Work at home options for new mums

Having a baby can be a life changing experience for some and after giving birth you may decide you don’t want to be out at work all day. It may be possible that you are able to work for your company from home but for many people this just isn’t possible, so what options do you have open to you if you want to become your own boss and work from home?

Get creative

If you have a creative streak and you are able to write coherently and with good grammar then a writing career may suit you perfectly. There are many avenues open to a person that has a way with words. When trying to launch a new writing career it is best to start by writing about what you know. For example, you could write articles on being a new mum or on the pros and cons of breastfeeding. If you don’t breastfeed and are looking at other options you might be interested in this link:

Perhaps you can write stories? Many magazines will pay for good stories from their readers. It could be a fictional story or a real-life story, all magazines vary on what they look for. If you are used to organizing events you might be able to write press releases, or if you have done a lot of travelling then carrying out some travel writing might suit you. If you think a writing career might be something you are good at then it would be advisable to join some freelance websites that cater for writers so that you can create a profile and start applying for those writing jobs.

mother working at home

Sell unwanted items on auction sites

This is a great way of starting out working for yourself. Before you decide to invest in stock you can start by selling your unwanted items or unwanted items that family and friends have donated to you. This means the risk is minimal and it’s a good way to see if it is a job you will like. If after a few months you are still enjoying selling on auction sites then you could start to think of investing in some stock and selling something else. Do a little bit of research first though to find something to sell that is not so common, otherwise there will be a lot of completion for you to compete with and that can be hard going when you first start out.

Become a remote P.A

Many bosses are now hiring remote P.A’s or secretaries. As long as you have access to a landline, the internet and a mobile phone you are half way there. Working as a secretary or a P.A remotely can be a great part time or full time career and as you are at home you are around to keep an eye on your family. Most of the time the work just involves sending email, answering phone calls, making appointments and generally organizing a schedule for your boss. As long as you are organized, are reliable and have good timekeeping skills this may be a great job for you.

There are options open to new mums looking to work for home either in the short term or long term. Just remember to seek advice from your local government tax office first so you are aware of what contributions (if any) you need to make.

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