Useful Tips for Successful Metal Detecting

Metal detectors are electronic instruments used to detect the presence of metallic objects, especially in the ground. These devices have a long history and are used in varied settings. Interestingly, a similar device was once used on US President James Garfield in an attempt to locate a bullet trapped in his chest. You may click here to learn more about metal detectors. While this device can be used for other purposes such as locating buried bombs and mines, many people are only interested in the assistance it can render in finding precious or valuable metals. Here are some tips you can use for successful and rewarding metal detecting.

metal detecting

Get familiar with your detector

News of impressive finds such as the 5,251 coins worth over £1.3 million found near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK recently has the tendency to greatly boost interest in metal detecting. But before you get down to work, make sure you fully know the ins and outs of your metal detector. One way to do this is to fully read the user manual that comes with the device. Make sure you understand the meaning of different sounds that are produced when diverse metals are found. You should ensure you are fully conversant with the sensitivity and frequency settings.


Before getting down to the real thing, it is important that you put to practice what you have read in the manual. Get some coins, jewelry and other metallic objects and bury them at different depths in an area. Run your metal detector over this area and take note of the sound produced when each of these items are found. This will save you from the stress of digging only to find worthless metals. You should also be familiar with discrimination and ground balance controls.

Get your location right

You may have the best of metal detectors, but you will likely not make a significant find until you get the location you search right. Knowledge of history can help you know the right places to work on. Some of the best places for metal detecting include beaches, old homes and grounds as well as high activity locations such as parks and fairgrounds where items are usually lost. A best metal detector round up post can also be useful in getting your metal detecting right.

Understand relevant laws

There are laws in many places guiding metal detecting. You should endeavor to be familiar with these in your locality to avoid running into legal issues. For instance, it is prohibited to hunt on a private property without permission. You could also be penalized if you are found metal detecting in a state or national park. It is obviously important to be conversant with relevant local laws.

Think Safety

You should never allow hunting to take precedence over your safety. Great awareness of your surroundings needs to be exhibited. This will help you avoid falling victim to hazards such as snakes, poison oak and unpleasant, savage characters as well as open, abandoned wells. You should especially by careful when hunting in the night or in the woods. It is better if you can get a friend to come along. Snacks and sufficient water should also be brought with you.

These tips can help you have a rewarding metal detecting experience over and again. It also helps to maintain a positive outlook when out hunting.

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