Tips for hosting your first Political fundraiser

It is a known fact that politicians aren’t really fond of fundraisers. They would rather network and have campaign-related speeches. There are many things that a politician needs to handle to make sure his campaign is successful and one of the most important tasks is to host fundraisers. The first thing that campaigns should handle is usually fundraising. Money is required to host events, pay staff and post TV ads. Everyone involved should help with the fundraising event. The nature of this fundraiser is not for exploitation but rather to get your message out there and gain more support.

Tips for hosting your first Political fundraiser

As mentioned above many politicians feel that fundraising is dirty or evil. This is not the case however. In order to pass your message accordingly and gain supporters you need money. You will have a lot of time to focus on issues that need to be resolved but you will need financial backing to get things done. There are candidates that don’t have the best intentions. In order to make a difference you need to get out there and gain financial and voting support. Read more about fundraising to start your campaign.

Fundraising should be everyone that is involved in your campaign’s job. Your staff and volunteers can get involved and should realize how important it is. First and foremost the candidate should get involved in every fundraising event. If everyone gets involved your chances of hosting a successful fundraising event is much stronger. Schedule the dates for fundraising and make sure everyone is informed. The lion’s share of the workload and involvement should be up to the candidate. People will give you money because they believe in you. Give them a good enough reason to feel confident in investing in you.

It is important to understand that the race that you are in as a politician will need your full commitment. If you hold rallies, get out there and get noticed you will notice how money just comes in. People won’t necessarily give unless they are asked to give. So you would need to ask. Be clear about what you will be needed the funds for and what you are going to use it for. Honesty goes a long way. Take a look at Philly 3.0 for an example of a committee that have members that are completely qualified in the art of business and that dedicate their time to making Philly a better place for everyone to live in. By following examples like this you will get noticed as an honest and loyal politician.

The most important thing to remember that if no one knows about you your campaign won’t be successful so realize that this is a time to network. Tell as many people as you can who you are and why you should be supported. Believe in your cause to make them believe in the validity of it. Take time to learn more about networking and make sure that your name is on everyone’s lips. Cold call at first and then find your network of regulars. Click here to read more about networking as a politician.