When you are a student, money is hard to come by, especially when you work for a students organization or a student cause. You find it difficult that anyone would ever give you money. Asking for it, even if it’s for a good cause seems like begging, and would be awkward and self-depreciating. Instead, you have to generate funds through some smart and creative ideas.

Read more to get to know a few ways to raise funds:

A Food Sale:

A bake sale or food sale is one of the surest ways of generating money. Everyone gets hungry and everyone likes food. Your food sale could feature a variety of items, from cakes to cupcakes, tacos, and even lemonade. It’s up to you how you approach it. You could have specific days dedicated to certain cuisines. Mondays could be Mexican Mondays. It would give your sales a definite boost. So, gather some volunteers, you can even try something simple like fries. Not everyone likes what the cafeteria dishes out, so give their taste buds something new.

Do a Fundraiser Sports Event:

This is a great idea for college or high school students. You could organize an intervarsity or inter-departmental sports event. It depends on which sport is popular in your college. If the students are crazy for football, then arrange a friendly match and sell tickets for it. Ofcourse, you must mention that it’s a fundraiser, this will attract a various people. You could ask the teams participating to tell their friends and buy the tickets. You could even set up a food and drinks stall for the students.

Provide a Bike Rental Service:

If your college campus is vast and students have trouble getting from one class to another or to the cafeteria, then you could generate a lot of funds by renting out bikes. You could set up a system, where students can rent a bike for a specific amount of money for a period of time. You could even set up different stations, like at the main entrance, at the cafeteria or any popular points. This would provide ease to the students to rent out or return the bikes. You could even turn this into an on-campus business, with permission from the required authority. To provide the best service to the students, you could search up which bikes to buy/rent on online buyers guide such as ‘Bikes Reviewed.’

Buying or renting some bikes would cost a lot of money, so you have to ensure that you buy the best one. They also provide in-depth reviews of the best cruiser bike for every day. Cruiser bikes are simple enough and do not require a lot of gear. They would be preferred for such a business. The site provides the top picks for every price range, making it easier for you to choose. The buyer’s guide features what accessories to buy, what size and frame would suit you best, and which bike would be best for you.

 Do a Car Wash:

Call out for some volunteers and organize a car wash. It could be anywhere from your own school to parking places of malls, marts etcetera. Just be sure to take permission from the necessary authority. Next step would be buying the necessary materials, which include, foams, brushes, rags, soap and a reliable water source. Set up a date and time and start promoting your event. You can promote it in your college/school or around your local community. Don’t forget to promote it on social media, this would guarantee customers.

You can use any of these ideas or think one of your own. Just make sure its effective and creative. Happy Fundraising!

Starting a Moving Company

There are many different types of businesses that one can start if they have the will to do so. Nowadays, as it has become extremely difficult to find employment, many people have decided to take their livelihoods into their own hands and become their own bosses. In a way, it is great for the economy as well, since becoming self-employed might also meant that you will be opening up job opportunities for other people, that is, if your business needs more people aside from you. That said, one great business idea that you can try out is a moving business, meaning that you will help out people to transport their heavy possessions, or just their possessions in general, from one place to another.

Starting a Moving Company

How to begin

First and foremost, you need capital in order to get started on your packing company. There are many ways by which you can finance your start up. You can either self-finance it, which would be the most preferred option for various reasons, or if that’s not possible, you can always opt for bank loans or borrow money from your friends or family. However, do keep in mind that the last 2 options might come with strings attached.

The next most important thing is the transportation itself. It is a moving company after all, and what will you move without a transportation? The cost of the transportation will be part of your start-up budget, so plan wisely and ensure that the overall cost of the transportation don’t cost you too heavily. Finally, you will require specialized equipment to help with the moving process as well. These include blankets, tie-downs, packing materials, lift gates, and hand trucks among others. These should also fall under your initial budget.

What’s next?

Once you have all the important pieces of the puzzle, you will need to put them together with some legal help. In other words, this is when you begin getting the correct permits for your business, getting insured, etc. The worst part is over, as the paper works can be quite a hassle.You can now jump straight into the more important aspects, such as hiring people for your company.

By this point, your company should be ready and functional. Time to start marketing! Spread the word as best as you can. For a small business, you will most probably begin by catering to people within your city, so advertise accordingly. Promote your business on social media, through word of mouth, through flyers, or through the local newspaper. Do whatever it takes to tell people about your business.

If you think that that’s all you need to start a moving business, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Your business has just begun, and now, it is your responsibility to keep it afloat. How you decide to manage your finances and raise your company will show in your profits.

If you want to know more about starting a moving company, then read


Should you borrow money from family to start a charity?

Sometimes are will is much bigger than our financial options. Although we might find it hard to get along with our every day bills and expenses, it is always possible to find a way for charity.visit this post for more details.

