Fundraising for Clean Water

There is enough water on this planet for everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the clean variety. In the United States we have been infinitely blessed to have access to clean water daily. And because of that position, we should share our significant abundance by helping organizations that utilize fundraising for clean water provision.

Surely, we could aid them by providing water filter systems, but if we don’t first help them get the wells to reach the water, there will be little use for those systems. The organizations on the list to follow are doing all they can to raise the funds necessary to aid people in dire situations. We can contribute to their endeavors too. Just visit this site for more information,

Fundraising for Clean Water

4 Organizations that Raise Funds for Clean Water

As we write this, Hurricane Matthew is devastating Haiti and the Bahamas on its way to Florida. The people there will be left without access to power and possibly without access to clean water. Organizations like the ones on this list are designed to aid in natural disasters and in areas where clean water is not readily available. Consider contributing to their programs:

  1. Waves for Water– This organization works with strategic partners and world leaders who are focused on making global changes. They claim that their mission is simple: getting clean water to everyone. Jon Rose founded the organization in 2009 with the idea of enabling travelers to make a difference in the places they visited. The idea was that they would carry water filters in their luggage via the Clean Water Couriers program (read more). This has enabled them to impact the lives of over 7 million people in 27 countries.
  2. The Water Project– This organization provides new wells, rehabbed wells, rainwater catchment systems, sand dams, and spring protections to villages, medical establishments, and schools in sub-Saharan Africa. They believe that while water doesn’t change everything, people do, and therefore they are in need of partners to support their goals. They use local involvement to make significant impacts in Kenya, Uganda, and Sierra Leone. Learn more.
  3. H2O For Life– They focus on the education, inspiration, and engagement of young people for the purpose of encouraging them to become globally active. Service learning projects help students understand the water crisis worldwide. Founded by a Minnesota middle school teacher, Patty Hall, in 2007, they used water walks, t-shirt, and wristband sales to fund their action plans to help a small village in Kenya. Continue reading that story by clicking this.
  4. Living Water International– This group is seeking to help people experience the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the “Living Water.” The group started in 1990 thanks to some Houston, Texas residents who traveled to Kenya and saw, first hand, the need for clean drinking water. They wanted to help others become the hands and feet of Jesus by helping the poorest of the poor. They trained Kenyan drillers and other local entities to enable them to better care for their own communities. Their story is available by following the link here.

Clean water is essential for life. The people who are being aided by those raising funds for clean water provision have been faced with reprehensible conditions. They live on less than a dollar a day and often travel long distances to obtain water that makes them ill. Help these organizations change lives.