Unique Offerings for Your Next Silent Auction

The silent auction is a classic fundraising technique that is easy to use regardless of your area; all it takes are some items to auction and a location to host the event.  In order to bring more potential donors to your auction, it can help to have a variety of offerings for interested parties to bid on.  While certain staples, like restaurant gift certificates or movie tickets, are pretty easy to acquire, they may not bring a lot of excitement to your event.

If you are looking for some unique offerings for your next silent auction, consider thinking a bit outside the box and giving these tips a try.

Fun Classes from Local Instructors

Some of the most fun offerings relate to new experiences.  With that in mind, connecting with local schools and instructors can provide access to interesting classes that can be awarded as gift certificates.  For example, a ballroom dance class may interest a variety of couples, and is not something many people have had the opportunity to take part in before.

Cooking classes can bring in a lot of interest, especially if they are focused on a particular region, such as French, Italian, or Chinese cooking classes.  These can even be bundled in a larger gift basket that includes various cooking supplies so that they can take what they learn in class and bring it home.

Other classes that may draw interest can include yoga, glass blowing, or painting.  Opportunities may also exist to auction off private lessons for those interested in a range of hobbies, such as golfing, or musical instruments, such as guitar or piano.

Unique Offerings for Your Next Silent Auction

Local Excursions

Just as classes can offer a new experience, so can excursions in the local area.  If there are local river or city tours available, those may interest those who are newer to the area.  For areas with a local recreational area that includes a lake or river, a gift basket that includes the best inflatable sup you can find along with various other supplies may also spark some interest.

The most important part is to promote the feeling of adventure that can come along with the excursion.  Other fun ideas may include horseback riding tours or hot air balloon trips, both of which can allow someone to explore the local area in a new way.

Tickets to Big Events

If there is a lot of local pride in your area sports teams, you can’t go wrong if you auction off a pair or four pack of tickets to a game.  Many people do not take the time to get tickets themselves, but may be inspired by the idea when it supports a charitable cause.  As with other items, these can work well separately, or as part of a larger themed gift basket with additional memorabilia such as shirts or jerseys, jewelry items, or hats.

Similarly, music events can inspire the feeling of giving in many.  This can include tickets to specific concerts, or gift certificates to larger ticket vendors.  These also work well separately, or as part of a bundle, allowing you to get creative in regards to the presentation.

Luxury Accommodations

A night or weekend in luxury accommodations at a local hotel can also bring in bidders.  Similar to the purchase of tickets, many people may consider these ideas themselves, but might not always go through with the purchase themselves.  Since the money is for a good cause, some may find it easier to justify the splurge since they are helping an organization they believe in.