When you are a student, money is hard to come by, especially when you work for a students organization or a student cause. You find it difficult that anyone would ever give you money. Asking for it, even if it’s for a good cause seems like begging, and would be awkward and self-depreciating. Instead, you have to generate funds through some smart and creative ideas.

Read more to get to know a few ways to raise funds:

A Food Sale:

A bake sale or food sale is one of the surest ways of generating money. Everyone gets hungry and everyone likes food. Your food sale could feature a variety of items, from cakes to cupcakes, tacos, and even lemonade. It’s up to you how you approach it. You could have specific days dedicated to certain cuisines. Mondays could be Mexican Mondays. It would give your sales a definite boost. So, gather some volunteers, you can even try something simple like fries. Not everyone likes what the cafeteria dishes out, so give their taste buds something new.

Do a Fundraiser Sports Event:

This is a great idea for college or high school students. You could organize an intervarsity or inter-departmental sports event. It depends on which sport is popular in your college. If the students are crazy for football, then arrange a friendly match and sell tickets for it. Ofcourse, you must mention that it’s a fundraiser, this will attract a various people. You could ask the teams participating to tell their friends and buy the tickets. You could even set up a food and drinks stall for the students.

Provide a Bike Rental Service:

If your college campus is vast and students have trouble getting from one class to another or to the cafeteria, then you could generate a lot of funds by renting out bikes. You could set up a system, where students can rent a bike for a specific amount of money for a period of time. You could even set up different stations, like at the main entrance, at the cafeteria or any popular points. This would provide ease to the students to rent out or return the bikes. You could even turn this into an on-campus business, with permission from the required authority. To provide the best service to the students, you could search up which bikes to buy/rent on online buyers guide such as ‘Bikes Reviewed.’

Buying or renting some bikes would cost a lot of money, so you have to ensure that you buy the best one. They also provide in-depth reviews of the best cruiser bike for every day. Cruiser bikes are simple enough and do not require a lot of gear. They would be preferred for such a business. The site provides the top picks for every price range, making it easier for you to choose. The buyer’s guide features what accessories to buy, what size and frame would suit you best, and which bike would be best for you.

 Do a Car Wash:

Call out for some volunteers and organize a car wash. It could be anywhere from your own school to parking places of malls, marts etcetera. Just be sure to take permission from the necessary authority. Next step would be buying the necessary materials, which include, foams, brushes, rags, soap and a reliable water source. Set up a date and time and start promoting your event. You can promote it in your college/school or around your local community. Don’t forget to promote it on social media, this would guarantee customers.

You can use any of these ideas or think one of your own. Just make sure its effective and creative. Happy Fundraising!

Tax Tips to Keep In Mind When Starting a Business

Starting up a business for the first time can be a stressful and hectic process. You need to focus on getting your business off the ground and begin to attract customers. Staff will need to be hired, premises rented and equip, equipment purchased.

It is often easy to overlook the tax situation when first starting the business but this is in fact one of the most important parts of forming your company. By laying a solid foundation when it comes to tracking and monitoring your taxation situation as well as filing your tax return, you will prevent a lot of heartaches and associated problems that a lot of new companies suffer from.

Tax Tips to Keep In Mind When Starting a Business

There is no point putting it off due to fear or procrastination, once a system is in place, the process will be very straightforward once it is followed correctly. Here are some tips to help you in the initial stages of starting your business when it comes to taxation.

Make Forecasts

The first step that you should take, even before meeting with a professional tax adviser, is to conduct some forecasting for the first year of business. You need to be realistic when it comes to these forecasts as they will be an important part of your meeting with the adviser.

Determine whether you will be profitable or making a loss after your first year of business. You need to have a full picture of what lies ahead and you should forecast to the best of your ability.

Meet With a Professional Tax Adviser

When you are just starting a business, it is hard to know what deductions and exemptions you are entitled to. The filing process could be completely new to you and is an intimidating process if you don’t know what you are doing.

A professional will be able to advise you on what things you can get tax deductions on as well as what your tax liabilities will be for different areas of your business. You need to set up a repeatable and solid system for recording all tax related info in your business.

A professional will be able to streamline this process and enlighten you as to which information needs to be tracked and how often.

Invest In Good Software

In the old days people used to track their businesses’ finances and tax issues using a pen and paper. These days, the process has become a lot more straightforward. You don’t have to spend hours and hours recording details about specific tax information. Instead, there are many different types of great software available to you that will help automate the process of recording all of your businesses tax information.