Sometimes our cause is much more important then what we have at our disposal in our bank accounts. It is possible to show the world that your cause is important enough to call their attention and also to ask for the funding. Although some people feel wary of asking money for family and friends to put into a cause, this is a wonderful opportunity to put your ideals into practice.

Talk to your family.

Many people debate whether or not asking money to familiars is correct, especially if they are planning to use this money to help other people. Sometimes families are willing to help you, as a member of the family, however they are not willing to share their dollars with the world. It is possible to show your family that what you have in mind is truly a great goal to be pursued. The more information you give the higher your chances are going to be.
Is asking money to your family correct?

Starting a charity is indeed a very noble cause, that can help thousands of people or even animals! Sometimes people tend to feel as if they were doing something wrong, after all asking family members is much easier then actually applying for a loan. Some people might feel as if they were forcing their families to somehow lend money thanks to blood ties. Although this might go through your mind, do not worry! Your cause is much more important than what people will or will not think about yourself.

What if my family does not have spare money to lend?

If your family is going through difficult times when it comes to finances then asking for money for charity is not a good idea. Some people might think of it as an insult, and will never take you seriously again. You might be seen as someone heartless that wants to take from the family yo give to other people. If you would like to avoid all of this headache make sure you avoid asking for family funding when they do not have anything spare to give you.

financial problems

The bottom line.

It is not bad to ask your family for money, especially if you have such a great goal in mind. If you have a family that has money to spare and that is also willing to see you help people, then go ahead, ask for money and they will probably help you. Now, if your family does not have a lot, avoid asking them, it will be much better. Instead try looking for other funding sources such as crowdfunding, it can definitely be helpful for you. If you would like to know more about when to borrow and receive funding make sure you check the following link

How much does it cost to start a business?

Although starting a business can be quite complex and costly it certainly has its advantages. Being your own boss and being able to put your projects into the real world simply do not have a full blog post for more updates.

Although some people consider starting their own business as something “very expensive”, how expensive would that truly be? In fact starting a business from scratch is notthat expensive , it always depends on people’s idea of what expensive truly is. Researches and studies have been made and the average cost of a brand new company is somewhere around $40.000 dollars. It is essential that we understand in what we will be investing once we create our own business.

The types of Expenses.

When you start a business you need to know in what you will be investing. There are 2 things that cost most of the money invested :

The operational costs and the assets costs. Now let’s understand them both. The operational costs are the expenses you will have with rent, marketing materials, supplies, state incorporation fees, legal fees, business trips, payroll and so on. As for the Assets expenses they are related to the purchase of property, vehicles and general equipment (such as computers, furniture and so on).

Know where you truly need to spend.

The amount of money needed will truly depend on the size of the business that you intend to create. Sometimes you do not need to spend money with assets if you are going to run a home business. Perhaps you do not need to spend a lot of money on payroll if you will work solo. There are several different details that need to be taken into account. It is very important to assign a list and then make sure you follow it throughout the whole company planning.

Make sure you don’t underestimate. Spend what you have available.

There is a huge mistake that can definitely put your whole new business into danger. Some people tend to underestimate how much they are going to change. If you are doing this, then make sure you stop immediately. If you underestimate you will only be creating a huge snowball that will become bigger by the time. It is essential that you are as realistic as possible regarding fees, costs and expenses in general. You can spend as little as $40.000 dollars, however you can also need $200.000 dollars to only get started. It is very important that you have the right plans and also the right personnel to support you throughout the whole process.


The bottom line.

Make sure you keep a few things in mind: the costs vary depending in what you plan to create. You can spend less than $50.000 dollars in certain projects, however depending in what you are willing to start you will need much more than that. Never underestimate, this can compromise your whole project. Be real and everything will become reality.

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Can you get funding for a business when you still have student loans?


Whether you are still a student or have already graduated, starting a business might not be the easiest thing to do. Although it is not impossible, it is becoming harder by the minute to get “Financial Angels” to help you make your business dreams come true. Getting a loan to start a business is already challenging, now let’s make it even less probable if you are still owing money for financial institutions, because of your student loans. Of course this does not make things impossible, however having an extra loan to pay makes things a little extra complicated for start Up wannabes.

Getting funding can be quite complicated.

It is common to search the web and find dozens of student testimonials narrating their difficulties to get their business started, especially when they are still dealing with student loans on the side. These students must worry about their new business and also with past issues and work, making life quite erratic to say the least. Most banks and credit companies are not willing to risk their stability to help you out, even though you have a great plan in mind. It is therefore quite hard to find funding with the traditional methods, which means getting a brand new loan with a bank or any kind of credit institution.

Keep your Hopes Up!

