aware of your event, the more people who may be able to attend.

Cater to the Crowd

The best way to make sure the event attendees are interested is to focus your offerings to their interests.  By targeting products and services that are of special interest to the crowd, you may be able to raise more funds than if you offered a more random selection.  Home goods of any kind may be appropriate, including small appliances and even electronics.  Consider having some fun options that people may enjoy, but wouldn’t traditionally by themselves, like a pool table, and see where the day takes you.