You should do your research before choosing specific software as they vary from industry to industry. It is a good idea to find out what type of software your main competitors are using.

Starting a cleaning business is easy


There are many businesses that are easy to get into and one of them is a cleaning service. Many people are so busy that they never have the time to clean up their house so they hire a cleaning business to help them keep their houses clean. There are several different types of cleaning businesses such as house cleaners, carpet cleaners, window cleaners, pool cleaners, and office cleaners. Each one of these types of businesses need certain licenses and certificates to do business in the city. But other than the business license and insurance the only other thing you will need is the supplies. That is why this business is so easy to get into.FUNDRAISING

Business license

Some states require a business license for each county that you wish to work in, and some states only require you to obtain a universal license for the state. However the state you live in works, just make sure you check with the city or county business licensing office to make sure you follow the state rules.


For any cleaning type job you will need supplies. Based on the type of cleaning job you do determines what cleaning supplies you will need. Take for instance carpet cleaning, to get your carpets and upholstery spring cleaned you will need a carpet cleaner such as a vacuum and shampooer that also works for upholstery. The chemicals you will need to bring would need to be pet friendly, hypoallergenic, and all natural so that you are providing a green living service for your clients. According to this Cape Town based cleaning company there are many services that are offered and you can customize your cleaning services to suit the client’s needs. Each service is price based on the service and time it takes to complete the actual service. Everyone’s prices are different so setting your own prices based on how you feel you should price is all up to you.


You will definitely need to check into business insurance. There are many different types of commercial insurance that you will need to do research on. If you plan on having employees you will need have workers comprehension. This type of insurance will cover you when someone gets hurt on the job. You will also need to have a general liability policy for the business which will prevent someone from suing you if something gets broken or stolen from their property by an employee of your company. You will also need to check into any other types of insurance such as commercial auto insurance this will cover any vehicles that you have employed under you.

These are just a few simple things that are not very expensive and can be easily accomplished. If you’re serious about starting a cleaning service business consult with a local business owner that is already doing this and see what information they can offer you to help you get started and established in the cleaning service industry.

Starting a Smoothie Business

START A BUSINESSStarting a business can be a fun and exciting time. Many people start out with a simple idea, like hey I want to make smoothies, but they don’t know where to start. Well let’s start by talking about what you will need in the store for4 the blending of smoothies. Then we will discuss the store front type that you would need. Last we will talk about funding options.

What equipment would you need to start a smoothie business? Many people don’t realize the cost of the equipment can be quite expensive, but if you shop for preowned equipment, or you purchase an affordable option then you can control some of the cost that is associated with the equipment purchases. You will need blenders for the smoothies, for this you are going to need the best blenders around and without reviews how are you to know which one is the right one. There are many review sites out there that will help you with this process. You will also need a freezer for storing the frozen fruit, ice and the yogurt and juices. This also can be bought as preowned equipment making it more affordable. Make sure you check all the reviews on the items you are purchasing. When you purchase newer models you will get warranties so make sure you weigh your options before purchasing.

The next thing you will need to think about is where you want your store front to be. Do you want a small sit down shop or do you just want a basic pick up location? Maybe you want a mobile smoothie shop so you can travel to work sites, and office locations, or parks to sell the smoothies. Many people are starting to sell specialty foods and drinks from mobile food trucks. A smoothie food truck will be a great way to get your smoothies out in the world and draw in more customers. This is also a cheaper way to invest in your smoothie dream. Store fronts cost monthly rent, electrical, plumbing, and many other expenses. But on a food truck you just need your generator on your truck, the truck insurance, the cost of the truck, and your licensing, and gas. These can actually cost less than the store front would cost. You wouldn’t need any seating and you can carry all your supplies for the day in your food truck and replenish every day.

Funding options are another thing that will need to be considered. How will you get your funding? Do you have collateral? Are your relatives going to help with the purchases? Have you developed a professional business plan to present to investors or a bank? These are all questions that need to be answered. Funding for a business can come from many different sources. Family can invest in your dream for a stake in the profits or because they believe in your work ethics. It’s always best to not borrow money form family since it can cause rifts in the relationship. If you have rich relatives who are interested in investing in a small startup business this is a great time to talk with them and get their input. Many investors want to see a well thought out plan that will reflect the man behind the plan. So when trying to get investors explore all your options and make sure you involve the right people in your idea because some people are shady and may steal your idea.