There are certain “Angels”, as they are called, that are willing to finance small businesses, even if you are a student or have any kind of student loan to pay off. These “Angels” can help you with smaller amounts, such as a few thousands at the most. You can visit an “Angel” company here. They will not worry about your past, however keep in mind that you will also need to pay them back. You can take a look at their official site and see why they are willing to believe in your project, even when you have loans to pay off.


If you are willing to try a brand new way to get money in order to start your own business then you can give Crowdfunding a try. Here you will create your page on any crowdfunding site  and then present your project. People will then decide whether or not they will give you money. You might get donations of people from all over the world, it all depends on your project and how you present it.

Subprime Business Funding

The bottom line.

As a conclusion it is possible to state that students that are still dealing with student loans can get money to fund their new business. Although this might be a hard task it is possible. Of course students will have to look for other resources that are not the traditional ones such as bank loans and credit cards. However if they put enough will into their project and look for funding options they will definitely be able to make their business become a reality.

5 Places to Find Start Up Capital for your Business Idea

Do you have a wonderful idea that could truly turn into something great?! If the answer is yes then you should try to have your own business by becoming a start up owner. If you still do not know what a start up is then here it goes :start ups are small companies that were created in order to pursue a project. Now that you have your idea and a start up in mind it is time you find the top 5 placed to find capital for your project!

Your family

It is one of the most obvious options for those who would like to raise some money. The family can be a great way to start, after all they are most likely to believe in your plans and aspirations. You can talk to your family members and show them all of your plans and dreams. Perhaps people will indeed trust in your plan and lend you some needed cash. Of course you should also present a payment plan, that way they know you have good intentions and is willing to pay them back.follow her latest blog post for more information.

Credit Unions

Credit Unions provide all kinds of services, including business loan financing. They are usually very interested in funding small companies, after all today Start Ups have a very good reputation before the market. Apart from trusting small projects they are willing to see the whole community change, which could bring some extra profit for them. These unions also offer loans with the lowest interest rates in the market.

Community Banks

Community banks are not afraid in helping small people that have an uncertain plan just like you. Most bigger banks are afraid of not getting paid back, and here is where the Community banks come in. These smaller banks are used to lending money to people that do not have a stable financial life yet, which means they are willing to believe in your dreams and help you out with some cash, after all a start up does not cost that much to begin with.

Selling some Assets

Perhaps you have a spare car or even some things home that can be worth a lot of money. This is a great opportunity for you to sell old stuff and make some great cash out of it. It is possible for you to get a couple thousands of dollars and then start your own business. Although some people are afraid of selling their own things to bet into something uncertain, this is a great way to have the cash ready and also not have to pay anyone back in the future.

small business owner


This is a new style of site that helps people gather money for several different reasons. You can present your idea and hope someone will believe in you and donate you some cash. It is possible to get thousands, as long as people feel close to your cause.

For other methods to finance your Start Up company make sure you check

3 Cheapest Businesses You Can Start on Your Own

Some people were simply born to become businesspeople. Regardless of your dreams and plans, there is always a great business option for you to dedicate yourself to. In case you would like to start your own company there are some options that can fit into anyone’s budget. If you would like to know more keep on reading, we will show you what can bring you a lot of profit and that will not cost you much!

Food Business

This is one of the main ideas people have when they decide to start their own little business. Although some people might find it complicated it is not. People have the opportunity to make good profit while spending next to nothing in the whole process. It is possible to create in the comfort of your kitchen and make a lot of money on it.

There is a wide variety of options for those who are willing to take food in a serious way. It is possible to bake cakes, cookies, prepare chocolate and even cook for workers. There is always a very good opportunity in the food business. People that decide to say yes to this opportunity will basically spend money with the materials, since most of the products are done at home, with the help of family members and friends.for more information, visit the original source.

App Development

It is so cheap to start your own technology company! It is possible to create games, and all kinds of different apps straight from your residence, which can become close to $0 dollar of costs per month. Of course you might need to invest in newer equipment every once in a while, however you will never have to spend more than a couple of hundreds on equipment. You will be able to make a lot of cash straight from the comfort of your home, without having to worry about working hours or even bosses. Millions of people launch apps every day, and the best ones are certainly making thousands of dollars on a daily basis.

Proofreading, Translating and Writing.

If you have strong English Skills and knows other languages then this might be the right business for you. Thanks to our globalization every single day people find several different great opportunities online on the field. Advertising your services might be a little difficult, however once you get your first clients and they like your services you will be able to get more and more! This can make people earn thousands per month, especially if they have a team of professionals that does work for them too!

food business

If you have good administrative skills it is possible to have a whole team of writers, translator and proofreaders under you, that way you can divide the work and boost up your earnings. This is a great part time job for those who seek extra income as well. You will not have to spend a lot. In fact you will only need electricity.

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