Tips to keep in mind when you stop breastfeeding and start using baby formula

While the majority of mothers of new-born children will breastfeed in the first few months of their babies lives, they will soon after replace this breast milk with specially manufactured baby formulas, which are sold by popular brands. Do your research well on the best formula for most breastfed babies. There are many reasons why a mother may decide to stop breastfeeding, some mothers may no longer produce enough breast milk in order to meet the requirements of their child, others may have continued problems with attachment and the baby may be unsettle as a result.

Other mothers may have returned to work and will not be able to keep up with enough feedings every day, meaning that the baby will need other sources of nutrients. The decision to stop breast feeding your baby and using formula instead can be a very personal decision, on that is often not taken lightly. All mothers do what they think is best for their child, so they need to be fully aware of what the implications are when they start feeding their child using formula. Here is some advice that you need to keep in mind throughout the formula feeding process.

Tips to keep in mind when you stop breastfeeding and start using baby formula

Don’t get confused by strange terminology and requirements

When you first start out using formula when feeding your child, it can be very hard to distinguish between what is best for your child and what products should be avoided. There are a lot of gimmicky products on the market today that should be avoided by mothers. A lot of formulas preach how their product benefits the baby in areas such as intelligence and eyesight, benefits that have never been proven. Most of the basic formulas are ideal for your baby, once they have no allergies to ingredients that are included in the formula.

Babies are just like us, you don’t want to eat the same flavours and types of meal every single time you eat, so make sure that every now and then you switch up the type of flavours that you are feeding your child. Some of them will taste significantly different and it is always a good idea to mix things up every now and then.

Make sure that you are using the correct equipment

When it comes to being prepared for feeding your child on a regular basis, you need to make sure that you have sufficient bottles available, in case of an accident and you manage to damage one. It is important that you use bottles that are free from any BPA plastics, with glass bottles often being one of the preferred options.

You should always ensure that the bottles are sterile before and after every time you have used them. This helps to decrease the chances of your child picking up some illness or sickness. You can sterilise the bottles by simply boiling them or microwaving them. There are also specialised sterilisation machines and products that you can use. Along with these tools, it is a good idea to use a special antibacterial soap.