Save and Make Money for a New Bathroom

If people can raise funds for personal businesses then you can certainly raise money for your own bathroom.  A bathroom is after all the one place in your home that just about every guest use and is also the one place that should be completely hygienic.  There are plenty of ways for you to save up money or raise funds to get your transformations started.

Why gorgeous bathrooms are a must

79% of people get their most brilliant ideas in the bathroom because this is a quiet, personal and intimate area that allows them to think, be themselves and work through some troubled thoughts.  That means that a lot of smart people spend a lot of their time in the bathroom.  But let’s face it; there is no way you will ever enjoy spending time in your bathroom if there are stains in your tub and toilet, if the tiles are cracked or if the paint is peeling.  It is time to become smarter and dream bigger by getting a better bathroom.  Just one look at Lowes bathroom vanities will have you madly in love!  And some of those gorgeous showers and tubs will have you in tears! So no more waiting.  Get started and get working on savings and fund raisings for a transformation that your family will adore!

Save and Make Money for a New Bathroom

Save money!

One of the best ways to save money for your bathroom is to take that money out of your pay check and put it away as soon as you get it.  You know there won’t be cash for saving once things gets tough during the month and there are plenty of pretty little things that will shake your focus.  So take the cash away before you can use it.  A savings account linked to your personal account is the easiest way to help you save money.

Garage sales

Everyone has a lot of junk that they can sell and not all garage sales are for charity.  You can de-cluster your home and earn some great cash for your bathroom by holding an online garage sale on your social media site.


One hour of overtime each day can make a huge difference on your paycheck and you will hardly feel the difference.  Ask your boss if there are any way you can work your lunch hour or start an hour earlier each day for some extra cash.

Sell arts and crafts

There are plenty of websites and social media sites that will allow you to sell crafts online without having to own your very own store.  And there are so many artworks or craftwork you can make that people will absolutely love to buy, especially now that everyone is so into handmade items. If you have a special talent to create artwork then it is time to put your talents up to good use.  Working with your hands is great for mental health and you can earn some great cash for your bathroom.